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  1. No thanks. I still have flashbacks and nightmares. I hold no grudges or anger against anyone but have been unable to get the images out of my mind. Just finally was ale to visit the wall in Washington D.C. last year. (It helped a lot) Serving other Veterans helps a lot too. Thanks for your kind words. Retired Old Man
  2. I contracted Parkinson's disease from exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam. It showed up two years ago. The exercise greatly reduces the shaking in my right hand. I am now 74 years old and it is excellent exercise. I will play every day if I can. However, if I play everyday for three or four days, I need about a week to lay off and build my strength back up. I actually play fairly well and totally enjoy it. Retired Old Man
  3. Played a round of Golf at Crazy Horse in Hutchinson, Kansas. (Nice and Challenging) Although I only lost one ball and I played from the Men's tee, I was terrible. So, I rested up a few days and went to the Golf Center to be fitted for a new driver. I like Callaway and had been hitting a stiff shaft FT-5 driver. I warmed up with a 7 iron and then started with a Maverick head and a regular shaft. This caused a constant draw that I didn't much care for. Also, my distance was around 170 yards. Tried several different things and still the performance was pitiful. Finall
  4. Hi Fellow Golfers, I am looking to buy me a new driver. I really like my #5 Callaway Rogue fairway driver and hit it around 170 to 180 yards. Would a Callaway Rogue Driver with a regular shaft, 10.5 loft, be okay to just go ahead and purchase since I like my Callaway fairway wood so well? Or do I go through the process of being fitted for a driver and look at other options. I am 74 years old, with a 17 handicap, and have regular shaft woods and senior flex hybrids which I really like. I am currently using a Taylor Made FT-5 Driver with a stiff shaft. I do go
  5. I try and play the best I can. However, it is a game. At 74 years old, that's what I like to do. My group makes smart remarks all the time. Again, it is a game to be played for fun. Alcohol is not involved at all. Retired Old Man
  6. Well, I picked "C." I am usually the oldest, and I play with some long ball hitters. If they are having a rough round, I can usually catch up by staying in the fairway and making my putts. Otherwise, I am playing the senior tees by myself and I make everybody adjust to me being on a different set of tees. Most of the senior tees are on the front of the tee box and it is not a real big advantage on distance. (At least the courses I play) One other thing I do though. If I can't make the green on a second shot on a par 4 because of a hazard, (usually water), I will lay up c
  7. I will be 74 tomorrow. (11/13/2020) I have a Hot launch Senior flex driver (12* offset and 12* loft) . #3 & #5 woods are regular flex. (Callaway X and Rogue) #3 through #PW are Majek hybrids with senior flex shafts. My Loft wedge (60*) and A wedge (52*) are stiff shafts. I carry a 17 handicap and started playing again 3 years ago after quitting in 1975. I found I was trying to "Baby" my hybrids. Finally, just started swinging them like my regular irons, take a slight divot, and I like the way they play really well. Welcome Back, Retired Old Man
  8. Colin007, That is too bad. Do you have any reasons for not liking scrambles or playing with others? Nervous, mis-matched, jut hard to concentrate with all the other stuff going on? I play with a bunch of old retired guys and leave the younger players alone. The younger players seem to try and out do their peers, whereas us older players are content to just play and be glad we are in the fairway. Maybe it will improve for you as you keep playing. (The more you play, the better you will play.) Retired Old Man
  9. Played 2 man scrambled at Ellis Golf Club in Ellis, Kansas. (Senior) Probably a little over 50 payers. We placed 1st in the 3rd flight and even won some money! Number 8 hole, from the fairway, I hit an 8 iron/hybrid, and backed the ball up just like the pro's. I also birdied #3 par 3 by hitting about 3' from the pin. Very rewarding day for me and my partner. He was hitting the long drives and I was playing the short game. Front = 39 and Back - 35 for a 74 total. Retired Old Man
  10. Played back 9 twice at Fort Hays Municipal in Hays, Kansas. From the whites: 1st round = 49 2nd round = 43 Total = 92 Very happy and enjoyable round. Retired Old Man
  11. I quit playing in 1972. I started playing again in 2018. I played with a set of MDX irons with a stiff shaft. I was losing distance and bought a set of hybrid irons with a senior shaft. Had a difficult time getting the feel of the irons and placing my hitting the green. Got mad and pissed off and out of frustration, swung my new irons with new vigor and determination. This made a big difference in my hybrid/ iron performance. In other words, don’t let the “Senior Flex” label make you need to swing easy because of your age. Haul off and hit
  12. I played my 1st big Charity Golf Tournament today in Dodge City, Kansas. ( Maraiah Hills ) 36 teams of 4 with a shotgun start. It was a 4 man scramble. We finished 8 under with a 63. The winner was a 55 with 16 under. We did, however, finish in the bottom of the Championship Flight. It was a blast. I managed to play very well by keeping my ball in the fairway and letting the others go for longer drives. I also made two birdie putts. We were Doing very well until we stopped for lunch and lost our momentum. It was a blast. I still came away with several freeb
  13. I ordered a new driver today. Should be in Wednesday. I will post pictures and a review as soon as I can. Thank you everyone for your advice and information. Retired Old Man
  14. Hi All, I have been hitting a Tour Edge Driver with a 12* loft and a 12* offset. Senior Flex. (2017) It has been disappointing. It brought my distance down to 200 yards and sometimes less. (Carry) I finally went back to my Ignite (Nike) 450cc and no offset with a 10.5* loft. Regular Flex. (2005-2006) Immediately, my control came back and my distance went back to 220 yards and a little more sometimes. I was hoping to get back to 240 yards and probably will as I build my strength back up. The Ignite Driver is just a little heavier and somewhat harder to control when I
  15. Well, resting up helped a lot. I shot a 48 from the whites but only played 9 holes. Getting ready to go back out again this evening and try again. I did run the weed eater and worked in the yard for a couple of hours but then came in and took a bath and a 2 1/2 nap. Feeling well rested now. Retired Old Man P.S.> Watching 2000 PGA Tournament with Tiger and Fritz ( I think). 663 par 5. Both of them are on the green in two. Tiger hit his driver and the rest of his 240 yards with his 6 iron. (Wow, in my dreams!)
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