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  1. Typical Par 4 - Typically Driver/3i Hybrid off tee then 9i,PW,52*,56* or 60* in depending on how close. Putter obviously. Rest of the irons see more work on Par 3s that are longer than what I usually have left after a drive or on a par 5 second shot.
  2. Appreciate it guys. Definitely plan on starting a swing thread whenever I can drag my wife to the range with me to video lol.
  3. I am a pipeline controller. Plenty of days off for golf!
  4. Hello all, been browsing through the forums for quite some time now and finally made an account so I could participate. Started playing at a young age with my dad, granted it was only about twice a year when he could get off work and find the time to take me. Just started playing a lot more often a couple years ago with friends and buddies from work. Working on consistency and just eliminating the "bad" misses/shots/holes. Looking forward to participating in the conversations held here!! -Wedge
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