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  1. I love this topic. It shows up every few months or so. There's always a guy (usually it's a guy) that believes it's better to learn golf without instruction. I remember way back in the 90's having this discussion with one of the guys in my regular foursome. He mocked the other 3 of us for needing instruction to learn how to golf. (read that last sentence in your best mocking voice.) Sure enough, when we all started playing better than him, guess who signed up for instruction?
  2. I was hit once in the thigh. I was sitting in the cart, on the cart path, minding my own business. The guy who hit the ball clearly didn't see me, he was over a hill. It's funny how it kind of jerks you back to reality. You feel the pain right away and you're like "What the hell?..." then you realize you've been hit by a ball. I remember some 25 years ago, I was playing golf with the owner of the company I worked for and a couple of customers. One customer pulled a hard driver heel-shot. The ball was never higher than six feet off the ground and was a frozen rope until it plugged the owner of my company right between the shoulder blades. I remember the loud "THUMP" and seeing him drop to his knees. Must have hurt like Hell. I also remember thanking my stars that it was THE CUSTOMER that hit him and not me. I mean, how mad can you get at a customer?
  3. HA, That's a hoot. I didn't even notice the type-o. It was supposed to say "How often do you use your golf glove."
  4. Okay, this should be about the least controversial polls of all time. I noticed the other day that I only put my golf glove on if I'm hitting the driver or metal wood (usually, but not always including my hybrids). A gentleman I was playing with never took his glove off the entire round. He even wore it while putting. When do you use a golf glove... or do you use one?
  5. This is one of those arguments where I can see both sides.
  6. Thank you for posting. First time I've seen him hit driver. What I find interesting is it still looks like he catches the ball on the upswing. I'm surprised your friends look at you oddly. I have seen way uglier swings than this both on the driving range and out on the course.
  7. Welcome. It's good to have you.
  8. I know this is off topic, but I thought I remember Tiger coming out in support of Fuzzy? But I might be misremembering, wasn't that like 1996ish?
  9. Here's what you need: Hammer X Driver The Teeless driver (In case the hole is less than 400 yards, you'll need to dial back from hitting the Hammer.) The Vixa V-12 fairway wood The GX-7 fairway wood IRT-5 hybrids F2 Face Forward irons The Alien wedge The C3i wedge The XE1 wedge The Square Strike Chipper - my favorite next to the Hammer X driver of course. The Hammer X putter Pyramid putter - just in case somebody mentions that the Hammer X putter isn't actually legal to use.
  10. Well in that case replace the chipper with THE HAMMER X!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! POW!!!!!!!!! BAM!!!!!!!!! "sound of jet plane flying over"...………
  11. I really think Hank should just quit while he's behind. Dude, what are you doing?
  12. I'd take the chipper out of the bag pull the head off and use it to roast hot dogs over a campfire. I know there are a hundred threads on this. I also know that there are golfers out there who say "You'll have to pull my chipper from my cold dead hands." But I truly believe in about 15 minutes of practice you can learn to choke down on your hybrid and use it as well as your chipper. And in 30 minutes of practice you can learn to use your wedge as well as your chipper. Pick up a 50 degree gap wedge and then look at the top end. How far do you carry your 3W, your 3H and your 5Iron? Based on that I'd look to fill in a club that fit what was missing up there. But again, I'm anti-chipper-guy.
  13. Way to go Shindig! This is IMO one of the most helpful threads on this entire forum. I got a lot out of it anyway.
  14. You are right, he did say that. My bad. I'd still hit 7 iron. (Unless I think I have a flyer lie.) If I look at my Arcoss stats with my 7 iron I am only long with the 7-iron 8.5% of the time. I'm short 17.4% of the time. Short is twice as common of a miss for me.
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