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  1. I've done my last couple of sessions at the range before working on what ever I came to the range that day to work on. The problem is I keep forgetting to bring my radar with me to the range. So, I don't have any numbers for my last few speed sessions.... but I've been doing them.
  2. I have white (which are my favorite), black (second favorite), grey (good with almost anything), and neon chartreus .... I rarely wear the neon ones. Not sure why I got those.
  3. I wondered that too. See, Great minds think alike.
  4. I feel your pain, brother. My parents are both high risk. Like they have pretty much every risk factor there is... except they are non-smokers. So, there's that. Anyhow, my parents happened to have spent Christmas 2019 vacationing without the rest of the family. So they haven't seen their grandkids (in person) since November 2019. They are going to be amazed when they finally see them again, how freaking big they've both gotten. By way of comparison, the last time they saw my son he wore a size 3 shoe. He now wears a size 7. Kids grow fast. Bummer for Grandparents during a pandem
  5. I have to agree with most of this. But you left out his appearance in Tin Cup.
  6. My last round took exactly 4.25 hours. I played in a foursome where I was the youngest guy in the group. The time to play the round doesn't always tell the whole story, however. We played the front nine in about an hour and a half. Which is moving right along. We weren't racing. We were just playing golf. Then at the turn we caught up to the rest of the world. The back nine took 2 hours and 45 minutes. I'm a patient guy. The guys I was playing with are patient guys. But around hole 15 we all started to get a little annoyed. I don't know what the solution is. My perception is
  7. As others have mentioned. These clubs don't have a lot of value. I mentioned an option in your other thread. Build them into a cool display and hang them up in your office, den or what ever.
  8. If I come across any truly vintage clubs, and I'm talking about hickory shafts. I always try to buy them and donate them to one of the Hickory Golf Organizations. There are a lot of them around the US. They restore clubs and host Hickory Golf Tournaments. Which, by the way, are loads of fun. From my experience the Hickory Clubs actually have almost no monetary value. Some folks selling them realize that, and when you tell them you are going to donate them, they get it. They will sell them to you for a really reasonable price. Other folks (for what ever reason) think that just because the
  9. This @billchao makes a good point here. Careful here too, Billy. My wife loves baseball. I will watch the playoffs and the World Series.... maybe? If I can stay up long enough? My wife is infinitely more knowledgeable about the sport than I am.
  10. Okay, I'll take a stab at this. I THINK what you are getting at is that when you flatten the putter it changes where the shaft "points". Which is true. However, I also THINK that will not change whether the putter is face balanced or toe balanced. For two reasons. 1 - The fulcrum doesn't change. The shaft still connects to the head in the same place. The head weight doesn't change. Some putters have adjustable weights for this very reason. 2 - Normally you don't adjust the lie angle of the putter very much anyway. You get a shorter or longer putter, perhaps just tweaking t
  11. We actually looked at getting that Ikea hybrid. The biggest problem my wife and I have is that she weighs 108 lbs and likes to sleep on a super-soft mattress. I weigh 185 and I like to sleep on a sheet of plywood with a 1/2" of give. I know, I know, sleep number is probably what we need. We actually tried the sleep number and neither of us liked it. Maybe we need to revisit. ...
  12. Oh my. Those are the same ones I have. I am 6'2" and I got the XL's. Personally I think they are great. I also have a pair that are designed as "Warm Up" sleeves. They are UA brand. I got them years ago at Dicks Sporting goods. They are a little thicker and I like to wear those on mornings when it's cool, but I know by mid-round it will warm up. I used to use the UA long sleeve warm up undershirt. But then to take that off you have to get undressed on the course. With the warm up sleeves if you get warm you can just pull them off.
  13. Do you think it will make you stop watching baseball? If the answer is no, then it's the right thing for baseball to do. Baseball already gets the hard core baseball fans to watch. This isn't for them. This is for everyone else. Let's face it, baseball TV numbers are an embarrassment. The pre-game show for Thursday Night Football gets higher ratings than a World Series Game. Baseball has to do new stuff to attract new fans. This is just the first step of what's likely to be many coming down the road.
  14. No straight putts even on the practice green?
  15. This is a very good point. I didn't think of it, but I wish I did. I would add that it would be nice if play-off / World Series baseball started before 10PM out here in the Eastern Time Zone. My son will be 11 this year and has never seen a World Series Game or a Play-off baseball game for that matter. I recently surveyed the kids in our neighborhood (about a dozen of them) and not a single one of them had ever watched a World Series Game. I'm no marketing genius, but the fact that kids aren't watching the best of the best your product has to offer can't be good for the future of th
  16. I remember that. It made the hockey game look like a video game.
  17. Hey Billy, For me it really doesn't matter. I will say this, when they first did the first down line on the football screen I used to think it was weird. I was always like "Who's watching football and doesn't understand how far they need to go to get a first down?" But, I guess it was really popular and people liked it, because you never see a game now without it. So, after a while though it just kind of disappeared to my eye. I no longer even notice it. I will say that sometimes they get a little crazy with smearing stuff all over the screen. The first down line in yellow. The line
  18. Okay, I'm a fan of the limited edition stuff. I've purchased at least one "limited edition" driver in my life. I've got 3 different pairs of limited edition True LinksWear Shoes. So, I would say I'm pro-limited edition golf equipment. But for some reason, this one just doesn't do it for me. Firstly, this putter (regular edition) is now selling everywhere for ~$199. But this version is 500 bucks. The other issue is it just doesn't seem unique or interesting enough to make me say "Wow". Am I wrong? What do you all think? Would you be interested in a Limited Edition Dustin Johnson M
  19. It's okay. He can borrow my putter and hit the 1 footer right handed. Almost every college golf team in America has done this. There are probably 40 versions of it on Youtube. It doesn't mean it isn't cool. Just not very original. Normally I see it done with 6 or 7 people. Yeah, I have enough trouble getting my one golf ball to get in the hole. I have to admit, it was nice to see folks putting into a hole without a flag in it. I kinda miss that.
  20. I'd like to apologize for my above post. which I typed while pissed off this morning. I typed this when I was just getting ready to run out and see a customer. As I was driving around I had time to reflect a bit. I typed my post right after reading all the recent posts on this thread. I should have taken a moment or two to calm down. My neighbor (a really good family man) truly did die on Friday. He is (was) the owner of a trucking company. I let my emotions get the best of me. I typed this while I was in a pissy mood. So, I came across a touch heavy handed and for that I apologize
  21. Interesting take. First off: You call me a sheep again and there will be problems. If you want to call me a sheep, please do so to my face. And when doing so you better be damned good and ready to answer politely when I ask you explain why you think so. Second off: If you are looking for somebody to support you on keeping the economy rolling, I'm your guy. I drive around the state and talk to people for a living. I haven't quit working and I don't expect to. I don't want anyone to stop working and I want the economy to be able to move along. I agree with you. We should keep work
  22. Why? ... Just why? 2021 Iron Cover Buyer's Guide | MyGolfSpy 2021 MyGolgSpy Iron Cover Buyer's Guide: Helping you to protect your investment and bring a bit of class to your golf bag.
  23. We still have the pool noodles in the holes, and/or the little mechanical ball extractors (which I kind of like... the extractors, not the noodles.). Masks inside is still a requirement. I'm totally okay with that. The weather has been better than expected so far this year, so eating outside has been my preference anyway. Golf is fairing so much better than many other activities during this pandemic. We still have a lot of people in this state who want vaccines and can't get them for one reason or another. Until that gets caught up, I don't think we'll get truly back to "normal" go
  24. I like to do it before my training sessions. Similar to what @iacas said. I'm freshest then. Ideally I find I get better results if I do a fair amount of stretching first, but that isn't always the case. I'm with you on this. Although, I'm not sure it matters what the "actual" numbers are. I just would like a small degree of consistency in it's measurement. If it was always 10 mph slow. I could deal with that. If it's 10 mph slow one swing and 10 mph fast the next... that makes my ass chew gum.
  25. EXACTLY! Scarlet Letter Yellow Ticket-of-Leave Gold 6 pointed stars It's a slippery slope.
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