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  1. Lol. Banning a guy with 55,000 youtube subscribers for saying “from the heart of my bottom”. This is after labelling his work as “terrible” then in the next sentence talking up his own work no one has even heard of. Stay classy, @iacas
  2. Hahaha As soon as someone dares to question that it might be the most sensible approach to break 90 might not be trying to hit the ball as far as you can at the tee box every time, in the words of The Joker, "EVERYONE LOSES THEIR MINDS!!!"
  3. Difference is one does it with malice, the other does it humorously, tongue in cheek 😘
  4. From experience playing with others, and my own game, and from statistics I’ve seen the overwhelming tendency for a handicap golfer is to miss short compared to any other miss. Most higher handicap golfers will determine club selection based on hitting a club pure, when in reality they rarely do. Under pressure hitting it fat is a more likely outcome. Therefore it makes sense to err on the side of clubbing up on most occasions as opposed to assuming you’ll hit it pure. It will also encourage not trying to hit the ball hard and staying loose in the swing.
  5. Came across a YouTube guy called Just Your Average Golfer. I find it really interesting his perspective of playing the percentages with his course management. Advocates working on the short game a lot. Here is a typical video of his Pretty consistent theme I’ve picked up from you is you’re quick to arrogantly right off other approaches just to promote your own, which coincidentally you benefit from financially. Hardly impartial. Not a good look.
  6. Pass on the golf cart and get walking around the course
  7. I came across this guy as he was talked up by Golf Sidekick, who's videos on course management I'm getting a lot out of. RMW advocates forgetting the complex technical analysis that leads to paralysis, and freeing up players from thinking too much about the swing. He does a lot of no look / or walk in drills with a bucket of balls. Its refreshing. As someone who has got absolutely nowhere really hitting hundreds of balls, having lessons from "pros" and studying technical analysis, I thought the hell with it at the range and started trying his walk up technique, his one foot drill, ey
  8. Not sure why anyone would mention total distance as opposed to carry. Roll is so dependent on course conditions and whether or not you even land on the fairway. You’re one of those egomaniacs who walk around with their doodle out telling everyone how far they drive but secretly include made up roll numbers too dont you? 😜 Ive played many rounds with friends who hit less distance than me off the tee and consistently hit sub 90. They’re better players. Simple. Also, check this out: AND my chip out of trouble back onto the fairway, AND my chip onto the green AND accu
  9. Made my first sub 90 round at my local course yesterday adopting my course management tactics. I was really happy with this score as my full swing was completely off with my driver and hybrids, I was slicing it left with my take back going too inside. Not one of my shots off the tee broke 200m carry. I deliberately compensated for the slice by teeing off on the far right of the tee box and aiming left. I increased each hole's par by 1. I gave up going for the green several times from my tee shot and favoured laying up with my comfortable irons (5 and 6 iron), to then have an easy pit
  10. It’s quite amusing to see the extent of some people’s cognitive dissonance as they attempt to justify not working on their short game and course management verses focusing on full swing mechanics and hitting for distance. No wonder chipping and putting practice areas are so empty at most golf courses.
  11. LSW - I cant seem to find a book in my country. Doesn't seem to available on ebook or audiobook either. Frankly, that doesn't give me a lot of confidence that its worth buying if no one else is. So not being able to get out of a bunker for 3 or 4 strokes, skimming and chunking chips, having no clue how to play within 100 yards and little confidence to make putts inside 5 feet, yet alone lagging putts to that distance doesn't matter. Mate you are clueless.
  12. +1 practicing those partial wedge shots. I used to almost never practice them, but now I really enjoy working on this aspect. Completely agree.
  13. Not necessarily. To break 90 you’re essentially aiming slightly better than a bogey every hole. So on a par 4 hitting a shorter club with a greater chance of it being straighter then swallowing your pride and laying up on the next shot with a club you control well could definitely be a higher percentage play than risking spraying a driver badly into some hazard and attempting a glory shot to the green. I reckon many golfers are guilty of taking the former option because it’s what they see the pros on tv do. For someone trying to break 90 aiming to make a 5 on a par 4 is more reasonable, realis
  14. To be honest, I think it’s pretty obvious improving the swing is going to help. And, like most golfers, I’m always working on my swing, including getting instruction. I created this thread to discuss strategies on the course while playing. So putting, chipping, pitching, scrambling, club selection, smart aiming is irrelevant?
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