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  1. Not sure why? hmm.... Funny enough the Justin Rose Prototype models are only $1,200 per set????? The Beres IS06 5-Star's are nearly $40K???? Seriously, is that real gold on them? Maybe it is real gold... It says crafted with precious metals for striking appearance.
  2. ChetlovesMer

    To Wedge Or Not Around The Green...

    I'd like to thank @Fourputt because I was about to write the same thing about the Bump and Run vs the Chip. I learned golf on a links course 25 years ago and the bump and run was a common technique and a tool you needed in your toolbox. Some of the reasons it has gone by the wayside have been mentioned above. I also think the modern golf iron's lofts have changed things as well. I used to chip with my 8 and 9 iron, today I chip with my PW and my GW, but if you examine the lofts on those clubs, it's pretty similar to what my 8 and 9 used to be. A simple chip and leak isn't anywhere near as cool looking as a 2-hop-stopper, but it can be just as effective. Basically get it as close to the hole as you can... and ideally in it.
  3. Oh my goodness, these are expensive clubs. Honma Beres IS-06 5 Star Irons - Carl's Golfland Buy Honma Beres IS-06 5 Star Irons at Carl's Golfland. Carl's Carries a Huge Selection of Honma Golf Equipment and Offers Worldwide Shipping. The Justin Rose prototype irons are only about $1200 per set. Honma TW747 Rose Proto Irons - Carl's Golfland Buy the New Honma TW747 Rose Proto Irons for Less at Carl's Golfland. Carl's Has the Guaranteed Lowest Prices and Ships Worldwide. Is there any reason EVER!?!?!? to spent almost $40K on a set of irons???
  4. ChetlovesMer

    Which Two Gap Wedges Should I Add?

    I think it's already happening. Take a look at Titleist AP1 irons they offer PW, GW1 and GW2. You can then at your own sand and lob wedges. With AP2's the PW comes in at 43, the GW1 comes in at 48, and the GW2 comes in at 53.... I guess you'd add either a 56 and a 60, or just a 58 depending on your needs.
  5. ChetlovesMer

    How Many Rounds Have You Played In Your Lifetime?

    "....I was told there would be no math???"
  6. ChetlovesMer

    Overrated/Underrated (Golf) Topic

    Hmmm.....?? @iacas, what would I need to do to get an appointment? I assume I'd want to bring my current putter? Do I have to wait for "good" weather?
  7. ChetlovesMer

    Overrated/Underrated (Golf) Topic

    Okay, you all have convinced me. I'm going to get custom fit... now the only question is where?
  8. Dave Pelz has been selling this technology for over 15 years. I've actually had a set for about that long. I like to try to roll them down a metal yardstick as a way to practice my putting stroke in the winter months. I wouldn't want to use them in "real life" because it can literally take me like 10-30 seconds to get the damned thing lined up right and that's when it's on a metal yardstick not even aiming toward a target 10 or 30 feet away.
  9. ChetlovesMer

    Overrated/Underrated (Golf) Topic

    I don't disagree with what you are saying, I'm just curious about the numbers. 25-30 times per round??? Could I argue that the number you need a putter for is much less than that? For example, last season I averaged 31.5 putts per round (according to Arccos. Did I mention I like Arccos? … I digress). Of those I would say 1/3 of them I could have had the same results with virtually any putter, and 1/3 of them I could probably had the same results by using my lob wedge. So, by my math there are probably 10ish putts per round (on average) where I have a chance to make some hay. How much will custom fitting help? If you say 5% that means I can expect to make 1 more putt every other round. If you say 10% that means 1 putt per round???? Am I thinking about this correctly or am I totally off base? Seriously, this is where I struggle with the putter custom fitting thing. Please shoot holes in my theory.
  10. ChetlovesMer

    How Much Should You Pay For A Putter?

    Just curious, why do you need a 3rd putter?
  11. ChetlovesMer

    Heckled More At Riviera: Kuchar Or Garcia

    No way, I was just about to type that. I was even going to use the word "shenanigans".
  12. ChetlovesMer

    Overrated/Underrated (Golf) Topic

    Overrated/Underrated #17: Getting Custom Fit for a Putter. I know we did the overrated/underrated custom fitting already. But this time I am specifically interested in putter fitting. I'm considering going through a putter fitting, but can't quite bring myself to commit yet. I know @Saevel25 got custom fit for his putter, so I'd be interested in his opinion. I know @iacas does custom putter fittings. What do the rest of you think? BTW - If this topic is too close the other custom fitting topic feel free to boot it.
  13. ChetlovesMer

    Central Ohio Spring 2019 Outing

    I'm relatively new to the area. So I really haven't played a ton of courses around here yet. But I've heard good things about NorthStar, Turnberry and Oakhaven. (I know you guys did NorthStar last year.) Currently the most rounds I've played have been at Arrowhead, Bent Tree and Chapel Hill. To be honest though, I'll play almost anywhere.
  14. ChetlovesMer

    Kuchar Pays Caddie $5k, Is Shamed, Pays $50k

    Hey Guys, I don't want to be throwing fuel on this fire. But the amount Kuchar, or anyone really has made over their career should be inconsequential. When you enter ANY contract (have your roof repaired... I just did that, buy a car, lawn care service, what ever...) You do not enter that contract based on your lifetime earnings. Example, the kid that mows my lawn charges $125.00 per acre, I have 0.40 acres, therefore I pay him $50.00 to mow my lawn. Our negotiation of price never came down to my lifetime earnings. I'm not saying Kuchar was fair, I'm not saying he wasn't fair, I'm not saying he was cheap, I'm not saying he wasn't cheap. All I'm saying is LIFETIME EARNINGS should play ZERO part in the discussion.
  15. ChetlovesMer

    Callaway SuperSoft Magna Golf Ball

    I remember those too. I also remember a heated debate in the clubhouse after 18 holes (and possibly as many adult beverages). We discuss whether the larger diameter made it more difficult, less difficult or about the same to hole a putt. I don't remember how the argument came out, but I remember there were a number of guys on each side of the argument.

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