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  1. I agree. Plus, I DON'T have an issue with how far they hit it. I've said it a million times. Why pull back the distance, it seems so much more exciting to just penalize the misses more.
  2. You sir, are a master of rhetoric. Are you sure you aren't a Master Debater?
  3. Wow, I guess I never thought of it that way. I sure about that math? I struggle with math after all I have a Chicago Public School Education.
  4. You and I agree on this. Having said that, I sometime (actually often) hear people say that I'm not allowed to complain if the round of 18 is less than 4 hours or if the 9 is under 2 hours. In my humble opinion that should be situation based. For example a tournament round may take a bit longer. A twosome each with his own cart should be a lot quicker. Once again, only my opinion. To your point there is a senior ladies club/league that plays I think it's Tuesday midmornings out at this course. I once played behind them. I was playing alone, and while I did wait for a bit on every teebox, It was certainly more than reasonable, after all, I was playing alone. They moved right along. Way WAY better than playing behind a corporate outing... Oh my GOD! Those things can take forever and a day!
  5. I hate the fact that you are probably right.
  6. Its a good theory, but alas no. I saw the ladies on the first green with the 2 guys right behind them. Then when the two guys were just teeing off on hole 4 (a par 5 no less) the ladies were at least completely done with 5. By the time the 2 guys were teeing off on 8, those ladies were in the parking lot.
  7. STOP BITCHING about how far guys hit the ball! If I have to hear one more golf commentator complain about how far these guys hit the golf ball I'm going to lose my mind! According to the data below the average tournament winner has improved by 5 strokes since 1960. STOP BITCHING about how far guys hit the ball! If you want to get those 5 strokes back, make the rough rougher. Or make the fairway rougher. In the 60's the rolled the greens before every tournament. I watched a thing about them getting Winged Foot ready for the US Open, they rolled the greens more than a dozen times. They rolled the FAIRWAYS more than half a dozen! I don't want two sets of equipment! I don't want two sets of rules! I don't care that guys hit it far. I actually think its pretty cool. If you want to get those 5 strokes back (and I don't even care if you do) there are plenty of ways to make the game tougher for the pros. You don't have to take the air out of the ball! (No offense to Tom Brady.) STOP BITCHING about how far guys hit the ball! Nobody in pro football bitches that the average offensive lineman weighed 251 pounds in 1960 and weighs 313 pounds today. Nobody in tennis complains that the average serve speed went from under 100 mph in 1960 to almost 120 mph today. You never hear track and field people lament "Remember the good old days when nobody could run a mile in under 4 minutes." STOP BITCHING about how far guys hit the ball!
  8. They were playing the tips. Although to be truthful the tips at this course aren't much different then the whites. An extra 150 yards spread over 9 holes. I'm not even sure they were "slow" so to speak. I mean, we played all 9 in about 2 hours. I really think they just don't know "how" to play fast. Like how to play ready golf. How to save time getting on and off the green or on and off the teebox. It always seems like some people get it. And some people don't.
  9. Okay so I played 9 holes at a local muni the other day. It is only a 9-hole course, but it is full sized 9. The groups in front of us look like this. There was me and 2 other guys, and we were walking. In front of us there was a young couple in a cart. In front of them another couple in a cart. In front of them 2 guys (each with his own cart.) In front of them 4 senior citizen ladies, all walking. To no one’s surprise, the course is getting backed up. Or course everyone assumes the 4 senior citizen ladies are the cause of all the woes. BUT NO. It turns out the 2 dudes each with his own cart have 2 open holes in front of them, maybe 2 and a half. The senior ladies are booking right along. (Yes, they were playing the forward tees, no they do not really hit it far enough to lose sight of it.) They just got to their ball and hit it. Then moved right along. Funny, how the one group who should have been the fastest on the course. Two younger guys, each with his own cart were actually the slowest players on the course. It just goes to show you never know. Personally, I think I would be a little embarrassed if I was part of a twosome, we each had our own cart, and we were holding up the course and being left behind by 4 senior citizen ladies.
  10. I'll be honest. ... ABSOLUTELY! I'm kind of a BDC Fan. I know, I know, that's not a popular stance. But a buddy of mine and I met him and he was real cool to us. He signed my buddy's F9 Driver headcover. He seemed like a good dude. Definitely a different kind of dude, and I know he's made mistakes. Yelling at the camera guy was a bad look. Going over and basically crying in the corner when he was hitting it poorly on the range, taking what was it, 45 minutes to hit a putt, those are bad moments. But I still contend he's not a bad guy. Maybe just needs to grow up a bit. But when I look back at myself 25 years ago... I did some pretty immature things as well. Okay, now back to your regularly scheduled thread.
  11. This seems like a really good idea to me. SALTED SALTED LTD. These look like a way lower cost solution to other products I've seen on the market. 200 bucks on Amazon. I think this could really be helpful to a lot of golfers. Especially those receiving "on-line" coaching. You could send your coach your numbers along with your video and provide additional data points that may really help diagnose what's going on in your swing. I'm curious what others think.
  12. This is the "right" answer. Just keep up and you'll be fine. The only other thing I'd suggest is people rarely want to play with somebody who continually talks about their game. "Man, I never hit it this poorly." "This is just not my day." "Normally, I play much better." etc... Just play. Be polite. Tell a good joke or two and enjoy the company. And for God's sake, keep up. I think that's likely the most common complaint among golfers ... slow play.
  13. Just when you thought I was out of this. I think I'm the last golfer to add their first birdie to the spreadsheet. I just haven't played the course at all this year. In previous years I played here all the time because you could walk on. So, I'd walk on as soon as my work day was over and play 9 holes. However, this year with the Covid restrictions you literally MUST have a tee-time. So, I've played a lot less when I can't just spontaneously jump out there and play. However, on Tuesday, October 6th I got to play 9 and made 2 birdies. I birdied hole 4 (par 5) and hole 6 (par 3). On Saturday, October 10th, I birdied hole 5 (par 4).
  14. I think I little part of all of us just died today. This is just one more example of a time when "the rules" become more important than common sense.
  15. Seriously? it's just golf. I'd be happy I played well enough to have a shot at my personal best. If I lamented anything at all, I'd be more likely annoyed by the tee shot that put me in that position than the outcome of the shot itself. But again, in truth I'd just be happy I played well. I'd be looking forward to playing again.
  16. Oh this is a no brainer. I'm going through the gap. I figure if I've played well enough to be going for my personal best, I must be hitting it pretty well. In that case I am very confident and I'm going through the gap. BTW - If I'm having the worse round of my life I'm going for it as well. May as well try to end on a good note, and if you foul it up, it's been a terrible round anyway.
  17. Should I be ashamed of myself for chuckling at your Gary Player comment.
  18. I know I've asked this before, but can Aimpoint be learned indoors? I was thinking of a winter learning activity.
  19. Wow, that feels like a lot for one lesson. Is this the kind of instructor you go see once and then will take another lesson from him a year from now? If so, I guess I get it. If this is the kind of instructor you go see regularly then this feels like way too much for one lesson.
  20. Well, to be truthful, I'd be very worried about anyone that couldn't take me in a rumble. 🤣 Even if he takes his shirt off and looks like an anatomy chart, I still think he's a long way from the kind of bulk that actually starts destroying your flexibility. Amazingly, in the face of tons of evidence to the contrary, it's still a common misconception that muscular people aren't flexible. That's simply not true. If you work on your flexibility while you gain muscle there's no reason you can't be built like a Greek God and still be very flexible.
  21. There's a PXG fitter in Huntsville and a few near Birmingham.
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