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  1. So I've recently picked up a copy of David Leadbetter's "The A Swing", and whilst I'm still reading and digesting the content, I can already appreciate having a succinct set of teaching points and cues to relate to for the building of an entire swing. There is so much information on different aspects of a golf swing out there on internet forums, written in articles, publications etc. Much of this information is contradictory, does not relate to the rest of the swing and is discombobulated. I'm sure there are plenty of people around here who discount Leadbetter's theories, so my question doesn't relate to what your opinion is about the A Swing. What Id like to know is: are there other publications out there that succinctly outline the bio-mechanical rationale, steps to achieving a certain style of full swing and practice progressions to learn the swing? As an amateur golfer, having a guide for all components of the swing neatly packaged into a book is very helpful and appealing. And interesting.
  2. Still havent hear a convincing argument to turn me away from using hybrids. I wonder how many people out there either dont realise how easy it is to use hybrids are or see it as an ego thing; not wanting to use them in front of other people in fear of ridicule. Using hybrids has literally taken 8 strokes off my round on average. I feel for the guys out there slaving away, enduring endless frustation trying to learn to hit long irons and getting nowhere. A lot of people say that they cant hit a hybrid but can hit a long iron no problems - I call BS on this for most of them. If you can't hit a hybrid you shouldnt be going anywhere near trying to hit a long iron off the ground. They are in existance to make life easier. Or you havent really given them a go.
  3. Id really like to know what percentage of amatuers out there on the range realistically have the ability to be able to shape shots and play a controlled draw and a fade at will. Id hazard a guess that 99% of golfers out there have one goal in mind when hitting any shot - to just hit it straight.
  4. Game based practice? Ive listened to a couple of podcasts recently about incorporating games and challenges into practice to strive towards goals and encourage improvement. How do you do this on the range?
  5. All driving ranges are flat, with perfect lines, perfect for building muscle memory and honing technique, hitting multiple balls from the same lie, using the same club. But realistically in a round of golf rarely would you come across a situation like the driving range. Lies can be uphill/downhill, in the rough, in the sand, one shot against the wind, next shot with it. And rarely will you use the same club twice in a row. And of course the pressure of hitting a ball to achieve a good score in the presence of buddies or to win a tournament is hard to replicate on the range. Most golf courses are busy and its simply not possible to practice hitting several balls on the course from lies not found on the range. So I'm wondering, how do people go about effectively practicing to replicate an actual round? For baseball and football you can run plays, cricket you can do centre wicket practice, Tennis you can easily set-up game based drills on the court. But what about golf - where nearly every shot you play in a round will be different to all others?
  6. Thanks for this. I have just ordered an 8 hybrid. Are they clones of any particular club/brand?
  7. The club is a long way from getting back down to the ball with a large takeback and the force required to overcome the inertia of the club is relatively large compared to a smaller backswing. The body instinctively engages the muscle of the shoulders/upper body to counteract the relatively greater force generated from taking the club so far back. As opposed to a swing with a smaller takeback, where the lower body and can generate most of the force required and the wrists assist greatly in generating adequate clubhead speed. In fact the wrists generate approx 60% of the clubhead speed required via the release for a full swing for most pros. Amateurs conceptually struggle to understand this and believe that it should be the larger muscles of the lower and upper body that do this.
  8. Can overswinging and taking back the club behind the head in the backswing promote a steep, over the top/outside-in swing? Can it encourage over-activating the shoulders?
  9. 99% bring the path too much from the inside? I wish this was the case. I’d say 99% bring the path to much from the outside in. Over the top. Like me. I suffered from a lack of hip rotation in the downswing and balance. The drill I mentioned has helped with that. im only doing what a professional PGA instructor told me to do after working with me for a few sessions now. And it’s been working. Personally I’d take the advice of someone who has looked at my swing firsthand, with qualifications and years of experience over people lurking on social media forums...just sayin’ Sliding your hips promotes under rotation of the hips on the downswing, keeping them too square to the target and not rotating. The shoulders have to take over. Result - over the top and loss of power. Releasing the club squares the club at impact. I would have thought that this is common sense.
  10. My pro recently got me doing drills to stop my hip slide towards the target and promote rotation of my hips through the ball. Hands down it has been the best thing for improving my consistency. And its shallowed out my swing. Even the best pros only marginally slide their hips. He got me to take a swing focusing on keeping my right foot planted throughout and releasing the club head, staying stable throughout the swing. I started with the feet together then move onto a normal stance. Gripping the club lightly to help facilitate the release. I have learnt this drill and hit it further and more consistently than I ever have, with a draw.
  11. A year has gone since I first picked up a club seriously. It’s been a year of ups and downs. Good times, bad times. Great rounds, and other weeks of torment battling the dreaded shanks. I’ve hit great shots and awful shots. Thousands and thousands spent on range balls and rounds. Hours upon hours of video footage hitting plastic whiffle balls in the yard. I’ve gone back to square one on more than one occasion. But recently I’ve committed to consistently getting lessons with the one pro. This has been key to proper, prolonged improvement. No more second guessing what I’m doing wrong and what I should do in my technique based on youtube videos, and no disrespect, we’ll intentioned social media and forum posters. The eye of a pro in person is second to none. I’ll continue to get lessons and improve until none of my mates can ever beat me. 😛
  12. So you still use your 8 and 9 irons? Id consider replacing my 8 too if I could find a decent, readily available hybrid. The 9 and PW Id leave in my bag for pitching. Is this a nine iron equivalent? For anyone wondering - my highest Hybrid (Cobra F-Max #7) is 31 degrees.
  13. I'd take hitting left with a hybrid over slicing it weakly any day of the week like I do frequently with irons. My swing is grossly over the top. Until I improve this with a series of lessons Ive commenced with an instructor, Ill continue using hybrids as at least I can enjoy a round with them and compete with my friends. I'll keep the irons for the range.
  14. So I've been building up my stock pile of hybrids steadily over the last few months. I use a 3, 5, 6 and 7. I just find them so much easier to hit and so versatile. When struck clean it is oh so sweet. I can use them off the tee, off the deck. They are great to use in the rough, on the edge of the green and when scrambling from underneath trees. My 6 and 7 hybrids are both Cobra F-Max's. Compared to the iron equivalent I have I absolutely smash them. They feel like butter. If they released an 8 or 9 I'd probably get them too. What advantage does an iron have over a hybrid exactly? As a weekend hacker, I cant seem to reason with using irons. And does anyone know of a manufacturer who makes an 8 or 9 hybrid? Thanks
  15. So Ive been going through an ongoing spate of shanking the ball wildly and digging massively into the turf and come over the top. I had a lesson with the pro and he recommended the feet together drill. When I do this drill, my shots improve dramatically and come in more from the inside. Obviously there is an issue with my weight transference with my 'normal' stance.This has got me thinking, what is wrong with having a narrow stance in a normal golf swing in the first place? Thanks for your help.
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