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  1. I heard a new one today. Somebody on the radio was talking about how Bryson DeChambeau was able to put on so much mass. According to the particular talking head it was because Bryson knows "how to breath". I guess the idea is if you breath in a certain way you are able to increase the restfulness of your sleep and the effectiveness of your digestion. Both of these in turn help you recover from your workouts. This, supposedly, led to his putting on extra muscle. I forgot the method of breathing he claims works for this so I quickly googled it. Sure enough its called breathing with your brain in a parasympathetic state. So, there's your answer.
  2. Did you ever get on one of those rants where you are rolling along and then you look up and you realize you're all of sudden arguing things that don't even make sense? I've been there. Happened to me last night having a argument discussion with my wife. I got so dug in I looked up and realized I was arguing for shit I didn't even care about an not even making sense at that. I've always been a Gary Player fan, but I think he got off the rails here.
  3. Well to listen to the announcers you'd think the dude has a doctorate in every science and engineering field their is. Don't get me wrong, I like him as a golfer, I think he's good for the game, but he isn't Nikola Tesla. Oh, yeah. The next thing you are going to tell me is that Barry Bonds used steroids!!! .... Never tested positive..................
  4. I concede to your knowledge. I do know the PGA has an anti-doping policy which I believe includes random blood tests. My guess is that if BDC did use something less than kosher to gain muscle, he may get away with it for a while, but eventually he will get caught. ... at least I hope so. Until then, I'll have to take him at his word. Having never used steroids myself. (I know, shocking right.) I'm not sure, does "Roid-Rage" cause you to berate unsuspecting cameramen who are just trying to do their job? (That's a joke, not an accusation.)
  5. Hey @RFKFREAK I love you, brother. And it is clear to me, after meeting you, that you know your way around a gym. Bryson DeChambeau wishes he was built like you. But I think you are making two assumptions which may or may not be true. I don't think the 2016 picture is proof that Bryson lifted weights before. I used to have definition in my chest and especially my core way before I started lifting weights. Although, I agree with you. It's likely BDC did some sort of fitness regimen. Especially since he played college golf and I'm guessing even at SMU the college golf coach would have requested that his players at least spend some time working out. The second thing, and the more important one, is Lyle McDonald's muscle gains estimates. I've read a lot (I mean A LOT) of folks who have bashed Lyle's work stating that his research is only accurate if you do the exact same type of training over and over again. It is possible to dramatically beat Lyle's estimates by radically changing up the way you train. I think I've even heard Lyle himself say that. I remember him countering the criticism of his work by stating that he put together his research not so much to say that these are the maximums you can gain, but instead Lyle was trying to tell everyone that you need to mix up your routines on a regular basis to continue making gains. I don't know what all of that means with regard to the discussion you were having, but there you go. Have a great day.
  6. THIS Seriously, if I have to hear one more golf commentator bitch about the modern golf ball.... Quit your f-ing whining.
  7. Firstly, NO THE GAME DOESN'T NEED TO CHANGE. Having said that, I think the rough should be more challenging for the run of the mill tournaments. I also think they could stop rolling the fairways for tournaments, but even if they don't I think the game is perfectly fine. I hear people say "Roll back the ball". I think that's silly. I'd rather see them penalizing misses more. As far as Bryson being some kind of genius... eh, that's quite a bit overblown. I do think the lack of a crowd actually may help him more than other players. He seems like he likes to get into "his own world". You know a world in which you can take 2 minutes or more before stroking your putt.. (Okay, cheap shot.) I think the dude is good for the game. Has he acted like a jerk a few times? ...YES!.... I don't really think he's a bad guy. Just says some pretty stupid things sometimes. As have I, though. As far as people copying his style of play... other than the speed at which he plays, I'm all for it. I'd still like to try some one length clubs one day. I don't think his putting style is for me. But hey, to each his own.
  8. I really don't care if he wins or somebody else does. In a year where I truly thought there would be no Masters, I am just totally jacked that they are actually going to play the event!
  9. Of course it wasn't the best all time final rounds for a US Open. It was impressive... which also made it kind of boring. I always enjoy the golf, but with out anybody even close to him it was kind of anti-climactic. Here's the skinny. Where ever this should rank all time it won't. Because people don't like the guy. If this should be the 10th best of all time, it will get kicked back out to like 15th. If it should be 15th, it'll be kicked out to 20th. Couple that with the lack of drama down the stretch and you are going to get a lot of folks poo-pooing the achievement.
  10. Yay! Good for you! Congratulations! Any plans to save the ball, put it in a little case, or a plague, or otherwise display the achievement?
  11. Am I missing something? Is the question would you rather shoot 5 strokes fewer or 2 strokes fewer? If so, why is that a question? Oh, and for the other part of the question. I guess I'd pick driver. hybrid. 8 iron, sand wedge, and putter.
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