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  1. She can play with my clubs! heehee:)
  2. ehhhhh......what? A famous movie quote applies here: What we have here is a failure to communicate!
  3. Cheesesteak with everything on it at Hoagie Haven in Princeton, NJ.....man they are good!
  4. This thread is awesome - I've laughed, I've cried, I've dropped my jaw in horror (especially from the "droppin a deuce" post)! I pulled up to my club 2 years ago for an early morning round to find the cops in the parking lot and the front nine closed. 3 young tools drank to much at a nearby hotel and decided to steal some golf carts and play bumper cars all over the front nine. 3 greens totally destroyed, 3 carts totally destroyed, 4 bunkers shredded and almost every fairway torn up. Damages came in at over $100K. Cops tracked them down and arrested them with felony charges. Not su
  5. Mine is first a tall glass of ice water to re-hydrate, since I walk. Next, I like a tall glass with ice filled with in 1/3rd parts, vanilla vodka, ginger ale, cranberry juice. I'm always looking for new concoctions, what's your favorite post round beverage?
  6. This isn't really specific to country clubs but it is something that I think we should always do no matter where you play: - make sure you have a tool to fix your divots on the greens and use it. A nice touch is to also fix any divots you see that some previous player has not bothered to fix. Golfers who don't fix their divots on the green really get my goat. - most cc carts have a little bottle with seed and sand mixture to fix your fairway gashes. Use it or if you are walking, go pick up the rug and place it back in the slash. - rake the trap when you are done. - tip the cart girl
  7. Playing in the club ryder cup on a miserable rainy day last fall. I couldn't hold the club and was watching a rather promising start go down the drain. I swung and topped the ball, barely hanging onto the club. In frustration I smacked the side of my golf bag with my club. 3 holes later in need of my 5 iron, I pull it out of the bag and find only half the club in my hand. I proceed to check my 6, 7, 8, 9 iron and all are broken in 2 at mid shaft. My partners laughed their asses off. I was really embarrassed. Bought a nice set of stiff shaft Cleveland CG7's this winter and love them
  8. Yesterday I hit my 2 best shots of the season during the same round:) Par 4 16th 349 yds Narrow fairway slight dogleg right with blocking trees on right side of fairway. I hit a 3 iron off the tee to about 120 yds out. Then grabbed my AW and swung smoothly. The ball landed about 4 feet short and right of the hole, bounced once, rolled a bit and in the hole for an eagle!! Par 4 18th 389 yds Trees hugging left side all the way down fairway on both sides I hit my driver with a fade which grabbed an upper branch and left me with 170 yds in from the middle of the fairway. Swung a smo
  9. 1. How do you pronounce the capital of Kentucky? Looeeville or Luuuvul? 2. A rooster lays an egg on a peak of a roof, which side does it roll off on? 1. Frankfurt is the capital of Kentucky 2. Neither side, roosters can't lay eggs
  10. I've tried all 3 over the course of my playing career and have settled on interlocking. bwdial: A fan of the Bear like me! Nice!!!
  11. 3 iron 220 yds 8 iron 165 yds putter
  12. The rule of thumb that I know is slightly different: For every 10 yards of elevation change you have +/- 10 yds of distance depending on if the elevation change is uphill or downhill. For this case 70 ft =23 yds so you will reduce the length of the hole by 23 yds and then select your club accordingly. This would mean the hole is playing 125 yds which for me would mean grabbing a soft pitching wedge or strong auxiliary wedge. This of course assumes a no wind situation. If you have wind in you face or at your back you will need to take that into consideration. Good Luck and let us know
  13. I agree with an earlier replier, if you hit your long irons better then you should be swinging a 4iron for your 200 yd shot. I can't stand hybrids and the prevailing marketing that they are easier to hit than irons. Hogwash...be a man and swing an iron.
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