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  1. He's scum like Fat Sam.
  2. What ManU need is Howard Webb back, then they'll be fighting for the title again. 😆
  3. Mourinho is a curse....hopefully he stays with the mancs forever.
  4. Squats on a Bosu ball help me tremendously with both balance and core strength. I should really do more of them.
  5. New guy here, Liverpool supporter for close to 20 years. Hoping for another good season and also hoping we can give City a good challenge for the title. A very solid win at Palace today, a game we would have easily lost or drew just a few years ago. Looking forward to some banter... 😉
  6. Chunkah


    Hello everyone. New here, kind of stumbled upon the place while doing some internet searches for clubs, fitting information etc. Started playing golf in my early 20's and probably played fairly regularly for 4 years or so, with my game peaking with scores in the mid 90's. Picked the game back up in my late 20's for a brief period but stopped and then didn't start playing again until a few years ago...about a 15 year or so layoff. I have never taken a lesson or practiced much, but always enjoy playing the game. Being out on a course playing with friends or alone is definitely one of my favorite things. I have a long way to go with improving my game and feel that this is the time I really want to give it a go. I started with a set of Tommy Armour 845's a buddy sold me that were custom fitted for him. Seeing as we were about the same height and the fact I was getting them cheap I used those during my early 20's. My next foray into the game saw me buy some Ping ISI K's, which I still use today having recently picked up the game again, but I am seriously considering new clubs as the technology appears to have come a long way. I still miss those 845's by the way. Anyway, this seems to be a pretty interesting place with lots of information and I look forward to sticking around for a bit. 🍻 Cheers!
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