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  1. Glad to see you and your bride getting back into "The Swing" of things.... See what I did there. Rockbottom and TGW.com have for a long time been sort of my go tos online. One thing I like about Rockbottom is the constantly send me 20% off coupons via email. I like TGW because they seem to, at least usually, have the best customization options. I agree with you about Global Golf also. They are solid. 2ndSwing and CarlsGolfLand are also sometimes worth a look. GolfEtail is fine for what they are, IMO. But you just have to remember they are kind of the Big Lots of the online golf world. No offense to Big Lots. They certainly have a place. But the idea is cut costs down as low as possible and pretty much sell overstock. Limited service, limited selection, most of their stuff is non-current product. I guess you CAN find some nuggets in there but usually there's a reason that nobody bought what they have back when it was on the shelf at the bigger stores.
  2. I'm not sure if this information is too late or not. I saw the post that you made your purchase. I'm glad you found what you needed and didn't get the money sucked out of you. For what its worth, yesterday I was chatting with my favorite fitter. I happened to mention your Diamana DF 60 dilemma. He said "Oh, tell him to try the Kuro Kage Silver 60." My guy says the Kuro Kage Silver 60 is almost exactly the same weight, balance, bend point, bend profile, frequency, and torque. He got into some technical stuff that I didn't fully understand. But, if my understanding is correct, the Kuro Kage Silver is made from different (less expensive) fibers than the Diamana DF. However, it's performance is damned near identical. Both shafts are made by Mitsubishi Chemical and my fitter, whom I trust, says than when ever somebody covets the Diamana DF 60 and looks for a lower cost alternative he puts them in the Kuro Kage Silver 60 as there usually, (may depend on driver brand) isn't an up charge. Just thought I'd mention it. Glad you found a fitter, who would give you options without an upcharge. Enjoy the new driver. New drivers are always cool. I mean, who doesn't love getting a new driver?
  3. Greetings, I started this thread when I was looking at getting a ClicGear Cart. If you follow the thread you will see that I ended up getting the ClicGear 3.5+. I think I included all the reasoning for that choice. In my opinion... granted opinions are like buttholes everyone has one, you'd be crazy not to get the clicgear. I just got a Sun Mountain C-130 bag as well (Christmas Gift from the family). You don't have to worry about it fitting on the cart. It fits perfectly fine. I haven't modified the bag or the cart and mine fits no trouble at all. Work great. I'll try to grab a picture to post.
  4. You could trade them in for HotMetal Pro Irons from Mizuno... pretty similar clubs except the number on the bottom is written in black.
  5. I'm pretty sure the Taylormade Bubble shaft driver came out in 1995. I remember I wanted one, but they were ridiculously expensive at the time, like $350.00 or something. The Cleveland 588 wedge came out in like 2009 or 2010 I think. I remember adding a 588 to my bag the first year or so they came out. How do you like the Tommy Armor SW? I've never used any Tommy Armor product.
  6. Good Points, Adam. I agree with you that worrying about torque is silly as it there's very little you can do about it (aside from cut the tip off the shaft to lower the number). My point about torque is that for $400 I would expect to see a torque number below 3.3 ideally even sub 3. As a general rule the more you pay for a shaft the less twisting the shaft generally does. I like the torque number because everyone is pretty much measuring it the same way. (Not always, but usually) I use the torque number to envision the consistency of the shaft, as well as the quality, and then by extension the value you get when purchasing said shaft. When I see a torque number close to 4, I would have expected that to be a 100 to 200 dollar shaft, not a 400 dollar shaft. It is my opinion that this particular Diamana shaft is over priced. To illustrate my last remark a UST Mamiya Elements Chrome 60 shaft in Stiff flex is nearly identical in weight to the Diamana DF. The kick-point and flex are super similar (identical results from this tester.) The torque rating on the UST Chrome is only 3.4, much better than the Diamana DF's 3.8. But the UST Mamiya Elements Chrome can be had for 50 bucks. (Granted it's a 2018 shaft, but even when it came out it was under 100) That's really good value, IMO. Again, this is just one man's opinion. But Diamana has made much better shafts than the one the OP is considering. This one just feels way over-priced. Again, one man's opinion.
  7. I'd like to shoot the best round of my life. I'm sure after completing that round I'll feel a whole lot better.
  8. Your situation kind of irritates me. So, you are going to buy a $500 driver and their isn't a single stock shaft that is close to the Diamana DF 60???? WTF?????? Here are the things that annoy me about your experience. 1 - The Diamana DF 60 can be bought by you or me for from GolfWorks for $359. You mean to tell me an authorized fitter gets a worse price than you and I do???? Why is it a $400 adder???? 2 - How come you don't get to subtract off the cost of the stock shaft they AREN'T putting in the club? The HZRDUS yellow is a stock shaft and costs $100. Why isn't your added $259??? not $400?? 3 - You probably had to pay $120 for the fitting. No credit given for that? 4 - The fitter I go to (and now the ONLY fitter I go to) always gives me 2 options. "If you want a stock shaft, this is your best option - If you want an exotic shaft this is your best option." Then he shows me the actual data to back it up. Last time I got fit, the stock (HZRDUS smoke) shaft actually out performed the exotic in terms of dispersion and the average distance was within 2 yards of each other. -- More fitters need to do this. Your situation is EXACTLY why more golfers don't get custom fit. Even if you end up with a great driver, many times you've STILL been ripped off. How would you like to pay $900 for a driver and then have your buddy out-drive you with a 2 year old driver he bought off the rack for 1/5 the price?? Okay, my rant is over. Here's the specs on your Diamana DF 60. I'm positive you can find a Low/Mid trajectory (That just means High/Mid kickpoint) driver of a similar weight and flex. You may even find one with lower Torq. For the price you are paying for this thing, the 60's torque numbers are pretty underwhelming in my opinion. Look into the UST Mamiya's Elements line. There's probably something that would exactly fit your needs with better torque numbers and a whole lot less expensive. Project X HZRDUS makes a slew of shafts that may also fit your needs and many of them are offered as no-up-charge options for a bunch of drivers. Good luck. Let us know what you decide.
  9. I think I am among the group who can honestly say "Never". I just don't call out my shots. Closest thing I have is 15 years ago while playing skins against a friend at Coldwater Links in Ames Iowa. Hole number 14 is a par 5 along the back of the course. I snap-hooked my drive OB left. I told my buddy "That's okay, I'll still make par." Overcompensated the 2nd drive (shot 3) way right into the 13th fairway. Hit 3 wood to the edge of the green and make a 15 footer for par.
  10. I'm not sure why this is even a question. Would you rather have a 3 foot par putt or a 5 foot par putt? … Who's going to say they want the 5 footer?
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