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  1. Hi All, One of my goals with my golf is to get to a good enough standard to be able to go on trips with friends and competently play any course we may visit. I have no intention of playing competitive golf tournaments or even gaining a handicap. I just want to enjoy myself. Im starting to think about my 40th birthday in 4 years and how Id like to go away with my wife some friends and play some golf in a resort. Im thinking a couple of rounds with the boys at a resort in Thailand, Vietnam or Bali while the girls relax. What would you recommend is a satisfactory standard for a trip like this? At the moment I go around at about 100.
  2. Wen to a Top Tracer range the other day, the monitor had 3 different distances: -Total -Total carry -Flat carry Whats the difference between total carry and flat carry? And when people refer to their distances with their clubs, do they refer to total carry normally?
  3. Back at the range yesterday and I've gone to the complete opposite extreme. I'm hitting severe hooks now. Three weeks ago and if anyone said to me Id be moving the ball right to left, yet alone hook, I would have laughed at them. Im still in the honeymoon phase of just being happy Ive gotten rid of my slice and pushes so not getting frustrated and angry...yet. So, where do I start to fix it? I don't want to change my grip and bring back bad habits.
  4. I can relate. Making changes in grip and technique recently, hitting off short tees have helped getting these changes down. But Ive realised that hitting with a tee has masked my tendency to hit the ground before the ball a tad. I've realized Ive got to learn to hit without using them off any lie, so I've been practicing a lot focusing on clean contact and hitting ball then ground. Confidence has taken a bit of a hit as I chunk up some, but feel like Im improving still.
  5. I find it fascinating that the human brain can make subconcious adjustments like this to bring the club face square when given new constraints like a new grip. Like when I had a very weak grip the cutting across the ball, over the top tendency was just the brains way to try and hit the ball straight, and no amount of prompting could change it probably because my brain knew doing an in to out, flatter swing would just result in the ball starting way, way right with a massively open clubface.
  6. I was on the range tonight working on making contact with the ball first before the ground to get solid iron shots. I was struggling a little with a problem that creeps back on me quite regularly - duffing my shots and striking the ground before the ball. I've recently made my grip stronger, after I was told my an instructor that my grip was very weak. I have gained a lot from changing my grip, however after hitting some fat shots I decided to really exaggerate the strong grip thinking that maybe I had gone back to my old weak grip habit. I noticed I was, for the most part, hitting the ball more cleanly and striking the ball then the ground. Why might this be the case?
  7. Hi All, I got these very light, game improvement irons with their superlite regular flex shaft and have made significant inroads into improving my swing. I'm now looking for more distance and am looking for advice regarding the weight of these clubs and the flex of the shaft. Would changing the shaft flex or perhaps considering a different weighted shaft and/or iron possibly give me more distance? Are the lofts of the f-max quite standard compared to other club sets? I'm finding I'm only getting about 120 yards with my 8 iron full swing hitting cleanly. Shaft: F-MAX Iron / COBRA SuperLite Regular 49-55g Low-Mid Mid-High 0.370 SPECIFICATIONS Model Loft Lie Length (Steel) Offset (mm) Swing Weight (Steel) Stock Flex (Steel) RH/LH 4 Iron 22.0° 61.0° 39.25" 6.3 C9 S, R RH/LH 5 Iron 25.0° 61.5° 38.50" 5.9 C9 S, R RH/LH 6 Iron 28.0° 62.0° 37.75" 5.4 C9 S, R RH/LH 7 Iron 31.5° 62.5° 37.25" 4.7 C9 S, R RH/LH 8 Iron 35.5° 63.0° 36.75" 3.9 C9 S, R RH/LH 9 Iron 40.0° 63.5° 36.25" 3.4 C9 S, R RH/LH PW 45.0° 64.0° 36.00" 2.8 D0 S, R RH/LH GW 50.0° 64.0° 35.75" 1.0 D0 S, R RH/LH SW 55.0° 64.0° 35.50" 0.8 D0 S, R RH/LH
  8. Hi all, thought Id like to share what has happened to me with my full swing. I've been playing for a bit over a year now, and struggling to be consistent. A year in and I was hitting worse than a couple of months in from when I started. I had a huge out to in swing, and was cutting across the ball, hitting a lot of slices, shanks, low powered and very high shots. My friends were hitting pitching wedges to greens where I had a 7 iron out. I had quite a few lessons with instructors and things never really improved. I actually gave up golf a couple of times, only to come back a few weeks later. In a Hail Mary attempt to fix things I signed up to Evolvr analysis and in my first lesson my instructor told me to strengthen my grip. He also made it more identifiable to me what a neutral face looks like during the swing, compared to open. I also took some video analysis of a couple of friends swings, who's swings I admire, and noticed their clubface positions on the back and downswing and how it looked more closed and tried to replicate these positions. So by strengthening my grip and having the sensation of trying to keep the club face closed on the backswing and downswing something has really clicked for me and turned everything around. I can hit the ball straighter and much further. Just making these simple changes I was immediately hooking the ball which I've never been able to do. My drives are now much more straighter and powerful too. I still have a long, long way to go with my swing, but at least I can enjoy my golf now. I even had one previous instructor stand at the range watching me and remarking on how much Ive improved. I hope I can maintain this improvement.. What simple things have you changed to turn your game around?
  9. A while ago I was perusing these forums and saw something mentioned about an online program where you can upload videos of your swing and receive analysis from coaches. Could someone please give me the link to this site? Is there many people out there that can recommend this form of instruction? Thanks
  10. 18 holes for $15? Never seen that before. Minimum cost I've seen in Australia would be $35 for green fees alone, not including costs for clubs and balls and buggies. Its easily the most inaccessible sport in this country Ive come across with the exception of motorsport.
  11. Am I passionate about the game? No. I very much enjoy the learning curve, and being outdoors. I invest a lot of time into the game, but I'm not obsessed with it like I have been with other sports in my life, like cricket and tennis. I don't follow the tour closely and don't enjoy watching it particularly. I don't set my alarm to early morning tv viewings anyway. Its a hard game to pick up and play, extremely expensive with brands doing everything they can to take money off you for improvements in equipment that don't correlate to performance, and it has a stenching stigma of rich, white privilege. You can't participate in the game without paying big dollars. Even hits at the driving range are expensive. Whilst Im in a position to pay my way thanks to studying hard and holding down a good job, there's a lot of people out there who miss out on opportunities to play the game because of the costs. Its not fair. Lessons are ridiculously expensive. Not many sports are like this anymore. And some of the most awful and arrogant people I've come across have been on a golf course. I enjoy the sport only when I can play by myself, keeping away from others, to be honest.
  12. Something I've always struggled with, and I'm open to admit it, is hitting at a busy driving range. I get so self-conscious to the point it ruins my practice session. I get conscious of the people who set up around me with the one sole purpose to get out their driver to smack it as far as they can and make a pissing contest of it. Or take an eternity between their own shots as they step back and watch me swing. I know its all in my head. I hate the ones who berate themselves after every shot. I get so scared of shanking that I stick with the clubs and shots that I think will produce the best results and drills go out the window. Can anyone relate? How do you deal with it?
  13. Loner golfer. I prefer playing by myself and at my own pace. I like empty driving ranges and quiet golf courses. Hate being rushed by players behind me. Hate playing competitively against others. I've played a ton of sports in my life - AFL, cricket, baseball, tennis. I took up golf to play sport in a non competitive way. I just want to relax, learn and have fun.
  14. +1 falling into the youtube instructional video rabbit hole. While I do think that a lot of the instruction and advice out there is credible, its hard to ensure that it is applicable to my actual swing. So, so, so many times I've gone online after a terrible session at the range or round at the course thinking I've found a quick fix, only to try it out, play terribly, rinse and repeat. I've learnt the hard way that the best thing you can do for your game is get the advice of a coaching professional looking at your game in person. Another thing that has killed me is self-anaylsis via video. I got obsessed with trying to swing shallower, constantly taking video of hitting shots in the front yard with plastic balls and down at the range. But this obsession lead to other aspects of the swing going down the toilet - it introduced a huge flip in my swing, and an effort to direct the ball, so I have had massive issues with an open club face at impact. I've been getting regular lessons on Saturday mornings with a pro and finally things are starting to come together. Best thing I've done for game, daylight second.
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