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  1. Amazing post ScottyT - why go back to the full set? Sounds like you really enjoy the inventive side of minimalist carry. Keep on keeping on ✊
  2. I have Marv, it’s liberating! I have Driver, 3/4 hybrid, 6, 8, 48, 60 and putter - 7 sticks. Makes you think hard about every shot, get to where you want to be. Love it, try it. Cheers Drakey A lot of us out there epitomised in this post, spot on. Love the setup too. Happy days RWC 👍🏌️ Drakey
  3. There’s a whole #minimalistgolfmovement going on at the moment, and it’s not just say a 3 club fun knock - some serious questions about 14 clubs, some great discussions about shot shaping. Retro attitude not for everyone, but original guys had a spoon, a niblick and a mashie niblick and that was it. Pros and equipment these days making courses shorter, Ian Woosnam recently suggested digging up a few courses at St Andrews and making one super long course that held The Open every year. That would be a shame, spectacular, but a shame. I think for the sake of the game we need to invoke fewer clubs
  4. Ta Man, I’m pretty new to forums, not a whizz by any means, but I’ll figure it. Hope I managed this reply ok. Thanks for the welcome, I think I should’ve posted my ‘Hello’ in the Welcome space but never mind. There’s a Whisky out there for everyone, you just need time, perhaps the Beam experience is still fresh in the sensitised half of the brain. It will fade. Thanks again for welcoming me. Sláinte John Ta Man, thanks for taking the time to welcome me, loving getting back into swing of things, have loved trying seven different sets of irons in last 3 yrs. Proper fun.
  5. Hi, new to Sand Trap. Reside West Coast UK North England. Play Links Golf, Carry 7 clubs, constantly changing setup. 55 yo, started age 11, took 25 years out for family. Back with renewed vigour! planning some Scottish road trips, have house on Islay so anyone fancying playing The Machrie and then visiting 8 Whisky Distilleries on the island. Minimalist golf very important to me, need the health benefit, love to make 7 clubs fit any course. Never ride a cart. Ive never had a handicap, not interested in competition, only interested in the pure strike of the ball, flight and shot shape
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