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  1. I was just thinking that I've subbed out my 4-iron, with a cross over, then switched to a hybrid, then back to a 4-iron, then back to the cross over, then back to the hybrid. I've also played 2 different drivers this season. On the other hand I've been playing the same irons 5-PW for almost 10 years. In my entire golf life of 25 years I've only had 3 putters for any substantial amount of time. My last switched actually occurred when my current putter broke (the bag fell off the cart.) I replaced my wedges but that was just going to a newer Titleist Vokey. As my previous wedges were 6 years old. I'm always tinkering with the top of the bag, but almost never change the bottom of the bag.... hmmm? I don't know what that means but it's interesting. … well, at least to me.
  2. ChetlovesMer

    Playing Golf With Fewer Clubs?

    Like many golfers I have a bag of 14. When I play a normal round of 18 all of them come with me. I will say that I'm constantly tweaking the line up of clubs. I actually have 18 clubs from which to select said 14. Sometimes a 3 wood, sometimes a mini-driver, sometimes this driver, sometimes that one, sometimes the 4-iron, sometimes the driving iron, sometimes the hybrid, sometimes one of 2 different gap wedges. PW through 9 are always the same, and have been for 10 years. My sand wedge and LW are always the same and so is my putter. Having said all of that. I like getting out for a quick 9 after work and in doing so I'll carry 7-8 clubs. I take the evens one day the odds the next. Plus sometimes the LW sometimes the SW sometimes no driver, sometimes no 3 wood. What ever. I helps my brain think it's way around the golf course. It also builds my confidence in clubs that perhaps I wouldn't use all the time. I learn to hit different shots. Lastly it's just plain lighter to carry.
  3. ChetlovesMer

    Strong 3 Wood

    My 3 wood is technically a mini-driver. I have an SLD from Taylormade. I really like it. I hit it about 85% how far I hit the driver off a tee. With about 80% in the fairway or at least the first cut. Off the deck the mini-driver is really feast or famine. To me it's all about the turf conditions. If the turf is soft, or a little longer grass than normal it seems like a can hit it great off the deck. Tight-cut hardpan and I've got to be really precise or it can get ugly. Normally if the ground is hard and tightly cut I'll go 5 wood instead.
  4. I'm really amazed at this thread. In my opinion people put way too much stock in the trackman data. I know what trackman data says guys with a handicap around 10... like me should average 224 yards with their driver. My handicap is around 10 and I average 245 (not my information, that's arccos) with a "smart distance of 264", (Smart distance removes the shanks, duffs and also the ones that hit a cart path and roll out a mile.) my normal range is 240 to 283. My longest is 333. (Granted that was a little fluky, but never-the-less 300 yard drives are not like unicorns for me.) I'm almost 50 years old. I stand 6'2" weigh 200lbs. I'm not superhuman by any stretch. I count all my strokes I don't even take "gimmies". So, my handicap is about right and my driver distance is pretty accurately measured. What I'm saying is that the Trackman data doesn't tell the whole story. I know plenty of golfers who are not as good as me (read that as they have higher handicaps) yet they hit it consistently farther than me. By the same token I know at least 2 guys who are low single digits whom I am longer than. Plus visa-versa. There's a guy plays the tournament I play who's over 70 hits his 4-iron in the 225 neighborhood. I've seen him drive it legitimately 300 before. (Granted he's like a 4 handicap. But he's over 70 years old!) Golfers arrive at their handicaps from all kinds of directions. The data I'd like to see is the range. My guess is for higher handicaps it's a bigger range. Here's my example Trackman says a bogie golfer hits it 205 on average. … maybe? But there are plenty of bogie golfers I know who are longer than me by a ton. They spray it everywhere, never hit GIR's and have terrible short games. But they can legitimately hit it 275 or more. So therefore the range of averages for bogie golfers must be like 175 to 275 averages... or something like that. I think we are using the trackman data totally wrong. The data isn't to put people into a box. "You are an 20 handicap therefore you will average 205 off the tee! Trackman has spoken! You must obey!" Instead the trackman data should be used to help golfers improve. "Hey Mr. 20-handicap. You are hitting the ball like 275 off the tee. Therefore if you really want to improve you need to work on your consistency and your accuracy... maybe your short game. Because you have the length to be a single digit player." Or conversely "Hey Mr. Single-digit-handicap-guy, your length off the tee is really short for a person with your handicap. Therefore the rest of your game must be really strong. Let's see if we can work on your flexibility, strength, or even getting you equipment that can help you improve your length and take some stress off the rest of your game to help you improve even more."
  5. ChetlovesMer

    What do you do when your driver isn't working?

    I get it.
  6. I've recently replaced my driver after an extensive fitting session. I'm still holding on to the old one. I can't seem to bare to part with it. Too many good memories. But isn't that like dating a new girl, but not breaking up with the old one. I mean she's still pretty good looking. She still treats me well... mostly..
  7. ChetlovesMer

    Your Golf Game - The Uplifting Topic

    This past Saturday I played with some neighbors on a course I know well. I was hitting the driver well all day. Then on hole 11 (a relatively easy par 4) I suddenly over-cook my driver and send it deep out of bounds on the left. Oh well, 3 from the tee, I can still make bogey. Nope, snap hook then next drive much worse than the previous one. Hmmm.... 5 from the tee. Oh, my goodness, another snap hook... now it's in my head. I’m about to hit 7 from the tee. So, I go grab a 7 iron from the bag and just knock a ball out into the fat part of the fairway. Now, the part I’m proud of. We tee off on hole 12. I pulled driver and tried to relax. Exhaled. I slowed everything down. Stepped up to the ball and absolutely striped it! My best drive of the day. It was a little right of center but still in the fairway. 306 yards. (Before, this post gets moved to the “Stop Lying About Your Distance” thread.) 306 yards is what Arccos tells me it went. (Plus, I only had 46 yards to the pin on a 365 yard hole, so it was probably correct.) I ended up birdieing hole 12 after taking an 11 on hole 11. (My friends and I named it the Spinal Tap Hole.) I shot 87 for the day. Which I didn’t think was too bad after having an 11 on the card. What I’m really proud of is that there once was a time when a blow-up hole like that would have totally derailed my round. Or at least made me completely lose faith in the driver. But I pulled it back together and got back on track. Hit the best drive of my round and made a birdie. 2 holes later I pulled driver again on a notorious “Non-Driver” hole -> Water on the left heavy trees on the right. Was able to fade it toward the trees and keep it dry and only just off the fairway on the right. There’s an old saying that “Confidence won’t keep an airplane in the air”. But I can tell you from experience that if you lose your confidence it will absolutely hurt your golf game. Not sure if that's the kind of thing that supposed to go in this thread, but I was really proud of it, so I thought I'd share.
  8. ChetlovesMer

    Favorite Thing About Golf

    My USGA Handicap. Let me explain. At this exact moment I'm playing off a 9. So, Saturday I'm playing with some neighbors and truthfully enjoying every minute of it. On hole 11 (a relatively easy par 4) I suddenly over-cook my driver and send it deep out of bounds on the left. Oh well, 3 from the tee, I can still make bogey. Nope, snap hook then next drive much worse than the previous one. Hmmm.... 5 from the tee. Just trying to salvage some dignity. Another snap hook... now it's in my head, what on Earth is going on. I grab a 7 iron and plop one in the fairway. I'm lying 7. next shot is 5 iron. NGIR. Chip on, 2 putt. I card an 11 on the hole. I finish with a 87. But because of the USGA handicap rules, when I stick it in the computer it automatically changes to where my worst score is a double bogey. My score shows up as an 82. Yes, I know I still shot an 87. But it's cool that the USGA turned my 11 into a 6.
  9. ChetlovesMer

    What do you do when your driver isn't working?

    I've also seen it called "The Bullet Drive". Some people will use the Bullet and the Bomb as their terminology for the different swings. I've been using it for a long time, I learned to play on links style courses where I think it's a pretty common technique. Do you mean on that day, or ever? The reason I ask is if you accept that you'll never break 80, I would think that would become a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  10. ChetlovesMer

    Long par 3's and trouble with hybrids

    Personally, I see nothing wrong with playing to get up and down for par. That's golf. Some holes just don't favor the game that you have at that moment. I would wager that happens to everyone no matter what handicap. There are just some holes that you feel like escaping with a par is a win. Getting a bogey may be smart golf and damage control. I'd say hit the 6 iron. Get it close. Get up and down. Make par (at worst 2 putt bogey) move on to the next hole which is hopefully better suited to your game. In the meantime, find a driving range with a 185 - 190 yard target and work on shots to that target. Be smart, play the swing you brought to the course.
  11. ChetlovesMer

    indoor Putting Green

    I had a birdieball green for years and I really liked it. The one I had was the original style, not the double thickness one. Mine was 16' x 5' I kept it permanently set up in the basement, on the concrete floor in the unfinished part of my basement. It lasted 10 years until we moved out of that house. My favorite thing about it was that it came with these adapters that made the holes about half as big. So, I'd spend all winter rolling putts into a 2" wide hole. Then you'd head out to a real green and the hole looked enormous. Having said all of that, I agree with the concept that you can work on your putting stroke at home, but it's not really a substitute for "real" putting. And if you are just going to work on your stroke, rolling a golf ball down a metal yard stick is probably as good as any method and very inexpensive.
  12. We've all had those days. The driver is a mess. Maybe you're snap hooking it off every tee, maybe slicing it 2 fairways over, maybe just spraying it all over. What do you do?
  13. So, I saw this guy at the range this morning. He had this hugely complex contraption that was supposed to be tent-pegged into the ground in front of him. But since our grass tees are now closed at the range he had to instead bring a couple of sand bags with him and weight down the base. Anyway, it was a giant wire structure thingie with a arm that sticks out with a pad on it. Then he leans his head against the pad and hits shots with his head leaning against the pad. I guess it is supposed to train you to "keep your head still." I'm actually not sure if he bought it or built. I said nothing as I don't know what the guy could be struggling with in his game and I know as well as anyone when your game is in disarray we golfers will try almost anything. But, I have to confess it looked pretty goofy and I wasn't sure it was actually helping. So I came to the forum looking for a thread on goofiest training aids anyone has ever seen. I didn't see anything. What's the goofiest training aid you've ever bought or seen?
  14. ChetlovesMer

    Mental Game Practice?

    Mastering Golf's Mental Game: Your Ultimate Guide to Better On-Course Performance and Lower Scores by Michael Lardon and Matthew Rudy This book is pretty good. It lays out a simple and effective way to practice your mental game each round. It focuses heavily on pre-shot routine as the key to a great mental game.
  15. ChetlovesMer

    Your Golf Game - The Uplifting Topic

    Okay, So back in 2013 I was playing in a members tournament at my local course. (They called it a tournament... really its only 1 round, so members day... I guess?) I was pretty much stinking up the tournament. I had been playing pretty well the weeks up to the tournament (playing off around an 8 hcp). Anyway, I finding new ways to screw up every hole. I was still enjoying the round because I was playing with a good group of friends in my foursome. By hole 15 I was like 20 over par, so in terms of the tournament I knew I was out of it. Hole 15 is a par 3. One of those with 2 teeing areas; One back on the other side of the cart path (190-200 yards), one in front of the cart part (140-160 yards), and then the entire carry is over water. So, for the tournament, shockingly, the tee was up close. Turned out to be 156 yards. I wasn't playing great so I just grabbed my 8 iron and headed to the tee. My friend was like aren't you going to measure it. (referring to the laser scope.) "Nah, it's an 8 iron." I respond. "You should measure it." he says. I look at the tee box look at the hole. "Nah, man, when the tee is there and the flag is there it's always an 8 iron." I say. "Okay..." He says. Sure enough struck a perfect 8 iron flying high and straight at the flag. The ball landed maybe 18 inches from the hole took a hop a little to the left and rolled right in. I looked at my buddy. "See! I told you it was an 8 iron!" 2 things about that hole in one. Thank God, everyone took it easy on me in the club house. Because after the members tournament it could have gotten really really expensive in terms of buying drinks. I still spent quite a wad, but I think I actually got off easy. The other thing was that it totally turned around a rather blah day on the course. I hit the ace on 15, birdied 16 (granted easiest hole on the course, but still), birdied 17, and parred 18 (one of the tougher holes). So, I finished my members tourney going, Eagle, Birdie, Birdie, Par and ended up shooting a 16 over 88. Which was an 80 after my handicap... I still finished in the bottom third, but the way things were going after 14 holes I truly thought I might actually come in dead last.

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