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  1. I will watch the same amount of golf if they put a trained monkey in the booth or even if they went with no announcers. So, for me, it really doesn't matter. Having said that, I know that golf faces a viewership issue. The days where fringe fans turned on their TV's on Sunday to see Tiger wearing red are probably mostly behind us. So, by that accord, adding some freshness to the broadcast is probably a good thing. I'm happy to see golf trying to shake things up a bit. Bring in the fresh faces (and voices). I also like the way they moved the PGA Championship, trying to maintain attention spans and carve out a golf season. Also, trying to speed up play a bit. I don't know if any of it will work. But I give 'em credit for trying.
  2. There is no comparison. It's all about the long ball. Booming a drive is far and a way the most satisfying shot in golf. There have been rounds where I hit my driver great all day, putted 44 times and carded something in the mid-90's. After the round I "feel" like I played okay. There have been rounds where my driver was a hot mess, took 3 off the tee a half dozen times, never hit the fairway, possibly even dribbled a few off the teebox. But I putted 27 times and shot something in the mid-90's. After the round I "feel" like I played awful.
  3. I use mostly plastic tees. They seem to last forever. Often, I will use one tee for multiple rounds. For par 3's, I usually use a broken tee which somebody else has left on the tee-box.
  4. Uh, … I'm sorry? … Did I miss something?
  5. Right now I'm in the process of trying to improve my game. I'm actually enjoying the practice. So for me, when I consider everything, I'd practice 6 and play 1 day per week. Hmm... kind of a non-committal commitment.
  6. Would you rather #8: Assuming you had unlimited time each day. Would you rather play 18 holes of golf 6 days per week but only go practice golf once per week? Or, would you rather practice golf 6 days per week and only play 18 holes once per week?
  7. Well, According to the Target store near me there IS a difference between the Pro-V1 and the Pro-V1x. Apparently, the Pro-V1x requires an ant-theft case, whereas the Pro-V1 does not.
  8. Sure, they could. And all I'm saying is it's not an ethics issue.
  9. 2 Things: 1 - "the balls are touted as being different when they're (measurably) not." - Actually they are measurably different. Just very slightly and not normally noticeable to most people using them. 2 - Even if they were exactly the same, still not an ethics issue. Tons of companies sell the same vehicle (car, tractor, combine, etc...) which are exactly the same, except they turn on, or turn off some features. This is pretty easy with electronics. So, you sell them at 2 different price points even though they are the same. Not an ethics issue. 3 - A better example might be Viagra. They sell it here in the US for 40 dollars a pill (or what ever). They sell it in Africa for a few pennies. But in Africa its marketed as a cure for River Blindness. It is literally the same pill. They market it two ways. They sell it at two price points.... still not unethical.
  10. There is NO ethics issue here. Every company wants SMOMS. (Sell More Of My Stuff). There is nothing illegal or immoral about developing two products which are really similar and trying to sell as many of them as possible. I often hear people speak of marketing like its a bad word. There's a great article in the June 2019 issue of GOLF magazine "The ball that, almost, changed it all". The article talks about how Titleist beat Nike to the punch with a better and quicker marketing scheme. Titleist grabbed (and/or protected) tons of market share, while at the same time boxing Nike out. You might be able to argue that event eventually resulted in Nike no longer producing Golf balls, bags, and clubs.
  11. Yeah, I remember reading someplace that Bernhard Langer had a closet full of ProV1's from like 2013 or something like that. Again, my theory is just a guess. But it happens in the world I work in a lot. Take a company that makes hydraulic pumps for mobile equipment. John Deere comes a long and says "We have to have a round trunnion on that pump". Caterpillar says "We have to have a square trunnion on that pump." Each represents 20% of the market. So, you produce both pumps. Even though they are basically the same pump. Now, you have to market to all the other smaller companies. You convince them that the need either a round or a square trunnion. Never mind the fact that now all the linkage manufacturers have to make 2 different linkage connections. Never mind that you are now stocking 2 different finished parts which effectively do exactly the same thing. You simply don't want to lose the revenue from the huge customers. Plus you get a lot of sales because lot of smaller companies will just buy "What ever John Deere is using." or "What ever Caterpillar is using." Kind of the same concept.
  12. I'm going to take a serious stab at answering this question. My guess; Titleist worked with a bunch of tour pros. One (or more) of them kept them tweaking the ball until it ended up being the Pro-V1x. Meanwhile one (or more) of them wanted what's now the Pro-V1. So, now Titleist is stuck with these two golf balls which are REALLY REALLY REALLY close to the same. BUT there are a few tour pros who can tell the difference and want the ball to be just a certain way. They don't want to lose those pros. So, what is Titleist to do? You are manufacturing two different balls (granted the difference is really slight.) Well, you may as well market them.
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