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  1. Mcilroy -16 Woods -12 Donald -12
  2. Why all the Fowler haters? Sure he's alot flashier then most players but no player has brought more attention to golf from the younger crowd in the last 10 years than Fowler. He's not the best golf on tour but also far from the worst. He will win one day, maybe not this year or next but he has flirted enough that he will win. He is great for the game and who cares what clubs he plays or who he takes as a sponsor. I saw him live on a Sunday at an event and even though he was out of contention he still had by far the biggest following. He takes time for his fans, signs autographs after rounds un
  3. Getting good distance with irons is all about impact. Do you take a divot with your irons? If your not taking a divot then you are hitting it wrong. I used to be a sweeper and flipper. This causes a very high and short ball flight. My 9 iron was my 100 yard club. A friend and I went and watched a Pro event and it changed the way I play golf. I was amazed at how light they swing yet how far the ball flies. My 6 iron had the flight of a pros 9 iron. So after seeing them play I completely changed my swing and started hitting down on it. What a difference. My 9 iron is now my 140-145 club and I on
  4. I read on a sign in a course bathroom once that only %1 of golfers will ever break 80.
  5. I tried to record it to watch but nothing was on.
  6. I lift weights 3 times a week and be sure to use proper form. I have tried yoga and not a big fan. I am looking for something to create more turn in my backswing without losing control of my swing. If I can get my left hand comfortably 6 inches more behind me in my backswing I feel I can gain power without losing accuracy or possibly gain some accuracy by making it easier to get the club to the inside.
  7. He just followed it up with a 64. -20 through 36 holes.
  8. I personally am not a fan of the new proposed qualifying system. I really like the idea of Q-school. It gives anyone who wants to give there big league dream a shot to pay there money and put there game to the test. Its the only professional sport that I know that any guy can his pay entry fee and have a shot at the big time. If the stats are true and most talented golfers come from the NW tour as opposed to Q school then maybe rework the numbers, take the top 35/40 from the NW tour and maybe 10/15 from Q-school.
  9. Does anyone do a specific golf stretching routine? I am looking for something to increase my hip turn and be able to get my arm under my chin more. I feel I can get my shoulders to 90 degrees buy would like to get my arm back further with more comfort. I did some research but couldn't really find anything without someone wanting to sell me something. Thanks.
  10. Completed my usual workout last night 3 x 5 squats 3 x 5 standing press 3 x 5 pendlay rows I added 5 lbs to each of my lifts and felt good. I stepped on the scale this morning and down to 207.6. 20lbs to go.
  11. I would like to thank everyone who is getting these "new" ball flight laws out there to us weekend hackers. My normal shot has always been a large fade or huge banana ball that started straight off the club and then would go 90 degrees right once it got 150 yards out. And due to watching tv, reading golf books and obviously wrong information in magazines, I always thought my slice was due to an open club face at impact with an in to straight swing path. So I have spent money on lessons, draw biased clubs, and tried a very strong grip to help this but nothing helped and with these new laws it m
  12. 4 birdies in 18 holes, came out to be my lowest score. 78.
  13. Todays workout 3 x 5 heavy squats 3 x 5 bench 1 x 5 deadlift Had a good workout, had no problem completing my weights and will add weight on Monday.
  14. I always thought you were supposed to aggressively slide your hips as opposed to aggressively turn them. Just turning them seems your weight would stay centered over your stance or even fall back on your back foot. Your weight needs to be forward at impact.
  15. Worked out in the garage tonight 3 x 5 Squats 3 x 5 Standing Press 3 x 5 Pendlay Rows I sure can tell I am eating at a calorie deficit, I did 20lbs more on my squats 3 weeks ago and felt like I had more energy then I did tonight. But the rest of the workout felt great. And the only problem with working out in the garage is I get pre occupied between sets with my golf clubs!
  16. slabm7

    The 18

    I never ask for advice but if I am playing with a very good golfer who obviously knows what he is doing and he offers me advice in a non arrogant manner then I will gladly thank him and give it a try. Generally if the guy is nice and means well then I will buy him a beverage of choice from the cart girl or offer to buy a beer after the round. I don't expect advice but will gladly accept it from people who are obviously better then me.
  17. slabm7

    The 18

    I can handle some slow play but its the unsolicited advice guy that I hate. If it was a Pro or low handicapper trying to help me out I am fine with that. But it's the arrogant guy who shoots 100, writes down 78 and takes 10 Mulligans that tries to give me advice that annoys the hell out of me. I played with a guy last week who played this exact way. Took 5 Mulligans on the front, and probably 4 free drops. At the turn I hear him talking on his phone to a buddy telling him he shot a 39 front and had a great round going, then asked what I shot (42). Then proceeds to tell me how to fix my
  18. Agreed, I watched a PGA event live back in July and never realized how much they hit down on the ball. So I made that my new goal going forward. The Stack and tilt book help that greatly. Getting your weight forward and keeping it forward. My ball flight is much more penetrating now. I used to be the same as you, high short shots with no divots. Now I take a divot on all my irons and even small ones with my fairway woods. The ball comes out with much more spin and even with the lower ball flight it is much easier to hold greens. I started shooting some of my best rounds late in the year once I
  19. Noticed this thread a couple weeks ago but just got back from holidays and I am going to start posting my workouts and goals. Doing Starting Strength routine. Last night did: 3 x 5 Heavy Squats 3 x 5 Bench Press 1 x 5 Deadlift My current weight is 210lbs, my goal for May 1st is 185lbs. I am going to try to increase my weight on my lifts but it will be tough at a calorie deficit. Worst case scenario I would like my lifts to stay the same. I am not doing any cardio. Also cutting my alcohol intake drastically. Just trying to get lean and mean for golf season!
  20. Do you have any extra room? An empty bedroom? An empty corner of the garage? An empty spot in the basement somewhere? If so then craigslist is your best friend. Go look for a used squat rack set, usually comes with bar, weights, bench, rack, etc. You can usually find them for $300ish. Set it up in the extra space you created and started lifting weights 3 times a week. You don't need a fancy expensive gym membership or the latest and greatest fitness device on tv. Just get some old fashion iron and start moving it. You can do alot with a barbell and some weights.
  21. Age: 32 Height: 6'1 Where are you from: Cochrane, Alberta How Long have you been Playing: 3 years Best Score: 78 Favorite club in the bag: 5 Iron, but it changes monthly. Golf Books / DVD's that have helped you: Stack and Tilt helped my iron game but really hurt my driver. Where do you play: All over the Calgary area Best courses you've played so far: TPC Scottsdale, Coeur d' Alene resort course. Things you enjoy most about golf: Friendly competetion amongst friends, social aspect, how you compete against yourself more than anyone else.
  22. I tried standng closer to the ball and more upright but still seem to have a terrible out to in swing. I just finished playing 5 rounds this week and my slice and ball striking was the worst it has been all year. My Driver slices are 50 yard slices. With my irons my divots are pointing left of the target while the ball goes right of the target. Does anyone have any ideas of anything I can try to help fix this. Its driving me crazy!!
  23. Stack and Tilt may not be for everyone but it greatly increased my ball striking consistentcy. I still have a problem with it off the tee but my iron play has never been better. I adopted the S&T; philosophy half way through this season and after a couple hours on the range had the basics down and started shooting some of my lowest scores in the last half of the season. I broke 80 for the first time thanks to the S&T.; I plan on playing with it a bit more in the offseason and get more consistent.
  24. Its just the angle of the video, there was an alignment grid on the matt and I made a point to make sure the ball was just inside my left foot. I am going to try standing close to the ball and stand more upright with my knees bent and see if that helps things. Thanks for your reply!
  25. That was terrible! Neither of them deserved to win that. That was the worst Big Break finale I have seen. Julien has a great short game that kept him in it, he missed alot of greens. But Julien is supposedly dating Mallory so I guess he won something.
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