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  1. You've played 7 rounds in 2021!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You Suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JK. I'm just really envious as I look out at the white blanket of death that still covers the frozen tundra I call "my front yard". 😬
  2. I see what you are saying. But, I don't think that's really what the OP is asking in this case. I think the OP is just trying to gauge how long each milestone will take to break. All things being equal (which we know they aren't) if it takes this long to break a certain milestone, then when might someone expect the next milestone to fall? I may never play a Royal Melbourne or an Oakmont or Winged Foot or Merion setup for tournament conditions. However, I were to play a round of golf with you, it would take you almost no time at all to make a judgement as to my ability. And you migh
  3. I personally own several pairs of cargo shorts. I haven't bought any in a log time. But those things never wear out. And yes, I've worn them on the course. Hell, even my avatar shows me sporting a pair. Having said that, If I go to a "nice course" (I won't waste time defining "nice course") I wear nicer shorts, or golf pants if the course requires them. My avatar is from a local 9 hole muni. Back to the topic: I'm still not sure what the OP is arguing for here. I guess I don't know what "Traditional Golf Attire" is. I like the way the guys and ladies dress today. I think people should
  4. I'm not sure I completely understand your point. It seems like you are saying everyone should dress like Tiger... or maybe Phil. It also seems like you are saying we shouldn't dress like Rickie. I don't think I agree. I agree. I really like the way Rickie dresses. Having said that, anytime I try on any of his stuff I always look like that old guy who's trying to look young. So, I think it works great for him, but a man's got to know his limitations. And I'm just plain too old to carry off Rickie's style. This
  5. I think this is a really interesting question. For me breaking 90 was difficult it took around 36 months (3 years). Breaking 80 took about 4 or 5 times as long, around 160 months (13 plus years). By extension IF I'm going to break 70 I guess I should expect it to take 700-800 months (60-65 years)? In a way, that's kind of depressing. Kind of makes me envious of all of you coordinated, athletic, gifted folks out there who break 90 the first month you play and then break 80 a year later. I'm looking at you @Rippy_72 and others. My evidence would indicate exactly th
  6. I broke 90 for the first time somewhere between 1993 (when I started playing golf) and 1996. I'm not sure exactly when. Probably 1995ish. I remember the date I broke 80 for the first time it was July 2, 2008. I know because I also hit my first hole in one that day. I shot a 78. So, what is that 150 to 160 months or so??? Math is not my strong suit. (Insert catch-phrase here.)
  7. I have no idea how, but somebody is f-ing with me. I'm impressed and totally confused at the same time.
  8. I can't resist.................... What do you want from me??? I went to a hooker in East Berlin! Holy shit! I didn't type that! How'd you do that?
  9. Naw, I'm going to go with not enough coffee today on this one. I like that idea. I'm thinking an Almond M&M flung into my mouth each time I get it right.
  10. I don't know. I remember Arnie hanging on for a long time after he was no longer competitive. It was kinda cool seeing him out there playing even what you knew he had no chance. Plus, I never begrudge a guy if he wants to keep trying and keep plugging away trying to catch lightening in a bottle one more time. When Tom Watson came close at the British in 2009, I thought it was really captivating to watch. I feel Tiger should hang up his spikes when he's ready. It would be a shame in my opinion if a car accident forced his decision. Sounds like it was a good thing he was wearing his
  11. Ha! I just read this and laughed out loud. I wrote in the bottom picture that I swing to the left of that second piece of pipe insulation. I actually swing to the right of it. I'm an idiot. Can't tell left from right some days.
  12. I'd like to point out that it wasn't me who said this. .... Although I did give it a thumbs up. 😃
  13. Okay, I've been working hard on my swing this off-season. You can check out My Swing Thread for updates. The first thing I needed to do was get my club-face under control, so I worked on that all December and January. This month I've been working on my swing path. I'm trying to get it to be relatively straight toward the target. To do that I've been exaggerating the in-to-out path. Since my recent tendency is out to in. I think its really improving. Here's what I built at the start of February and I believe its working for me. I've been using it in my basement all month.
  14. I can't speak to what he was doing during the podcast.... nor do I want to ... yeesh. You are correct about it being a classic misogynistic technique to blame the women.
  15. I can't think of any reason why you couldn't. Unless like you said if he asks you not to, then of course, respect his wishes. I would think he'd prefer you get his name out there, who knows he may get additional clients from the forum?
  16. Huh? .... Crap, you beat me to it.
  17. Me too. This They need something or someone to market. They really need a SuperStar that moves the needle. As has been mentioned a dozen times in this thread. Michelle Wie had a chance to be that SuperStar but it didn't quite happen.
  18. No, not really. When fortune 500 companies lose money. PEOPLE LOSE THEIR JOBS. I for one would be pissed off if the CEO of my company was dumping money into the LPGA just because they wanted it to be "fair". IT IS FAIR, you get paid based on revenue generated. That's how sports/life/business works. If you want more money... GENERATE MORE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!! This idea that a CEO can just throw a companies money down the toilet because he or she "likes golf" is re-god-damned-diculous! Firstly, read The Sarbanes-Oxley Act. That could actually land the CEO in jail. Secondly, CEO's at Fortune
  19. Back in the day they used to have F Wedges or Fairway Wedges. Basically an old school gap wedge. 52 degrees...ish. It could also be f grind I suppose.
  20. Good point. Ancient old dudes like me really don't care too much about their style points. Thus the bucket hat. What about this guy? :
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