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  1. Aw, Brother. That sucks. Hang in there. Wishing you a speedy recover.
  2. If that shaft is 52" than the guy swinging it looks to be about 5'3".
  3. What do you like on your pizza? Pancakes, Waffles, or French Toast? What kind of putter grip do you like? Kind of comes down to personal preference.
  4. Just today on the radio I heard people arguing on the radio about how Bryson DeChambeau's fairway hit percentage has gone down blah blah blah. Am I wrong or is that a discussion for a decade ago? Isn't it all about Strokes Gained now? Doesn't BDC lead the PGA tour in Stokes Gained off the tee? Is there still a place to discuss Fairways hit? Or should we all jump on the Mark Broadie Bandwagon and get with Strokes Gained?
  5. I don't know your answer. But you may just want to contact Hurricane Golf and ask them for an explanation. If their reluctant to give you one, or if it doesn't jive in your mind you could always balk.
  6. I read recently that 80% of the US content on Twitter is created by 2.2% of the US population. Oh, but I'm thinking it....
  7. So, do you also put an asterisk by Zach Johnson's win in 2007 because it was played in a hurricane (mild exaggeration)?
  8. I thought would you rater questions were supposed to be improbable. That would be hilarious. But you are right about the damned roll back people.
  9. In Ohio (I'm sure other places too) they are publishing "Percentage of positive tests". Those numbers clearly seem to be way up. 2, 3 or even 4 times what they were a couple months ago.
  10. WOULD YOU RATHER #32: Would you rather see the same guy win 10 of the next 16 majors. OR Would you rather see each of the next 16 majors won by a first time major champion?
  11. Okay, So I ordered a pair of the True OG Feel AMEN limited edition. They arrived today. All I can say is wow. Granted I've had them now for less than an hour, but I have to believe I'm going to love them. I'm wearing them as I type and I can tell you they are Super (SUPER) comfortable. Even more comfortable than my pairs of Originals. I was a little nervous that the knit front might be a weak link in terms of wear, but it looks really high quality much better in person than on the webpage. This is my third time getting a pair of limited edition True Linkswear shoes. This time I got pair number 462 out of 570. For what ever reason I always seem to like the limited edition color schemes the best. This particular pair obviously plays on the masters slogan "A tradition like no other" and the fact that 2020 has been a bizarre year. "A year like no other". With this limited edition pair even the shoe bag is really cool. I tried to show both sides of the bag in the pictures. I don't know how many pairs are left, but if you are on the fence on these and if there are any left in your size I'd recommend getting them. I would be shocked if you end up disappointed.
  12. Columbus is the same way ... except like a brush fire on a windy day in which the wind is blowing uphill. Stay safe, brother.
  13. Same here in Ohio. The word around the campfire is most of the schools will be fully remote from Thanksgiving to New Years. ... Most of the colleges have already announced they are doing that. Now the high schools, middle and grammar schools are following suit.
  14. Maybe I mis-wrote what I meant. I have something that does all the "With a ball" stuff I need. To get swing speed, however, I have to hit a ball. So, I was asking about if the PRGR is better than the Sports Sensor Swing Speed Radar? Because I would like to have something that I can use without a ball. I want to participate in this challenge. I'm weighing the best options to do so.
  15. For just doing the speedsticks, is there an accuracy advantage? I have a device that handles the added functionality. I'm considering getting something just for the speed sticks.
  16. Never tried these. But they make some pretty bold claims. Right there on the website it says putting these shoes on will take you from an 18 handicap to an 11 handicap..... SQAIRZ Golf - The Distance Golf Shoe Sqairz Golf Shoes - "The best golf shoes I've ever worn" Nick Faldo. Designed to increase stability and performance. Golf Digest Best Golf Shoes 2020.
  17. A colleague of mine just sent me this and said "Do you remember this?" I'm like "Of course." I'm not sure this is my favorite photo, but it has one of my favorite golf stories attached to it. This picture is from 2012 and I am playing golf in Finland. I was someplace up near a city called "Rovaniemi". I apologize to any Finns out there. I'm not sure exactly where it was. I do remember WHEN it was. This photo is of my approach shot on hole 18. It was taken about 2 in the morning. Yeah, we played during the time when the Sun doesn't set for like 2 months. We actually tee'd off around 10PM. It was a big distributor event with folks from all around the world playing. Lots of fun. Totally weird sitting at dinner around 7:30 - 8PM and talking about heading out to the course as soon as we finish (or Finnish, perhaps?) eating. Anyway, totally cool picture. It's 2 AM and I'm wearing sunglasses.
  18. Here you go. You can make your own Triple-Track Ball:
  19. @bwdial Nice one. Definitely not apocalyptic
  20. If @xrayvizhen is looking for spiked shoes then in my mind there is no question. He should buy Eccos. Ideally, one of the cage varieties. They pretty much last forever and a day. I've had good luck with Under Armour. I've had good luck with Nikes and with Footjoys. I've also had less than great experiences with those as well. The only two brands I seem to ALWAYS be satisfied with is Ecco and TRUE. If you want a SPIKED shoe, that will be comfortable and last a long time Ecco Cage shoes are a can't miss.
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