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  1. Hey Jay, please don't think I'm calling you out on this. But more than a million dollars per year seems like a lot to me, even with all the stuff you mentioned. How did you find out some of these Youtubers are making more than a million a year? And again, who are the guys playing off a 12? I'm not calling you out, I'm just curious.
  2. I've always thought "Going the Distance" by Cake would be great walk up music.
  3. Okay, I'll sign us up. It looks like we've got @klineka @Bonvivant and @CarlSpackler or @saevel25 Would you guys message me your names and I'll reserve us a spot? Thanks, should be fun.
  4. I too, am curious. Which channel is this? I watch youtube sometimes...
  5. Full disclosure... I made up the $20 million number. I don't actually remember how much Nike paid her. … It was a lot. If I recall at one time she was in the top 10 or 15 highest paid golfers in the world (Male or Female). And she had yet to win a tournament. Anyway, I agree with you. The endorsement deal was too good to pass up. It's interesting. There was a recent issue of Golf or Golf Digest with a feature on Michelle Wie. She talked about how many things she and her father (agent at the time) messed up. She said she was trying not to regret anything. It was the first time for both of them going through it all together. Looking back now of course she do things differently, but now she has the benefit of experience on her side. I give her credit for recognizing her mistakes and trying to put them behind her.
  6. I don't see any reason why we wouldn't have you. All we need is one more.
  7. I live close to Bent Tree Golf Club. I like the course, although I'd argue 17 and 18 are pretty weak finishing holes. But that's neither here nor there. I was signed up for the Irish Open Shamble on March 28th. But, for one reason or another all of my golf cronies have backed out on me. Anyone in central Ohio going to play it and need a fourth? Or, can we scrap together a foursome off this forum? Let me know if any of you are interested. It might litterally be the first time I get to play this year. Columbus Golf - Bent Tree Golf Club - 740 965 5140 Experience Columbus golf today at Bent Tree Golf Club. Our course is open and waiting for you!
  8. I don't know... I remember seeing her at the John Deere in 2005 and 2006. I actually felt really badly for her. She just seemed like a 15 or 16 year old kid who was super talented but IN NO WAY prepared for the celebrity that she was thrust into. My wife and I would attend the John Deere every year back then. This was during the time when Tiger was the most recognized human on the planet, so golf was enjoying abnormal popularity. That translated to a lot of folks going to golf tournaments who knew nothing about the game. When we were at the John Deere it seemed like more than half the people there were just there to see Michelle Wie. Some of them knew nothing about golf. We were sitting next to an older woman who was convinced that not only was Michelle favored to win this tournament, but that she had already won several other men's events. Accord to this woman Michelle was "The best golfer in the world besides Tiger Woods." She was like 15 at the time.. maybe 16. Anyway, they were selling Michelle Wie calendars at the gift shop. I asked my wife "Who buys a calendar in July?" … Tons of people. They bought them to get Michelle's autograph. Other people were there just to boo her. Some people actually thought that Michelle was not only taking a spot away from a male golfer who "Should be playing in the event." But also that "She's going to be allowed to play the forward tees." It was crazy. Of course the internet was huge back in 2005 but not everyone had it on their phone. This was still in the Blackberry Era. So half the people were booing her, half the people were cheering her like she was some kind of Amelia Earhart. But everything she did was scrutinized. On Friday she was just under the cut-line with 4 holes to go. I think she went like bogie, double-bogie, par, par and missed the cut by a stroke or two. Saturday and Sunday there was like half the crowd. But even then, people were wondering where she was. My wife and I had to tell like 3 or 4 people that she missed the cut. A couple of them looked at us like we just told them aliens had landed on the 18th green. I actually felt bad for her. She should have been in high school, earning a scholarship and kicking everyone's ass. In my opinion, it just messed her up. It took her a lot longer than it should have for her to learn how to close out a tournament. I think she would have won a lot more, a lot sooner if she would have been allowed to take a more "normal" path. She was way more talented than the majority of female players at the time. She should have been "the Chosen One", but she was rushed to the finish line without getting to take the journey… I say that but on the bright side I think Nike paid her like 20 million dollars a year back then... so, maybe I'm an idiot.
  9. Yes, Lorena would have been a better example. I remember seeing her play in person a few times. I would consider myself a fan. She was playing in the same tournament at which my wife and I met Ai. We didn't actually meet Lorena. I used Ai as the example, because I remember when I met her. It was interesting because she was either ranked number 1, or pretty close to it at the time, yet it felt like the crowd barely knew who she was. In fairness at the time everyone had Michelle Wie fever. The crowd following Michelle was, in relative terms, akin to the crowds who followed Tiger on the mens side. I really thought Ai was going to be a star on the LPGA. She had game, a great personality, charming smile, and was smart enough to learn English in like a matter of weeks.
  10. I think one of the things that the LPGA struggles with, that the PGA doesn't have to be concerned with just came up the other day. I saw on some golf blog someplace that Ai Miyazato was going to be a coach on the Japanese Olympic Team. (Assuming the Olympics happens... but that's another thread.) Anyhoo… My wife and I are like "Hey, we remember Ai!" … "We met her way back when she was either the World's Number one or close to it." It was way back in 2010. Both of us wondered what she's been up to. Well, as it turns out she left the sport to go make babies and build a family for her and her husband. One thing the PGA doesn't have to deal with still young players leaving the sport to have babies. I'm not saying that men won't become distracted while they start to build a family. But distracted is one thing. The physical ability to play golf is much more literally changed for a woman when she's having babies. I very literally played golf the day my son was born. My wife, on the other hand, was in no condition to do so.
  11. I think this is a really good point. The LPGA kinda peaked with Anika Sorenstam near the end of her run and with Michelle Wie kind of near the beginning of hers. Natalie Gulbis was relevant when she was sinking long putts during the Solheim Cup, but that was 2005. Every sport kind of goes through this. There will be a crop of stars the fans are really interested in, then they will age and fade away and the sport needs "new" stars to "save" the sport. I mean this has happened in The NFL, the NBA (like 20 times), Nascar (although they are still working on the new crop), Men's tennis has had this happen over and over. I remember when they said nobody will ever fill the void left by the Connors/McEnroe days. Right now, Boxing would kill to have a handful of stars that the public really gives a crud about. The PGA tour will always have a void left in the wake of Tiger. The LPGA probably got some "Tiger over-flow" as well. During his run golf in general was uber-popular. Give it time. I think it will bounce back. These things tend to ebb and flow. Brother. This IS OFF TOPIC!
  12. Yah, I'm kind of losing the forest in all of these trees. Personally, I like the LPGA. I also like the PGA. I also liked shows like The Big Break.... I'm not sure if that's still on. Although, I will say that the big break used to be kind of annoying when it would get into all the personal stuff and the house life things. I personally wanted to see them break plate glass and have interesting skills competition.
  13. "Flatten that wrist!" … WHAP! "Maintain your posture!" … WHAP! "Quit your crying!" … WHAP!
  14. Nope, no news for me. I just wait for the town crier to shot out anything important going on. This is off topic, but there actually isn't a working tv in my house. The last time I had a working tv was February of 2011. Then I gave my tv to my sister. Never got around to replacing it. … Actually that isn't really off topic. It does explain why I do watch less LPGA than I used to. Dave, if you are going to bed after the 6PM news you are even older than I am....
  15. That's what I do. Just kidding. Actually I was waiting for all the arguing to die down before I chimed in on this. But it looks like that may or may not happen. So, back to the original post: I DO watch less LPGA than I used to. But, in all fairness I watch less of EVERYTHING than I used to. Having said that, I will also say this: Pretty much the ONLY live tv I watch at all anymore is golf. Men's golf (especially the majors) and woman's golf (especially the majors) are literally the only live tv I watch anymore. So, even though I watch less of it. Because I watch less tv in general. By percentage it has gone way up in terms of what percentage of my total viewing is golf. … Literally, 100%. I gotta go yell at some kids who are on my lawn.....
  16. Nice article. You did a good job articulating a lot of what could really help people out in terms of learning/playing the game. BTW - I'm sure you aren't, but in this photo, it kinda looks like you are using a reinforcement technique by hitting this young man in the head with a pool noodle every time he commits a swing fault.
  17. Okay, I know this has a few other numbers on it. But, I think the 1284 is prominent.... At least I hop so.....
  18. Seriously? I'd like to give you the benefit of the doubt on this. But if I understand you correctly, you are saying that you don't know how to copy and paste a link? … Not only that, but you are saying it would be so hard to learn it that it's comparable to playing scratch golf as a 20 hcp. Trucker?... come on, buddy? I know you know how to put emoji's into your posts, copy and paste has got to be on relatively the same level. … I suspect you are trolling us.
  19. That seems reasonable to me. My 7 iron is a 160 club. I carry 9-5 in "traditional" irons. I carry a 3 and a 4 hybrid. 19.5 and 22.5 degree respectively. BTW - I had to answer neither in the poll. As I carry a 19.5 degree and 22.5 degree hybrid. So I have nothing that fits the 20-22 degree description in the poll.
  20. I could not care less if I EVER play left handed. (Except for maybe the left handed challenge to get a badge on this forum... but that only requires one swing.) So, I'll take option 2... But in reality I hope to do better than option 2.
  21. I did not ask him. I've seen him play a few times though. He and I frequent the same courses/range.
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