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  1. I could NOT disagree with this statement more. In my experience the weight of your bag makes a MUCH bigger difference than the slight difference in weight of the push cart. Having said that I use (and love) a ClicGear 3.5+. I used to use a lightweight carry bag on it. I recently switched to a huge Sun Mountain C130 bag which I have loaded down with half of everything I own. I don't think I've noticed a difference at all between what I used to be pushing around and what I'm currently pushing around. Even though, I know my new huge bag and kit are about 10 pounds heavier than my old little bag and kit. In my opinion (opinions are like assholes, everyone has one) the most important option in a push cart is to have a brake release handle NOT a toe activated brake. Again, this is one man's opinion, but I find the toe operated brake annoying and the handle infinitely better.
  2. I find it interesting that Baseball was still 2 words back then.
  3. I'm sure Lydia has said something stupid in her life. I've know many women who had trouble controlling their emotions. I've known many men who've had trouble controlling their emotions. I've known men who have great control and women who've had great control. There have been times I've lost my cool. There have been times my wife has lost hers. I really don't think its a male/female thing. Everybody's different. Some people are clearly more emotional than others. My issue is NOT that he lost his cool. He shouldn't have blamed the camera guy. That is never a good look. Nobody's going to take the side of the guy who just earned 1.3 million dollars that week over the camera guy making ... I don't know what, but it's a whole lot less... for the same week. Its just my opinion, but if he's really worried about his "brand" he should come out and apologize publicly to the camera guy and eat a little crow. I think that would go a long way for him.
  4. Thank you for this information Adam. I've heard this said often. I've never really had any way to confirm or deny it. I'm sure I heard it recently on a MyGolfSpy podcast.
  5. Oops, I think I did it wrong the first time. Either way, I'm in for both days. Saturday (Practice) at CHQ: @georgep @Hardspoon @BradSomrak @Bonvivant @Carl3 @vasaribm @ChetlovesMer Sunday (Playing) TBD: @saevel25 @georgep @Hardspoon @BradSomrak @Bonvivant @vasaribm @ChetlovesMer
  6. Welcome to the forum. BTW - What are you studying?
  7. My personal opinion, is its just a male ego thing. Few males want to admit they are getting older, slower, weaker, what ever. We want to be seen as strong and skilled whatever. So, my guess is my buddy is far less worried about somebody actually making fun of him for hitting graphite shafts and far more interested in just letting people believe that his clubs are steel shafted. How many of us have done this? Walked onto a tee-box with an 8 iron and a 7 iron in our hands. Chose the 7 iron and smoked it within a few feet of the pin. "Wow, Great Shot!" somebody exclaims. ... a moment later asks "What you hit?" At this point you already have both your 8 and 7 irons in your hand. So, you show them the bottom of the 8-iron and say something like "Just a smooth 8-iron." I've done it. I'm not even sure why. But I've done it. ... Not recently because I've been struggling with that hit it within a few feet of the pin part. But I can admit to having done that. I've also talked to fitters who've said they've fit a guy into a driver and had him hitting some really great shots. But then the guy finds out it has a "regular" shaft in it and he's no longer interested. "Stiff" would be better, "X-stiff" even better still. I've been told (I have no way of verifying whether its true) that driver lofts are really a degree or two higher lofted than in says on the driver. Something about really needing a 10.5 but wanting to still play a 9 degree. Don't think women are immune to the ego thing. I remember back in the 90's when one of the big clothing brands, I don't remember which, decided to "normalize" their clothing sizes. Basically, they changed ladies' size 8 to a 6 and 6 became a 4 etc... They called it "normalization" but really it was just in an effort to increase sales by making women "feel" better about their purchases. The rest of the industry quickly followed suit. Ego affects some people more than others, but it does have an effect.
  8. My calendar shows me open for that weekend. I have to check with "The One Who Must Be Obeyed". She's in a meeting right now, upstairs in her office. Maybe I'll go press my face against the glass window of her office until she waves me in. Oh btw, if I come will @iacas sign my copy of LSW?!?!
  9. One of my golf buddies just got fitted for an entire bag of clubs, everything except the putter. He (like me) is about 50 years old. His new irons have graphite shafts. The funny thing is he told me he actually paid a little extra for a certain set of graphite shafts which "look like" steel shafts. He said he didn't want anyone to know he was playing graphite shafts in his irons. (Odd, that he told me, but what ever.) Anyway, it made me think. Why is there a stigma behind playing graphite shafts in your irons? Nobody even thinks twice about a graphite shaft in a hybrid, why such a fuss over irons?
  10. I think it is perfectly acceptable to not be able to stop the ball near the hole. However, I do think there's a reasonable expectation that the ball will at least stay on the green. It's a bit silly when you not only cannot stop the ball near the hole, but if you try to the ball won't even stop on the green. I used to play a course in which their was a hole that when the pin position was in the front of the green you literally couldn't stop (or even place) your ball within 6 feet of the cup. You would have to hit your ball to the top shelf which was at least 6 feet past the hole. Then putt the ball down the hill. If you missed the hole, the ball would roll off the green and roll all the way down a hill leaving you about a 30 yard up hill pitch shot back up to the green. Then you'd repeat this process over and over again until you either made the 7 foot or longer downhill putt. Or got sick of the deal and picked up and moved on. The worst part was it was on a reachable par 5, so the course used to back up and come to a grinding halt at that tee box. It was stupid in my opinion.
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