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  1. I wonder about the Mevo+ when hitting into a net. If I got either, I'd mostly be using it indoors with my net. I'm wondering if the 2 photos taken from the side deal of SkyTrak, would be better than the doppler tracking from behind of Mevo+? Due to space constraints, my net is only a couple of feet in front of my swing. Would that give enough time for Mevo+ to track my ball?
  2. This arrived yesterday. Looks like I'm all set to participate. I am 100% in for this.
  3. There is a very nice Indoor Golf Facility not too far from where I live. My game NEEDS a lot of work right now. That's especially true for my full swing. I have the funds to get a limited membership allowing me Trackman or GCQuad time. One would think that's a no brainer. Work on your game all winter at the indoor golf place, right? What do you all think? Is that a safe choice during this COVID thing? The county in which my wife works just went to purple. That's the highest rating our state has. It's the first county in the state to do so. My wife works remote and has been doing so since March. But it's got me thinking; Am I being responsible by going and working on my golf game INDOORS an hour or two per week just to get time on the Trackman? Or is that not a smart choice? I'm curious to hear others opinions.
  4. They NEVER wear out! They are in-de-f-ing-struck-able! I bought some back when Eddie Vedder was making grunge into a thing. ... I still have them.
  5. Oh, my goodness! Those are funny! Best part, I never put anything in the cargo pockets of my cargo shorts.
  6. Hey in all fairness. Right now there really isn't a shaft made that would actually "fit" my swing. @boogielicious I laughed out loud when a read the part about Chicago Public Schools. Thanks, brother totally made my day. I thought of a few more things the white belt could say about you. 1 - I'm a female pop star, or female pop star wannabe. 2 - I'm in the navy. 3 - I sell ice cream for a living.
  7. The way my game has been this year, you'd probably outdrive me by 150 yards. If you are young and slender, you can probably get away with a white belt. If you are 50 years old with a dad bod.... well... probably not.
  8. Welcome, Dave. I'm about a half decade your senior. And you're considerably better at this game than I. I grew up in the North Suburbs of Chicago. I didn't start playing until after getting my first job out of college. My first round was at St Andrews in West Chicago, IL. Having started my golfing life in Chicagoland and the North Suburbs, I may have fixed a few ball marks on the same greens as you. I left Chicagoland in 1999, so I'm going from memory here. But some of the courses I used to play a fair amount back in the day include. Chapel Hill in McHenry, IL. Boone Creek, in Bull Valley, IL. and then there was Crystal Woods and Craig Woods in Woodstock, IL. ... those two may have been combined into the same course now. Not sure. There was also one... maybe on HWY 47... I remember it was built on top of an old garbage dump... Something Mountain, maybe???? Anyway, welcome to the forum. Enjoy it.
  9. One more thing. Is it also "unfair" that 40-year-olds have to pay a mortgage payment, save money for their kids to go to college and/or their own retirement? Is it "unfair" that a 40-year-old will have to provide food, clothing, housing, vehicles, insurance, utilities, etc... for their families? Is it "unfair" that if a college student hits a bump in the financial road he/she can move back in with his/her folks, but a 40-year-old needs to maintain a financial cushion and/or savings to keep his/her family off the streets? Is it "unfair" that many 40-year-olds make sacrifices (both financial and other sacrifices) far greater than giving up golf to provide for their families? Is it "unfair" that many 40-year-olds are really hurting financially right now thanks to a world wide pandemic. Is it "unfair" that they lose sleep every night worrying about how they are going to provide for their families? Okay, I realize that I'm a little off the rails here. I'm just suggesting that you consider things deeply before you throw around words like "unfair". I would also argue that the 40-year-old and the college student each have the same "opportunities" to make money. They've just chosen to "invest" their time, talent, and treasures in different ways. (But that's probably a deeper discussion for another day.) I really like @DaveP043's comment.
  10. Part of the flaw in your argument is the word "household". I know lots of college kids and even more high school kids who play golf. A few of them play almost daily. As a rule their folks pay for their golf. My neighbor, a gentleman with whom I play golf most often, has 4 kids. Their ages range from 13 to 24. They all play golf. They all play often. My neighbor and his wife, of course, pay for it. I know that doesn't help you. I'm probably telling you something you already know. That people who have more money have access to more stuff, including golf. So, as my folks used to say to me all the time "Work hard in school. Get a good job, and you'll have more opportunities." In the meantime you could: 1 - Look for a cheap muni. The town my college was located in had one. Many college towns do; They are often 9 holes. It may not be Pinehurst, but it's golf. 2 - Consider getting a part time job at a golf course. Sometimes those come with either deep discounts or free golf. 3 - Get a golf scholarship --- Okay, easier said than done. 4 - Look for a course that DOES have a special rate certain times of the day. There's one out here that has really reasonable rates for times when most people aren't interested in playing. As a college student, you may have a more flexible schedule than most golfers. 5 - Or lastly, you could do what I did... Not start playing golf until I got my first job out of college. Good luck, hang in there.
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