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  1. I made a post almost 2 years ago about how I wanted to make golf my life and wanted to go pro. I got a lot of comments about being realistic which was obviously needed, but I’ve made a HUGE progression. During that time I was shooting probably mid-high 80’s after only playing about a year. In these past 2 years I realized the only way I was going to get better was by our working everyone. I am currently a 1.7hc and had a tournament average of 74.8 my senior year of high school. I just graduated and am going to a juco. I could have gone to better schools but I wanted to stay close to my family for the first couple years and am very confident that I can transfer d1 in a year or 2. So my question here is; what can I do to take it to that next step? I play tips at a 7300 yard course and put myself in the hardest situations, trying to get better. Thank you! Hayden B.
  2. I’m just interested on how many people line up their putts and who putt based on feel?
  3. So tomorrow I have my 3rd tournament of the year and I was just looking for tips on how you guys prepare for tournaments and what you do that helps you? It’s a 2 day in my hometown and the second day is at my home course but the first day it’s at a course I’ve only played once. Tips? Thank you guys!
  4. Today the problem was my irons and hitting greens. My short game is definitely my strong suit being able to get up and down on most, almost every hole when a few yards off the green. Any drills you guys have that I may have no already seen on YouTube to help be pure more irons? Thanks guys
  5. Just played one of the best round of my life with a 79 and a couple lucky chip ins for birdie and par
  6. Thank you so much! Right now Its really my driver hurting me. I shot 39 tonight on my home course just hitting 3-wood off the tee which was a great confidence boost. Swing is feeling very inconsistent even with all of the Range work I put in. Playing in a tournament tomorrow so I will post what I shoot. 🙂
  7. Thank you for all the comments! I have been varsity on my hs golf team since I started golfing, the only reason is because I live in Wyoming and our rival school has all the golfers that are good. I am playing in my fall season right now and am currently 3 man. When I first started I got good very quick considering I had only played for a couple months before tryouts and shot low 90’s with the occasional high 80’s. It just feels as if I’m stuck right now.
  8. I want nothing more than to be pro! This game has made my life so much more exciting. I’m just doubtful on if this dream is stupid to even dream of, or if I need to focus on other things and just treat this as a hobby.
  9. Hello everyone! This is my first post on this forum and I’ve been thinking a lot lately. I picked up a golf club after my gpa made me at age 15 almost 16 and have played almost everyday since. I love this sport and the people in it, including you guys. I just don’t know how well I’m progressing. I started shooting in the 100’s and now down to mid 80’s. I want this to be my life but I also have to be realistic to myself because not everyone can do this, but I want to be able too! Everyone you hear of has started a young age like Tiger, Rory and Jordan S. Can I do it? I’m just about to start my Junior year of high school and do nothing but golf and practice. Thank you everyone for your time, it means a lot. :)
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