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  1. After losing 2 daughters, I understand how you feel. While "Golf" didn't save my live, it did give me a reason to complete the day. RetiredOldman
  2. "RetiredOldMan here." Just joined the TST and looking forward to participating in the forum. I quit playing golf back in 1975 and then took it up again December of 2017. I manage to shoot "Bogey" golf but at 71 years old that is the best I can do. I play every day, usually in the afternoon, and play on a small course about 3 blocks away. My golfing partner is 75 yeards old. I usually walk the course as it gives me time to think about my next shot. If I am playing a foursome or competitive play, I will use a cart. I am located in Central Kansas but currently have the house up for sale and moving to La Junta, Colorado. (Our place is too big for us anymore) Anyway, love golf and play or pratice all the time. RetiredOldman
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