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  1. Corporate Quality Assurance Manager for my company's Arizona production. Not tons of time for golf at home, but with all the travel between Arizona, Iowa, Ohio, Quebec and France I'll get to play a lot of places. Just got back into playing after a two year recovery.
  2. Greetings everyone, I have decided I am ready to get back into golf after breaking my back two years ago. I'm really excited to get back to playing with my old golf buddies. They have been awaiting my return. I unfortunately had to sell my clubs for living money during recovery, but I bought more! Should be an interesting return to my favorite hobby. I don't have the range of motion I used to have, and I have left foot drop (basically, my left leg is paralyzed my mid calf down) and wear an AFO to walk. It will probably be like the first time I picked up a club... get to learn how to swing again. Always up for a challenge. Hoping there might be some others here who are disabled to get tips from.
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