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  1. I've done that before. So, your secret is safe with me. Currently, I have almost zero time to practice. So, sometimes you gotta be a little creative.
  2. Okay, Edel has a pile of videos out there in the YouTube-verse. This one is kind of a summary of their philosophy. It shows two things pretty quickly. One the "new" putter heads. and two the mirror with a laser thing. Enjoy.
  3. Ugh, nope. I have that problem too. Turning 50 was like a cruel trick of nature. Nose hair, Ear hair, even hair growing on my nose. Not to mention can't read without reading glasses. That was another curve ball.
  4. I get it. Perhaps Tiger or Phil end up giving a star power boost to the Champions tour? If they can somehow get those two out there in their post-50 years.
  5. You may as well know the truth.... I don't like donuts either... (cue dramatic music) DUN DUN DUN DUNNNN!!!
  6. We understand. For example. I don't like cake, but I can at least accept it.
  7. Because that would violate "The Spirit of The Rule". Just kidding
  8. I played golf (sort of... mostly I knocked it sideways) with @Slice of Life and @Divot Master at the Erie event this past weekend and have to say it was an absolute pleasure. @Slice of Life brought a friend along who was a great guy as well. Not sure if he has a screen name or not. A special thanks to @Divot Master for continually finding my ball even when I hit in places where I was planning on just leaving it there. If anyone gets a chance to do one of the forum events I strongly encourage it. With any luck you may even get to hear one of the most anti-climactic stories about a half-eaten bagel in the history or stories about half eaten bagels. I heard it told by @GolfLug with an assist from @saevel25 and I will never forgot the absolute sense of indifference that filled my heart as the story limped to a prosaic conclusion. ... Just kidding. It's a great story.
  9. Okay, so I've always thought the Pinehurst Logo was just a little too much like the Manneken Pis.
  10. I agree with you. I will of course watch the Champions' Tour, but for me its the last on the list. It even ranks below the Korn Ferry Tour, Euros, and college golf. Yep, I goofed that up. He did say "World Rankings" but he mentioned he doesn't watch the LPGA because among other reasons there aren't enough Americans. So, I just glanced at my Yahoo Sports ap on my phone which has the money list for the LPGA. Again, it doesn't matter. If you want more Americans, you want more Americans. For me, country of origin makes no difference. As it relates to caring about the Champions' Tour, I wonder if the same metric would apply to the Champions' tour in terms of Americans in it. Would it be less interesting for @NM Golf if there were more Bernhard Langers, Ernie Els, Miguel Angel Jimenez, Retief Goosens, Rod Pamplings But there were fewer Scott Parels, Brett Quigleys, Fred Couples and Jim Furyks. At a cursory glance it looks like about 15 of the top 25 on the Champions Tour are Americans. (I didn't actually count) But if the number dropped to 8 would that be too few? If the number went up to 20 or so would that make more folks follow the Champions tour? Does an American have to be number 1 for people to care about the Champions Tour? Did all that time with Bernhard Langer as number 1 money winner hurt the tour's interest here in the US?
  11. Wow, that's interesting. I looked at this list and it's different. LPGA Tour Money List Leaders - ESPN Find out which LPGA Tour golfers are the biggest bankrollers at the Money List Leaderboard on ESPN.com. But again, it doesn't matter. I enjoy watching the LPGA. No law says you have to.
  12. They are women. They don't hit it as far as men. I don't expect them to. But, I get what you and @NM Golf are saying. If you watch golf in order to see people hit it far, then I understand. The LPGA isn't for you. Here is something I can agree with.
  13. I disagree. I disagree. I count 8, but even if it is 5... or even if it is fewer. I still find players I can root for even if they weren't born in the US.
  14. HA HA HA HA, oh that does my heart good. I remember when they seemed so old as well. I have just become eligible as well. And it sucks.
  15. I voted no. Even though I will watch a champions tour event if its on. The reason I voted no is because I will literally watch any golf they televise. Having said that The Champions Tour ranks dead last for me in terms of interest. My preference is the PGA tour events. After that I'd watch LPGA events, then Nationwide events, then college events, then Euro Tour events, then mini tour events, eventually if no other options exist I'll watch the Champions tour. I guess the only event I'd be less likely to watch is the female version of the champions tour... if there is such a thing.
  16. Dude, You made that look way too easy. Next time, you have to do it with a half eaten bagel in your hands.
  17. Hey Buddy Christ, This feels like a stretch to me. Just because this person "feels" like it should be illegal doesn't make it illegal. And I don't buy the "spirit of the rules" argument either. The spirit of the rules is to avoid any unfair advantages. Everyone can draw what ever they want on the ball. No unfair advantage. Similarly, the author says there's no problem lining up the logo, but there is a problem with the line on the ball???? If the argument was pace of play, I think there might be something to it. But I'm pretty sure statistics show there's no unfair advantage gained with a line on the ball.
  18. I laughed, I cried, It was better than Cats. It was great meeting everyone. Really, a lot of fun. Now, I have to find a white belt.
  19. Looks like you are way better off not knowing where you hit it than hitting it fat. Hosel rockets appear to get the most punishment.
  20. I would like to reiterate how strongly I DISAGREE with these two statements. I've already mentioned that I'm not naturally good at golf (or any other sport for that matter.) I will be playing with the gang heading up to Erie this weekend. I have only played one round this year and felt I needed to get ready. 2 weeks ago I went to the range. I was a total mess. I thought "I wonder if it is too late to back out of playing in Erie?" Anyhow, I've seen my coach once last week and once this week. At last night's range session I was hitting it really well again. Now, I'm excited to head up to Erie and play. So, what's your point? you may ask. Well, I have several. 1 - Having a coach who knows your swing, who has more than 3 years of video on your swing, makes it INFINITELY faster to diagnose a problem and fix it. Turning me from a total spaz to at least someone who is believable as an 8 handicap. 2 - Yes, coordinated people can probably learn this game on their own and be better than me. But on my own, I'm hopelessly trying to break 100. With my coach I'm thinking about how to get to hcp of 5 and then scratch. We have a plan. Is that plan behind where I thought I'd be this year. YES, everything is behind where I thought it would be this year. But, we have a plan. 3 - Yes, there are youtube videos out there to fix damned near every problem you could possibly have with your golf swing. ... See point 1 4 - Are my problems fixed forever? It's probably ridiculous for me to think so. I know from experience golf is a fickle bitch. One day the game seems so easy. The next day you feel like an orangutan performing brain surgery with a crowbar. But, what I do know is, my swing coach can get this orangutan back on track after a session or two. 5 - Finally, I really don't care if you take lessons or not. But for me, I enjoy golf way too much to shoot 110 every time I go out there. ................................ BTW - Did I mention I'm excited to head up to Erie and play this weekend?
  21. I thought of something positive. At least people have stopped arguing if it's better to keep the flag in or pull the flag out. That was still a hotly contested debate right up until the COVID thing left the flag "untouchable".
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