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  1. La Crosse, Kansas. (Sand Greens) Local Course. #7th hole. Par 4. Drove the green and 1 putted for an Eagle. Senior tees made the hole 280 yards. Put was maybe 5’. Retired Old Man
  2. Use brightly colored balls. 😄 Retired Old Man
  3. No, I just stated it wrong. Went to the App store and downloaded it on my IPAD because of the larger screen. (For Free) And, No, I have an IPHONE 7+. I am old, but I am tech savy. I use quite a lot of IPAD's and IPhone and a very sophisticated GPS when flying the airplane. Retired Old Man
  4. North wind at 25 with gusts to 45 mph. Cold front supposed to be through my area by 5 p.m., CST. Currently 57*. Actually, if it wasn't for the wind, I would be playing. So, watching "Charlie's Angels" and planning on tomorrow or Wednesday. Retired Old Man
  5. Thank you for the Hyperlink. I will go sit in the recliner tonight and do some reading. Retired Old Man
  6. Being an older player, putting a USGA rule book on my phone never occurred to me. I just don't think that way. Good suggestion, though, so I will look at Amazon after nap and put the rule book on my phone. Thanks, Retired Old Man
  7. It's a beautiful morning and all of us are Seniors. I mean the youngest is 62 years old. We get ready to Tee Off and everyone wants to play the White Tee Markers. The course is a well kept, nice and clean. It has a Par/Slope Rating on each of the tee markers. There are no Senior Tees designated as such. My golfing buddies say, "Red is for the Women." Men's tees are White and Champion tees are Blue. So we play the Whites, maintain our masculinity, and suffer from extra strokes because we can't drive the ball off the tee as far as the younger players. In some ways, it is frustrating, but it is really sweet when I beat a younger player because I consistently stay in the fairway, while he hits his 300+ yard out of bounds. But what is correct to play according to the current rules? What age is considered a Senior? If the course has no "Senior Designated Tees", then do the Men play the White only? Can Seniors legally play the Red Tees, or Ladies tees? Who came up with this rule or procedure? (We need to find him and integrate him/her. 😄 ) I honestly like playing from the Whites. It is part masculinity and part pride, but unless I have designated "Senior Tees", then I prefer to play the whites. Okay, your comments and smart remarks will be noted. Retired Old Man
  8. Hi Everyone, I have had a really good year. Went from shooting in the 100's to the 90's and handicap went from 27 down to 21.2 and trending to 20.8. I also had a couple of rounds in the 80's. Here is what I did to get where I am today: 1. I started using better balls. Not pricey ones or anything fancy, but balls that felt good when I hit them and played consistently in my drives and controlling my shots. ( Personal preference, I don't like colored balls. I find it to be a distraction and I seem to lose them quite easily.) I have been using Titlest DT Soft, Pro V1, when someone gives me a new one 😄 , and Callaway Soft.) 2. Started taking time to aim where I was going to hit the ball and thinking about ball placement in the fairway and to the green. (Before, I was satisfied to just being in the fairway.) 3. When I hit the ball and land in deep rough, take an iron and get back in the fairway, and don't try and hit a fairway wood out of the rough. (Even a rescue wood unless you have a decent lie.) What I need to work on: I have a tendency to pull my irons to the left and I don't know why. (How do I overcome this or approach this problem. It is mainly with my 4 and 5 iron.) My putting seems to just go right of the cup by a slight amount I don't know if it is my depth perception, my alignment, or what but it makes me miss 2' and 3' putts. (Long putts seem to be more accurate.) So, some pointers and comments as to how I can consistently shoot in the 80's. Things that you do to shoot consistently low scores. I have had several rounds where I have shot in the 80's, so I know I can do it, I just want to do it consistently. Retired Old Man
  9. I raised the loft of the club to 10.5*. It did wonders for my driving. Very impressed. Thanks for the advice. I will get on the simulator and look at the difference, but my drives increased a good 20 yards and One Boomer with a tail wind, I had a drive of around 260 yards. Retired Old Man
  10. I shot an 88 today. My GHIN is currently 23.5 but trending to 21.2 when it updates tomorrow. WooHoo, I am on my way to get under a 20 handicap. Can I vent a little? I played with 2 other players today and they improved their lie the whole game. When marking the ball on the green, they would advance it toward the cup if they could get away with it. I played my ball as it lie. Then they had the audacity to tease me because I got beat by 1 stroke. 😞 I played well and I have known these 2 guys for some time. They always adjust their ball lie. It really never bothered me until I started playing better this year. I just need to play against myself and let them do what they think they need to do. Okay, I am finished. Retired Old Man
  11. A lot of golf buddies tell me to keep my handicap high. I would rather keep it accurate. I am heading out this morning and hope to shoot in the low 80's. Will let you know. My handicap is slowly coming down. I started out htis year with a 27.3 as of July 1st. I am currently at 23.5 but trending to 22.4. Hopefully the app will update today or tomorrow. Retired Old Man
  12. I played Men's Senior at Fort Hays Municipal Golf Course this year. There were usually about 50 to 55 players every week. It was my first time to play in any kind of competiton/organized play since around 1970. It cost $5 to play, and I won just shy of $20 this summer. ( I bought me a nice golf polo shirt and my winnings paid for half of it.) Then I won another $9 prize 2 weeks ago and haven't spent the money yet. We just finished with the last Senior Men's Tournament playing a 3 man scramble. My team placed 3rd. (18 teams, I think) We were 3 over par. So, we each won $6.50. Retired Old Man
  13. I am an instrument rated private pilot with a high performace endorsement. Any other private pilots in this forum? I hope so. Retired Old Man And,,,,,,,why you shouldn't fly a Commanche over an Apache Reservation.
  14. Thank you for the advice. I raised it up to 10.5* loft and it seemed to increase my distance. However, I was hitting my drives well yesterday but only played on the short sand greens course. We are headed out this morning at 11 a.m. to play Fort Hays, which is grass greens and my home course. Will let everyone know how it goes when I get back. Retired Od Man
  15. High everyone, I have got myself in a bind and need some advice and some thinking, other than my own. In 2018, I ordered a Tour Edge, Hot Launch 2, Driver with a 12* offset. Picture below. I think my loft angle is also 12*. (Maybe Not 12* Loft) It has a Senior Flex Shaft. I really like it. It is easy to hit and 99% of the time is straight down the fairway. If I have a really good fairway lie I can hit in out in the fairway. (About 210 to 225 yards off the tee, at Fort Hays playing grass greens) The problem is, the ball flies too high and I lose distance. I play in a windy location and as a rule wind up about 20 yards short on my drives. I can tee it lower but when I do, it becomes harder to hit the sweet spot and thus I may not get a good drive as I usually do. I started playing "Grass Greens'" at Fort Hays Municipal Golf Course. On the Sand Greens that I play, the fairway is usually a "Buffalo Grass" fairway. This is a real thin grass and very hard ground. Thus, when I hit the Hot Launch, I get a lot of roll after the ball lands. (Easily 20 to 30 yards and farther.) If I take the Hot Launch to Fort Hays, my drives usually take a single bounce and quit rolling, due to thick grass fairways. So,,,,,,I had the opportunity to buy a Taylor Made RBZ Driver. (Early this summer) I like it but it did take some getting used to before I started getting good drives. It is an adjustable loft and I have it set on 9.5* and is a "Stiff Shaft." Picture below. I hit the Taylor Made well. (About 250 to 265 yards off the tee.) The problem is if I get tired, the Taylor Made is not as forgiving as the Hot Launch. ( So, I have to concentrate on slowing my back swing down and hitting it more relaxed) The plus side is I usually can drive farther using the Taylor Made. If I am playing well and in my groove ,the Taylor Made seems to be the better driver. My golf bag is full and I would have to remove a 4 iron to carry both drivers. I have no trouble with the stiff shaft, as all of my clubs are stiff shafts. The Hot Launch is my only Senior Flex Club. I just hate seeing my Hot Launch gathering dust in my garage, but I like the extra distance I get from the Taylor Made. Your opinion and thoughts please. Would you ditch the 4 iron and carry 2 drivers or would you focus on playing with a single driver? Retired Old Man P.S.> Earlier this year I traded my MXD irons for a Senior Flex, graphite, Warrior Irons. I had a terrible time with them. Several players told me I wasn't ready for Senior Flex Clubs. So, I traded my senior flex irons for my old original stiff shaft MXD irons. Even at 72 years old, I play well using stiff shafts. I could probably get a little more distance going to a more flexible shaft but when I payed the Warrior irons my accuracy suffered a lot.
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