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  1. No, I honestly hadn't until now. However, I stand by what I've said. While I agree about when the forearms actually roll over, after impact, that post or the repeated discussion points on this thread don't help people like myself that have had success with the feeling of the "gradual rolling of the forearms through impact". Its about a feeling and the results that the feeling produce.
  2. Fair enough. I just wonder if people can have success with both methods. My interpretation of his recommendation was that he only starts the rolling before impact. I've always struggled with an open club face at impact. The only thing that has been successful in taming my slice and push has been training myself to let the face rotate from open (prior to impact) to closed (after impact) and actually having the feeling that my right arm moves on top of my left through to the finish. I would call it a "gradual rolling of the forearms". The feeling was certainly explicit manipulation at first, less so now. I don't want other folks to struggle like I have and be turned away from advice that could potentially help them, even if many think its bad advice. I think it is about trying different things and seeing what feelings works for us as individuals to get better results. Then we should all do a better job of expressing our tone, I try my best to.
  3. How you communicate can be just as important as what you communicate. The responses seem to want to shut down the conversation instead of exploring it further. If he has success with an explicit roll of the wrists/forearms I think it is worth discussing further instead of cherry picking a set of pictures that fit a different narrative or saying ""terrible advice". I could go gather some pictures of 5 pros with right wrist over left just after impact and say... "see, you've got to roll your wrists like the pros, saying otherwise is terrible advice". I think conversation is constructive.
  4. Sooo much negativity on this web site. Alot of you seem like assholes. Good grief. Anyways... If you watch pros face on in slow mo it does appear to me that they roll the right hand over the left just after impact.
  5. As long as regulations around equipment, training, preparation, etc... aim to remove all variables except skill, then I'm happy. If someone can drive it further because of skill (or some derivation of it like training harder to become stronger and faster) then I think the integrity of the game is intact. Now if EVERYONE is stronger and faster because of reasons X or Y or genetics or w/e, then sure, lets adjust to shape the game around what is currently the average person.
  6. Shot a 98 at Green Harbor in Marshfield, MA. 47/51 Played the blue tees and drove the fringe on a 280 yrd par 4 which felt pretty good. It felt like my best ever despite the score not showing that.
  7. Thanks for the correction billchao. That is what I meant, just came out wrong. 😶 I agree and that's why I created the thread. I know its important and knew I wasn't executing quite right. Thanks for all the clarifications. I feel its provided me with the knowledge I need to improve my iron game.
  8. I was of the understanding that the dynamic loft increase is because of their forward shaft lean. Combine that with the great compression and lag and you get some serious distance.
  9. Understood. By "pick", I just meant trying my best to make perfect contact on the club face. I wasn't actively trying to avoid the ground after the ball. Poor word choice as "picking" means something else. 😐
  10. This is all really helpful feedback. For months I have focused on hitting down with pretty poor results. I played 9 yesterday by myself and experimented with "picking" but with the other fundamentals in place. Lo and behold I took some really shallow divots right after the ball and saw some pretty good results from it.
  11. Most of us know that taking a divot just after the ball with irons is generally desired because it usually means solid contact, compression, spin, etc... I know there are some "pickers" out there that might say different but for the sake of the conversation lets assume the above statement is true. What is not clear to me is whether or not that act of taking a divot (or hitting down) is conscious. Are you folks actually "aiming" to bottom out after the ball or are you trying to pick it clean and the divot is a result of a swing mechanism like the forward weight shift? I've also heard that I should think of it like trying to hit my ball and another imaginary ball a few inches in front of my ball. This would suggest trying to achieve a very shallow swing path that just barely bottoms out after the ball.
  12. After reviewing the videos myself a second time a few things stand out to me in the face on iron perspective. 1. Instead of a hip slide, I have a whole upper body slide. My head actually stays fairly static in the early part of the swing but shifts forward passed to ball when I shift weight to my front foot. I've read that you need to stay behind the ball. Is the "steady head" key something that is supposed to be maintained throughout the whole swing? How does that work in conjunction with the weight shift and hip slide? 2. At address the ball is a little behind center. It FELT like it was an inch ahead of center or perhaps I lost track of it. I'll have to keep an eye on this...
  13. I added an inch to all my irons. Im going to take them to the range in the next day or so and focus on my posture. Any other thoughts? OTT cant be my only problem! Haha.
  14. Thanks for calling that out. Some of that may be due to my clubs being too short. Im going to lengthen them this weekend. That being said, Ill try focusing on good posture more.
  15. I went to the range today to get some video. I just posted a "My Swing" thread. Thanks for all the feedback.
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