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  1. Maybe you aren't understanding what Snedecker and I are both saying. We are NOT saying the players today aren't great. We are NOT saying that the players today wouldn't break scoring records with the same equipment they used back in Jack's heyday. We are NOT saying that a golf tournament today doesn't have the best field top to bottom of golfers ever assembled. Snedecker is saying is that modern drivers allow him to swing harder, faster, go all out, what ever term you want to call it, because he doesn't have to fear missing the sweet spot as much as he did with the equipment made in back in the 80's. There is TONS of hard data to show the modern driver goes further than a persimmon driver. Not only that but it goes WAY farther on off center hits. Thus, it's more forgiving. There's tons of data on that. Hell, the driver I currently play I can hit 220 yards off places on the face where my old persimmon driver doesn't even have places. Not a vague statement. - Modern drivers on average hit the ball further than those built from persimmon. - Modern drivers on average hit the ball further on off centered hits than those built in the 80's. Neither statement is vague. I agree with you, players today are better than they were back in the 80's. True of nearly every sport. Players are getting better as time goes on. Would the Steelers team that won the superbowl in 1980 be able to play with The Steelers that won the superbowl in 2009? God no, the athletes of today are bigger, stronger, faster, and have a crapload of sports science on their side. But, their equipment is better and more consistently manufactured as well.
  2. I just got fitted for a set of these, so I had to post it.
  3. Hmm... okay. You are allowed to be annoyed by that if you want to be. I find it frustrating when people say "I could care less." The phrase is "I COULDN'T care less." If you could care less why would you bother telling me? We all have our hang ups.
  4. "Aren't penalized AS MUCH for missing the sweet spot." I'm not sure how you could possibly be arguing with that statement. Again, I don't think it's a bad thing, but the modern driver is quite a bit better in terms of forgiveness and overall distance than what ever Jack had in his bag back in the 70's.
  5. Just one. It's a Cobra f7. I tried the F8, and found I still preferred the F7. I tried the F9 and found no difference in performance between it and the F7. If Cobra produces an F10, I'll try it. But it will be hard pressed to improve upon the F7.
  6. I think he was just trying to say that if something looks too easy, it's not fun to watch. Not that pool and golf are the same. I think what Snedecker is saying is that the modern driver is Long AND Forgiving. You aren't penalized as much for missing the sweet spot. In that regard I agree with him. But I don't think that's a bad thing.
  7. I asked my wife to order me a case for my SC 300. And she over-achieved... She ordered this off Amazon for like 22 bucks. The coffee cup is shown to give you a feel for the size.
  8. Yeah, it took me a little while to figure that out. But I'm happy I found it. The removing of outliers really helps make the data more useful. Over all, I'm very impressed with the accuracy and repeatability of the data. I got this because I plan to use SuperSpeed Golf in the off season to raise my swing speed. The swing speed and smash factor data were dead nuts for what I showed at Golf Galaxy.
  9. Yes I did, via email. Apparently I didn't phrase my question the best, cus all they replied with was that it is not possible to upload data to a PC. They didn't say anything about manipulating the data on the app. I'll keep after it and let you know what I find.
  10. I need to update this review. I DID find that you can delete swings from the data set. That is really helpful in keeping the outliers out of your data set. It also improves the usefulness of the app quite a bit. Still no way to segment out chunks of data, that I know of yet, but I'll keep after it and let you know.
  11. The cost being "worth it" is entirely up to you. I like shiny things and I'm a big fan of the Mizuno hot metal pros. They are on my list to potentially be my next set of clubs. You CAN play the same set of irons your entire golfing life if you'd like. However, I suggest when you test new clubs, bring your current gamers. Side by side is great. You can really focus on the differences. Unless you current set is really worn, or it doesn't fit you, in which case definitely go for the new sticks.
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