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  1. Easy one, I'll take the W for Michigan. I've lived in several states in my life. So, I have no loyalty to any team.
  2. I'm just guessing here, but I bet you were not out there on a tour of the public grammar schools.
  3. Careful what you wish for....
  4. Would you rather #38 Lose all of the memories you have of playing golf OR Keep all the memories of golf you have right now, but never be able to create any new golf memories?
  5. I'm sure my kids will protest if I turn their swings into a golf training aid. You should have seen how mad they got when I started working on bunker shots out of their sandbox!
  6. Since I was pretty unhappy about the weather I woke up to this morning. I made myself a bit of a special breakfast. Spicy sausage omelet with spicy quesso, and some salsa on top. Very yummy. It cheered me up a bit. Then I saw more snow started to fall and cried a little.
  7. Today was supposed to be the first day of Men's League. But no, instead we woke up to this... Men's League is postponed until next week.
  8. That's a well thought out and interesting take.
  9. I made a sweet 12 foot putt on number 2 for birdie. Then I birdied number 18 from the championship tees. I had a great chance on 17. I had a 5 footer up hill. Burned the right edge.
  10. I carry a 3 wood for two reasons. It gives me more chances for eagle. I had an eagle putt last week on a hole that I played driver/3 wood. My hybrids can get me on some par 5s, or close on others. But there are a number of par 5's where I have to go with 3 wood on the second if I want to have a chance at eagle. ... and who doesn't like an eagle putt? There are a number of holes where I like to play 3 wood off the tee, for one reason or another. If you have room in the bag; I'd recommend putting a 3 wood in there. I know I use my about 3-5 times a round on average. Which is m
  11. I'm with you. I pretty much don't think about it while hitting my full shots. But I always seem think about it when I'm lining up a birdie putt. I'm like "Ooo, this would be a nice one to cross off." or sometimes I just remember that I've already got this one. The last two times I've played I've had reasonably good chances at birdie on number 7. Which at my course is a 170 +/- 10 or so par 3 over water. It's a tough hole because it's back in the corner or the golf property and kind of secluded from the wind. That is until your ball gets up in the air. Anyway, I've never birdied it. I've
  12. Thanks for the happy birthday wishes. It was a great birthday. Played golf, took a bike ride with the family, ate chocolate chip waffles... great day.
  13. I got 2 birdies today. I got number 10, which might be the most difficult on the course. I also got number 13... which I already had.
  14. Wow, You are right. They are difficult to find any information on them. I will say this. I like them. They look really cool. Nice find. I hope you got a good deal.
  15. I've played for almost 28 years without ever soling the driver behind the ball. It was just the way I learned. I do sole my irons behind the ball. In the videos when I'm playing well I'm doing this. When I'm not playing well I'm not doing this.
  16. I also voted no. I just don't see it as a huge advantage. I supported the belly putter ban. I think that's enough.
  17. That's hilarious. I had a set of clubs for a short time without the line drawn under the 6 and the 9. Drove me crazy. Nowadays it's impossible for me to make that mistake, my 9 iron is a different style of club AND a different brand. I have a 9 iron players blade and a Super Game improvement 6 iron. 9 iron is dynacraft, 6 iron is Tour Edge. I dare say nobody could confuse them.
  18. Of course I know I can take more than one. And I usually do. Every now and then this seems to be a mistake I will make. Like I said I don't really think I make too many course management decision errors.
  19. So, am I right on this? After 5 rounds but until you get at least 10 rounds under your belt for a season, your handicap will change every time you shoot a lower differential? For example if the differential for your best round in the first five rounds is 10, your handicap is 9.6. If before your tenth round you shoot a round with a differential of 5, your handicap is now 4.8. After you get 10 rounds in it switches to 0.96 x (average of best 3 differentials). After 20 rounds, it's 0.96 x (average of best 10 differentials.) Do I have that right?
  20. I get where you are going with this. The only thing I can think of that would really constitute a "Mental Mistake" is there have been times where I'm forced to used a cart and it's cart path only. I assume I have the correct club and then by time I walk across to my ball (Not sure why I never hit it near the cart-path.) I realize I don't have the "right" club. So, 9 times out of 10 I use the club I have rather then hike back for another one. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't. When it doesn't I always think "Damned, I'm an idiot." Pretty much the rest of the time my
  21. Number 12 at Bent Tree Golf Course in Sunbury. It was playing about 375 from the back tees I was playing. (Indecently, they call them the back tees, but they aren't. The Championship tees are further back... odd.) Anyway, Hit driver to about 125. Hit my 9 iron off the hosel to about 20 yards right of the green. Tried to hit a flop shot to a front pin location. Instead I hit the ball on its forehead and sent it skidding all the way over the green and down about a 15 foot drop on the other side of the green. *** Then hit my shot of the week. A beautiful 60 degree wedge back onto the green
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