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  1. Yay, I just finished Day 4, this morning. I fell a little behind. Looking forward to Day 5.
  2. Okay, I've done this a hundred times. For starters you need one of these: I've actually removed a putter grip a couple of times using a wire coat hanger; You just bend it half and then stick the bent end under the grip. However, if you've never done it before I highly recommend getting one of these. Okay, then you need mineral spirits or grip solvent of some kind, a "ketchup type" bottle of some kind, and a bucket or pan. Here's what you do. Put the putter grip end down into the bucket. Stick the edge of the tool under the grip as far as you can shove it. It only needs to be a fraction of an inch, but further is better Use your ketchup type bottle to squirt some grip solvent or mineral spirits under the putter grip Work down and around pushing the tool deeper under the grip. Add grip solvent when ever you make any progress. Feel free to be liberal with the use of the solvent. Keep doing this until the tool is all the way under the grip. Hold the tool and twist the putter all the way around, or hold the putter and work the grip tool all the way around, adding solvent if you feel any resistance The grip will slide right off as you push down the tool. The rubber thingie at the end of the grip, it is well attached and will stretch some, but still be careful not to pull the tool too far away from the shaft. Remember your goal is down and around not out and away. I actually just did this last week, I removed a Scotty Cameron 15" Grip, shortened the putter, added butt weight and put the grip back on with no trouble. Like I said, the process sounds scary, but it's pretty easy actually. I've done it a lot. As mentioned I've even done it using a coat hanger. Just let me know if you have questions.
  3. Day 3: DONE. Okay, @iacas What I like: That the videos are short, simple and follow a very logical progression. It feels like somebody who's never played the game before could start this series and "build" a golf swing. I like that they focus on fundamentals. Seems obvious, that trying to diagnose a swing fault from a crowd of folks on this forum is impossible. However, you see that a lot with online instruction. "If you have this fault do this..." …"What if I don't have this fault?" I truly believe these lessons could dovetail with any swing coach's lessons you are getting... alright perhaps if you are learning a very "non-standard" golf swing... but there are other threads for that topic. I like the way you have each lesson laid out in words above the video, so we can see what's covered. That makes a lot of sense. What I might suggest going forward - I know you have a bunch planned, but since you are looking for suggestions.... Drills to promote balance Drills to promote speed increases I will always be working on posture. More posture drills are personally always welcome. Some may not need them, but finish position posture is something I tend to lose and rebuild often. Set up differences between driver and irons (perhaps this is 2 sessions: Set up and Swing differences.) Trajectory mini-course Shot shape mini-course Thoughts on Swing Thoughts Thoughts on Enjoying Pressure A video for all five or one video per each of the five swing keys - How to diagnose etc... Putting fundamentals (I assume that's on the way.) Read, Speed and Bead - How to diagnose which is failing you? How to work on them? If it can be done. Perhaps a course strategy video? … Although that video you could just chuck down a copy of LSW and say "READ THIS". Equipment fitting suggestions video? Warm up routine video? Golf related stretching? These are all just suggestions. I am not a golf coach, but I've got a lot of experience working with golf coaches … I tend to need a lot of coaching. The videos you have done so far have been an absolute Godsent for me. I truly appreciate all of these videos you are doing. When this whole thing is over and we're all sure we're still employed I hope a bunch of folks reup to support this site and the incredible amount of content it provides.
  4. Okay, I know there are 2 other numbers on this. But clearly the 1380 is the biggest.... right? …. right?
  5. I have to give some mad props (am I too old to use that phrase?) at @iacas It's impossible to say how much I appreciate the work he's putting in for the "Covid-19 practice plan challenge..." thread. So far the drills have been fun, short, easy to perform, and jive perfectly with what my coach has worked with me on over the years. I truly appreciate the daily drills, brother.
  6. Okay, I swear I will eventually record myself doing these. I get so excited to give em a try that I don't even bring my phone. Anyhow, these drills are awesome! Great drills, easy to self diagnose. No additional equipment required.
  7. Done... Good drill. I'm going to try to film these going forward, but I will probably be doing them late in the evening. Good drill, I like it because it's simple and clearly explained. Thanks.
  8. My understanding is what they have learned over the years of doing "stimulus" packages is that "need" has nothing to do with it. What they want to do is send you money and have you "spend" it. The last 2 times they did a stimulus where they sent people checks, what they found out was that people over a certain income level didn't "spend" their checks. Instead they saved or invested their checks. What they want is for you to get a check and spend it. They want to get the economy flowing again. That's the reason for trying to guess who will spend the money and who will save the money. They want to put the money directly into the economy.
  9. ChetlovesMer

    Lob Wedge

    Apparently, @boogielicious copied off of me. I too go with the 58 LW as I carry a 54, 50 and PW. Mick, if I were you, here's what I would do. Pick up a used wedge. They hold their value worse than the latest I phone. You can literally get a used lob wedge for 10 bucks. Here's a new one for 10 bucks. Heavy Putter- Tour Satin Wedge | RockBottomGolf.com Tour Satin Heavy Wedge This wedge is ideal for shots from the sand, chip and pitch shots around the green, as well as full swing shots from the fa Go ahead and buy a cheap lob wedge. Use it for a while eventually you will find that it either digs too much or digs too little or what ever. After you use one for a while you'll know what you'll want. Then you can go out and get one that fits your game. Of course, when you are really ready to get serious a wedge fitting is informative and fun. But if you've literally never used a lob wedge before. I'd wait on the fitting until you've at least played a season or two with one. Good luck. Let us know what you decide to do.
  10. Possibly, but remember not just smell but sound travels too.
  11. One thing I really like about this group and this forum is the "Numbers Thread". I'm not sure why but I always click when somebody posts a new number. So, special thanks to: @dennyjones, @snapfade, @boogielicious, @commishbob, @dagolfer18, @iacas, @KEEPITSIMPLE, @NM Golf, @Vinsk, @JGus, @RoberX, and @IowaGreg for continually keeping the numbers thread going. …. Even if @dennyjones sometimes posts way too many battleships.
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