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  1. I heard a replay of this quote from David Leadbetter on the radio. He said this about 5 weeks before the 1997 Masters. I had to look it up. "Right now, Tiger is a one-dimensional player who swings full on practically every shot... Another thing that will prevent Tiger from winning a major is pressure. There's a big difference between winning at Las Vegas and winning at Augusta National...." He went on to say something about Tiger is getting undeserved hype, that's he's just a guy who hits it long, not a real golfer, something about needed to pay his dues first. That part I paraphrased but the quote above is the direct quote from Leadbetter himself.
  2. There are a few of you "No Glove" guys out there.
  3. Seriously? It's in the same orientation as a watch. If somebody said "Hey, look at the back of your hand." Its oriented exactly as you would look at it.
  4. Distance Pro GPS Men's Synthetic Golf Glove This wouldn't work for me, as I only wear my glove on shots I hit with driver, fairway woods, or sometimes hybrid. For those who find a GPS watch uncomfortable this may be a solution. What do you guys think? … Gimmick? … or Genius?
  5. Darn you! Not 20 minutes after I read this, the snow started to fall here too. I blame you.
  6. A sad, lonely, little tear just formed in the corner of my eye.
  7. That's totally cool. I love shiny new clubs. Especially drivers, but if I'm honest, I'll test drive just about any club made.... Because …. I LIKE SHINY THINGS!
  8. If you were fit for the PING G30, you probably will NOT get any advantage buying a new driver. The PING G series drivers are just as long and as forgiving (I might argue more forgiving) than the Taylormade M series. If you grabbed the PING G30 off the shelf then you should go see a fitter for your new driver. There may or may not be gains out there for you by getting fit. As others have mentioned it's impossible to really know without more information. If you grabbed the PING G30 off the shelf and your plan is to do the same with the Taylormade, then your new driver will either work better for you, worse for you, or about the same... again, no way to know without additional information. If you just like shiny things, then go out and get what ever looks best to you. It's your money. BTW - I'm not condemning you if you like shiny new drivers. I've changed drivers for that reason. Just know you may or may not hit it any better.
  9. I guarantee the tour pro would shoot under 60 at my "home course". How do I know this? Well, currently what I'm using as a "Home course" is only 9 holes. Okay, okay, I understand the spirit of the question. Let's assume the tour pro plays my "home course" twice to make it 18 holes. Playing the "tips" twice would make it only about 6600 yards; That's not long by any standard. The par 3's are really short by a tour players standard. 130 and 150 yards respectively. They are both over water, but the water really only comes into play if you are 25 yards short on your tee-shot (not common for a tour pro). The par 4's average 400 yards. The par 5's are 530 and 490 respectively. I'm going to guess the "average" tour pro will make 3 birdies and possibly an eagle with no bogies each time through. So, I'll say the "average" tour pro shoots 8 to 10 under. So my guess is the "average" tour pro averages about a 63 I also guess if they played it with a large enough sample size they may shoot a poorly as 70 (2 under, I don't think there are enough bogies on the course for a tour pro to actually shoot over par.) The tour pro is also likely to have a really strong round where they may shoot a 56 or a 57 or something like that. In truth I'm really not sure. None of the par 4's are really reachable, and its normally pretty windy out there. I'm just guessing here. I often hear about this "Vison 54" thing. I guess that might be possible on this course.
  10. Day 42 Hit the range today to test out the effectiveness of my drills I've been doing. The swing is starting to come around. I didn't hit enough balls for the 9 quadrant drill so I just did the 3 shot shapes version. Basically, I hit draw, then fade, then straight ball. Alternating between an iron and a metal wood of some kind.
  11. Day 41 No lesson today. I did work on my new footwork drill and my new downswing trigger drill. Tomorrow we'll test it all out on the range. Can't wait.
  12. Would You Rather... #5: Receive your golf clubs, and as many as you like, from the manufacturer of your choice (you can only choose one manufacturer) for the rest of your life for free. Receive your clothing, including shoes, and as much as you like, from the manufacturer of your choice (you can only choose one manufacturer) for the rest of your life for free. I chose to post this question because I actually struggle to answer it. As many have said if you aren't a all one brand club guy, makes it a lot tougher. I am Cobra for all metal woods and hybrids, I am Mizuno for irons. I love my Edel putter. I can probably find a lot of wedges I like, but I've been loyal to Titleist Vokey for a long time now. So, as much as I'd love to continuously get a new supply of clubs, I'd probably choose the clothing. Even though a similar problem exists there. In that I'm a recent convert to TrueLinksWear shoes. Even so, I'm picking clothing. Now I have to decide between Nike and Under Armour.
  13. Day 40 Had a lesson today. We worked on downswing triggers. I now have a new footwork drill and a new downswing trigger drill. The footwork drill is pretty straightforward. It can be done without a golf club if I'd like. The downswing trigger drill is almost a mental drill, but it too can be done either with or without a club.
  14. Rick Shiels also reviewed this driver and found it performed basically EXACTLY like his current driver. I went to Mazel Golf's webpage MAZAL GOLF CLUB | Top Brands at Great Prices Shop a wide selection of golf club at mazal-golf.myshopify.com .Find great prices and discounts on eligible items.Here you can find your own golf... These guys sell one length irons, drivers, wedges, hybrids, putters.... They even have a knock-off of the Square Strike Wedge. Anyone out there have a Mazel golf club in their bag?
  15. Dang, you beat me to it.
  16. Would You Rather... #5: Receive your golf clubs, and as many as you like, from the manufacturer of your choice (you can only choose one manufacturer) for the rest of your life for free. Receive your clothing, including shoes, and as much as you like, from the manufacturer of your choice (you can only choose one manufacturer) for the rest of your life for free.
  17. Congratulations. I kept the golf balls from both of my holes in one. They are in little plaques hanging in my office. They make a great conversation piece. I encourage you to keep the ball as well. There are a lot of different options to display it someplace. Congratulations again.
  18. Those injection ports in the face were the dead give-a-way. Especially consider all the print marketing that Taylormade has put out talking about the ports. I don't think Rick knew it was going to be counterfeit when he ordered it. I think when he actually ordered it he was more worried that the webpage itself was just a scam. He mentioned that he really didn't think the driver would even show up. I have to confess I've seen deals like that out there. What's funny is that in my mind I don't think "Hey, that driver must be counterfeit." Instead I always think "Hey, that driver must be stolen."
  19. Day 39 Today I took my son to the range. So no serious work on the game. I just beat balls, mostly with the driver. It was fun. Sometimes you just gotta go to the range and do what 90% of the folks are doing there. Which is mindlessly hitting balls.
  20. Day 38 Worked on my own today. No lesson with my coach. Today was working on swing path and face angel. Basically took them all to extremes with a 7 iron. The idea being if you can "feel" either extreme you should be able to "feel" the middle when you need to.
  21. Day 37 Okay, got with the swing coach again today. We are pretty much going to be starting an approach shot series for the next couple weeks. Currently that's the part of my game which needs the most work. Today was set up, and quieting down my lower body.
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