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  1. I'm calling excessive modesty on Coach Jim. Your handicap is 4 and you only hit 1-3 shots really solidly per round. .. most with the driver. How many GIR's are you getting per round? With a 4 handicap, I'm guessing around 8 or 9, maybe more. How are you getting GIR's without hitting at least one of the shots on that hole solidly? I think either you have a much stricter definition of "really solid hit", or you are being hard on yourself, or possibly overly modest.
  2. Over my golf life I have seen a handful of different swing coaches/instructors. I would say that 3 of them have been really good and helped me make measurable improvement. My current guy has taken me further than I’ve ever been. When I started working with him I was a mess. It was so bad I had even stopped keeping a handicap there for a while and I was literally scrambling to keep my scores under 100. I actually shot a 117 for a tournament round. I’ve been working with him for 3 years now and, although, I still haven’t shot a round under par, I’ve come really close a couple of times. And I finished in 10th place in my tournament this year. The best part is when I stand on any tee-box I believe I CAN make par or better on the hole. In the past I would stand on a tee-box and just try to figure out how not to have a “blow-up-hole”. In addition, I now look at par 5’s as opportunities to score. I still have bad days, but in short, I feel great about my game. So obviously I have a lot of loyalty for “my guy”. Having said that, I feel like I’m getting a little stale. I’ve cheated on my swing coach a couple of times now. One guy was no help at all, and actually messed up my game. The other guy, I kinda like and he seemed to communicate in a way that I could quickly understand and get benefits from. I also like the way he talks about getting me to scratch. He wants to put together a plan to get to scratch. I’m looking at turning 50 next year and nobody’s ever said “let’s put together a plan to get you to scratch”. So, with the off-season coming up, I want to have a plan for improvement. I’m trying to decide do I stick with “my guy”, or do I give the new guy a chance? Or, is it dumb to have more than one instructor/swing coach? I'm especially interested in @iacas 's thoughts. Is it dumb to have more than one swing coach? Do any of his students see other coaches? Do any of them go see a different coach for a while and then come back to him?
  3. Okay, I had to really think about this question. The first problem is I've played very few 18 hole rounds this year. Mostly I've been grabbing 9 holes when ever I can. I played 9 after work on Wednesday this week and hit the ball really well. I scored well too. I shot a one over par 37. I can remember 7 shots that would fit iacas's definition of pure or really solid. Having said that I also played 9 holes (same course) after work on Monday. I shot a 42 and I only remember hitting 1 shot that would fit iacas's definition. So, if I average the two 9-hole rounds played this week that would be 3-1/2 shots per 9 holes???? I guess that means 7 shots in 18 holes???? Maybe that's high. I mean I hit the ball really well on Wednesday. Maybe that's an outlier.
  4. Okay, I know you are getting a whole pile of advice here. I'll throw one more thing at you. Consider doing the "5 minute per day practice challenge" on this forum. For many people 5 minutes of practice daily can be as effective or possibly more effective than 1-1/2 hour practice sessions once a week. I tried to do the 5 minutes a day practice challenge a while back, but I kept missing my weekend updates. It may be time for me to try again.
  5. Interesting take. Do you really think that's true? I don't think I use the grooves to align other clubs. I can't see the grooves when I line up a 3 iron for example. I'm not sure if I use the "grooves" to align my wedges? I think I just kind of put the wedge behind the ball and swing. I think I can tell where the middle of my clubface is with or without some kind of groove pattern. But maybe I use them and don't even realize it. Hmmm??? I've used drivers with and without an alignment aid, it doesn't seem to matter. I'll have to think about that one.
  6. I want to start this post by saying I've never shot par or better on a full-sized 18 or a full-sized 9. After work yesterday I played 9 holes. Bogeyed the first. Bogeyed the second. On the third (a par 3) I hit my ball long to a back pin location. I'm short sided. But I'll be damned if I didn't chip in for a birdie. Back to 1 over par for the round. On number 4 (489 yard par 5) I hit a hybrid to 7 feet, drain the putt. All of a sudden I'm 1 under par after 4 holes. I got GIR's on the par 4 5th and the par 3 6th holes, making par on both. Hole 7 (526 yard, par 5) I crush the drive, best of the day. Hit a 3 wood to just off the green. Damned near chip in again. Knock in the putt. HOLLY CRAP, I am 2 under with 2 to play. On the par 4 8th (usually one of my best holes) I leave my drive to the right behind a tree. Hit it out sideways, miss the green, chip on, make a bogey. I'm 1 under standing on the 430 yard 9th teebox. I hit the driver dead center. I didn't crush it, but I'm about 185-190 out, in the fairway, with a helping wind. I hit my 5 iron and tug it a little to the left of the green. (Confession time, I aimed it a little to the left because there's a pond guarding the green to the right.) I get to my ball and it's a terrible lie. Not quite in the bunker, but kind of hanging sideways on the grassy edge. My 60 degree pops it on the green, but it rolls way past the hole across the green and leaves me chipping again. I'm now lying 3. I chip the 4th and I have a 5 footer for bogey on the hole and par for the (9 hole) round. ….. I missed the putt. I really don't think I choked. I put a good stroke on it, but it didn't drop. I made double bogey on the hole and 1 over for 9 holes. So close.... but 1 over.
  7. I love your answer. You are probably right. When ever I replace my Vokeys, its because the face has worn significantly. Generally that wear is limited to pretty close to the center of the face. (I wish it was a dime sized area in the middle, but it's pretty much a silver dollar sized area.) I don't think I've ever worn out the toe of my wedges before. I have to admit I'm happy with Vokeys. Again, every time I replace them I don't have to think about it at all. I know what I'm getting. I've played with guys who will hit a short shot, be dissatisfied with it, and lament "I'm still learning these new wedges." Not a problem for me. My only decision is do I want oil-can, satin, or black finish? I will say my ONLY issue with Vokeys is I wish they came with mid-sized grips..
  8. I pretty much learned the game of golf on a course which was the home course for a college ladies golf team, so I often saw female golfers playing alone. Most of them were college team players. I lived on a golf course which was the home course for a high-school team, both boys and girls were often out there practicing alone or in groups. Having said that, I saw something new this week. I saw a very mature lady... I'm guess no less than 70 years of age. I know, I know it's impolite to guess at a woman's age. Anyhoo, get this... She was not only playing alone, but carrying her bag! She was slinging what looked to be a Sun Mountain carry bag (not a Sunday bag). It only had like 7 clubs in it. Something like Driver, fairway wood, fairway wood, hybrid, only a single iron, a wedge and a putter. Personally, I only saw her hit 2 shots; A driver, which went about 120 and a fairway wood, which went nearly the same distance. She hit them dead straight. Plus, nobody could have complained about her pace of play. She hit it, walked up to it, put her bag down and hit it again. I was totally impressed. I'm guessing this lady started playing in the Eisenhouer administration. Way to go, lady!
  9. I saw a mature gentleman playing what looked like the Jim Venetos swing at a course near my house just this past weekend. He looked to be mid-70's to early-80's (age, I don't know his score). Anyway, he had a handicapped flag on his cart which allows him to take it anywhere besides the green and bunkers. He looked to me to have a bunch of physical limitations. If the Jim Venetos swing-style gets him out there, then God love him for getting to play the game.
  10. I carry Titleist Vokey wedges and have for many many years. I like that I don't have to think every time I replace them. It's easy. I just get the same specs as I've had before and I know what they are going to do. I nearly always get the previous year's model. Still brand new, but the previous year saves me about 40% off the cost. Anyway, lately I've seen a number of folks I've played with who carry the Callaway PM Grind wedges, which have grooves all over their face. Taylormade hi-toe wedges have that feature as well. I don't know if it actually makes any difference, but to my mind it totally makes sense to put the groves all over the face. It actually makes me wonder why all wedges aren't made that way. Anyone have any thoughts about this. Why do most manufacturers leave the toe of the wedge "ungrooved"? Does it really help to have the whole face covered in groves? On a related note, does anyone play a Hi-Toe wedge? Seems like a good idea as well, especially for lob wedges, 60 degree and the like. Seems like it would give you more surface from which to hit a shot when trying to take a bigger swing. I don't use my lob wedge that way, but it seems like it would help if I did.
  11. I just thought of one other thing about slumps. Sometimes it can help to make a VLOG. I made a VLOG (it's posted on this forum someplace) a while back in which I was playing pretty decent. I enjoyed making it and it's fun to go back and watch now and again. Earlier this year I was in a bit of a slump so I found time to make another VLOG. During the making of that VLOG I noticed an issue with my footwork that was significantly different than during my previous VLOG. It really helped me get out of my slump. Of course you can video yourself on the range or during practice sessions, either with or without a swing coach. But, sometimes you get into one of those slumps in which your range sessions are fine, but your on course play sucks rocks. A VLOG may help you recognize something you are doing differently. Just a thought.
  12. I have to say I immediately thought of this thread yesterday. I played 9 holes after work. Hole number 4 is a short (489 yards) par 5. I hit a great drive, drew it down the fairway. left me 208 to the flag. (BTW - the tees were up a bit from normal. The drive was only like 250-260) I hit hybrid to seven feet, and made the uphill putt. = Eagle 3. So, I looked back through my stats and I've made 7 eagles over the past 2-1/2 seasons. All of them on par 5's. In the rest of my golf life I can only remember a half dozen Eagles on non-par 5's. I've made two holes in one. Obviously I remember those. And I remember my very first eagle back in 1993, my first year playing golf, I was playing with the owner of the company I worked for (yeah, talk about pressure.) I holed out on a par 4 from 110 yards. At that time I think I hit a 9 iron, but it was my first year playing so, hell it could have been almost anything. Strangely, I remember that shot like it was yesterday. Eagles will come. Work on your length off the tee and develop a reliable either hybrid or fairway wood. Something that you can hit long off the deck. I averaged just under 260 off the tee this year and the longest eagle I made the last 2-1/2 years was on a 526 yard par 5. Driver - 3wood - putt. It was wind assisted as I recall. Anyway, hang in there. It will happen. And when it does save the ball and the scorecard. Frame them and hang them in your office. I have my hole in one balls and scorecards hanging in mine. They are great conversation pieces.
  13. Here's something you can try. Everyone has slumps. Some worse than others. One of concepts that will often help me is to play a round of golf where one every-shot you try to make the "prettiest" swing you can make. I know what you're saying "But, don't you always try to make a pretty swing???" That's not exactly what I mean. First of all, don't worry at all about where the ball goes. (I know, this is the hardest part, convincing yourself that the outcome doesn't matter.) Instead, just pretend you are filming a movie. You are staring in a movie where the movie effects team will add the ball in later with CGI. Your job as the actor of the movie is to make super pretty, very professional looking swings. Again, where the ball goes doesn't matter. The CGI will fix that later. Your job is just to really "look like" you know what you are doing. Take an extra club for every shot, because in your effort to make the swing look really good, you'll probably slow it down just a bit. Do this for 9 holes or an entire round. Pretend you're only goal is to make beautiful swings and who cares where the ball goes because they are going to add the ball with CGI. A friend of mine suggested this to me once when I was in a slump and it really worked for me. It was fun and it actually really helped. Anyway, I pass it on here, do with it what you will. Good luck.
  14. Nope, Mizuno brings out new wedges every year. Interestingly, in 2017 they actually brought out 2 new wedge lines at the same time. That was mostly because the company was changing direction slightly on their wedges. So they brought out an updated version of the previous years, as well as a new design. They seem to bring out new jpx models in the odd numbered years 2017, 2019, etc... and new mps for the even numbered years. 2016, 2018, 2020... although the 2020's have just hit the market.
  15. As others have said, if there is only one par 4 you can reach in 2, you may be playing the wrong tees.
  16. I'm going with overrated. I say this as a fan of the LPGA. Personally I enjoy the LPGA almost as much as I enjoy the PGA. Here's the thing, I think the Ryder Cup is over-rated too. I also don't buy into this whole "You can learn more from watching women's golf...." I find that a bunch of hoo-ha. I'm not being cynical at all when I say I really don't learn much of anything from either the men or the women. I enjoy watching them, both on the tele and in person. But I'm sure I haven't shaved even a 10th of a point off my handicap by doing so. I know I don't speak for the majority of golf fans when I say I will watch the PGA, the LPGA, the European tour, I'd watch almost any golf they care to televise. I like watching golf, period. Even so, the Solheim Cup is slightly overrated.
  17. Good for you. Fun to explore options, I'm always tinkering with my mix.
  18. I'd do one of two options. 1 - Keep what you have and learn to choke down on the hybrid. Works for me. When I want to take a little off. You could also opt for a 3/4 backswing. 2 - Drop the 46 and the 50 and put the 48 back in the bag. I'm not a fan of bending loft on clubs, especially wedges, it changes the bounce and I'm always left wondering if I have the right bounce.
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