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  1. I don't think we are putting golfers in a different category. At least speaking for myself. I am not offended if golfers use profanity. Similarly, I'm not offended by any other athletes using profanity either. I do think the television should "bleep it" though. There are many reasons for that. The thing we are putting in a different category is the specific word that JT chose.
  2. Yesterday at the range I was chit-chatting with a group of gentlemen and one of them mocked my cart bag. Pointing at my bright blue Sun Mountain C-130 cart bag and saying. "You can tell he doesn't ever walk the course." I said "Au contraire mon frère". While it's true I don't lug that bag around the course. I do prefer to walk and only in the last couple of years switched to using a ClicGear 3.5+. ... Also bright blue. So what's the point to my little story? ... There are three. I prefer to walk. I don't think it improves or hurts my score at all. I just like walking the course.
  3. Not sure if this morning was a break-through or a one-off. I swung 114, 116, 123, 119, 114. My previous best had been 117.
  4. Oops, I didn't really look. I just woke up this morning to a ton of activity in this thread. To my surprise it was all arguing over silly stuff. Anyhow, at least I got to add "pedantic" to my vocabulary list.
  5. 20 year break! ... Let me guess, you got married? ... You had kids? ... Or had a career change? ... Maybe did a little time in the pokey? 🤪 Anyway, welcome back to the game and welcome to the forum.
  6. Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!! Don't go away. Take a step back for a second. Listen, I know quite a few of the folks on this forum personally and they are all really good people, who love discussing golf. It seems you've become very upset because the title of your thread was changed. Think of it this way, when searching for this thread the rest of us need a way to recognize it. The moderator who changed it just tried to make it easier for the rest of us to find your thread. Over the years I've had many thread titles changed. I've started other threads which have been merged with similar threads
  7. This time of year sucks for actual golf where I live. It can be a good time to get some practice in and/or replenish your supplies. Of course this time of year is when most of the big manufacturers are releasing their latest and greatest. I'm not really in the market for anything new this year. I am interested in testing the new Mizuno ES21 Wedges. I won't be buying any.... especially not at $200 per wedge. But they look like an interesting concept to me. Are there any new clubs coming out this year you are looking forward to testing and/or buying?
  8. Maybe the batteries are low. Or the sun came out from or went behind some clouds? ... just guessing.
  9. I don't agree with this statement. I do agree with this statement. If I'm practicing on the course a lot that's because I'm hitting it like rat turds and that's not nearly as much fun as hitting it well, playing just one ball and trying to beat your personal best.
  10. I'm not sure you picked up on the sarcasm in my post? Sorry about that. Maybe I should have made it more clear that my post was in jest.
  11. Hey that's great to hear. I signed up for mine. They told me I'm so far down the list the won't even give me an approximate date as to when I would get the first shot.... might not be this year. My job isn't considered essential. I beg to differ, but I get what they mean. My health is too good. Again, I get what they mean. At 50 years old, I'm not considered any kind of high risk. So, I don't fit into any of the categories they are scheduling right now. So basically they told me don't call us, we'll call you. I'm not complaining really. I get it.
  12. Five years later this is still a classic and my old time favorite!
  13. I heard that at one time women's tennis TV ratings were usually higher than men's in the US. But the opposite was true globally. Not sure if that's still true, but I think people called it the Williams factor. It was similar to (maybe not the same level as) the Tiger factor affecting TV ratings in golf.
  14. Feels like there should be a "That's what she said" joke here someplace..... Would that be appropriate? ... Probably not.
  15. Ding! I'd like to see the purses for Women's Golf equal the purses for men's golf. If that means that the ratings for women's golf equal the ratings for men's golf. Which is something I'd like to see. I enjoy watching the women and I enjoy watching the men. I enjoy college golf. I enjoy the Euros. I watch all of it. But, I realize that I'm the exception. I know this because for among other reasons when I'm at the range chit chatting with the folks there. I can talk PGA golf and everyone knows what I'm talking about. If I talk women's golf people still think Annika Sorenstam and M
  16. How on Earth did yours get in before mine?
  17. Then he needs to change that. And do it now. I say "Panther Piss!" as my interjection of choice when I'm angry. There's very little chance I'm going to offend a panther. That's just what he says when he gets upset is a terrible excuse... I mean really TERRIBLE. What if he said "Oh, go beat your wife!" When ever he got upset? Or "Kill a (insert racial slur here)!" When ever he gets upset. It's ridiculous to think "Oh that's just what he says when he's upset."
  18. WOULD YOU RATHER #33: For this question pretend you are playing a course on which for what ever reason you have to take a cart. The question is simple and non-controversial. Would you rather drive the cart? OR Would you rather be a passenger in the cart?
  19. That was a very well thought out and intelligently formulated response. Of course, I know that marketing departments have to kneel to the legal departments. I remember a similar case study about the use of the word "whitening" in toothpaste ads or on the packaging. Incidentally, P&G was smack in the middle of that one, but this time came out on top. I can still giggle at them though. "Oh man, I have to run out to Golf Galaxy and get the new Taylormade irons!" .... "Haven't you heard? They have improved playability!" ... "I've been saying for years that I wish somebody would im
  20. I might argue that they aren't trash. And THAT'S THE PROBLEM. It's really hard to make any improvements now. If you really did something to make the game easier it would likely be against the rules.
  21. So, to make a long story short. I was thumbing through an fairly old Golf Digest Hot List Issue. My wife was half reading over my shoulder. At one point she asked me. "That's like the 5th club I've seen that has a bullet point for Increased Playability. What does that mean?" I really didn't know. But I did find that "Increased Playability" was used to describe more than a dozen clubs... maybe much more. Then my wife and I started discussing golf marketing. Here's a short list of terms taken directly from the Hot List Bullet Points. Do you know what all of these mean? They all kind of say
  22. Let me start by saying I've never left a headcover on the course. I've also never left a golf club behind on a hole. But I've played with many folks who have. My driver headcover nearly always goes into the slot in the bag where the driver was. Same with the 3 wood and any other woods or hybrids which may be in the bag that day. I always always always put the cover back on my woods after each use. Because I'm conscious of other folks who may be in a big hurry behind me and I know that sometimes I'm a little anal about how my clubs are stuck into the bag, I have been known on occasio
  23. I'M OFFENDED! Just kidding. What goes on in "the barn" is off topic. I also agree with you that far too many people walk around all day trying to figure out what's going to offend them. I think, however, you may be missing the point many of us are trying to make. I've said many times. I forgive JT for what he said (not that he cares what I think). I've also said many times it's 2021. He SHOULD HAVE known better. He made a mistake it will cost him. I've made mistakes that have cost me. I'm sure you've made mistakes that have costed you. In terms of RL dropping him. They had
  24. I know. I like his golf too. I was being facetious. Obviously he's taller than 4' 2". Somebody told me they list him at 5'10". I think they list Tom Cruise at 5'10" as well.
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