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  1. So, twice in as many days somebody has said “Not my problem” to me. This morning I was out shoveling my driveway, as I am sure many of you were. It is also garbage/recycling day. I drug my cans to the curb. My neighbor took his cans to the curb as well. I said “Hello”. He and I chatted, and I noticed he put his cans right in front of his mailbox. Which he pretty much does every week. So, I mentioned to him that I noticed for the mail-lady to deliver his mail she has to get out of her truck, because she can’t pull the mail truck right up to his mailbox with the cans there. It is like
  2. Opinions are like backsides, everyone has one, and everyone else's stinks. But if you had any length of time away I'd start back at level one.
  3. Just some questions for those of you starting level 2. Are you guys doing the kneeling swings or are you doing the feet together swings? If you are doing the kneeling are you putting a mat or pillow or something under your knees? I did my first day of level 2 yesterday and I felt slower than mud in the winter time.
  4. Okay, I started level 2 training today. My speed was way down. Not sure if it's because I just started the new training or if I ate too big of a lunch... could go either way. Looking forward to the rest of this week to see if level 2 training makes me at least feel faster.
  5. This. I was a mile closed before.
  6. Personally, I would only hit pitch shots with P-Wedge down to L-wedge. For chipping, on the other hand, I'll go all the way up through 6 iron depending on the situation.
  7. It looks like I'm a little too long with the irons. Looks even more too long with the driver
  8. That's The Golf Center in Dublin. The Golf Center – SportsOhio It's a pretty good place. Grass tees (in good weather), two levels of heated (sort of) bays. Short game area. It even has a par 3 course you can play for a few bucks. Nice place and it's near a customer of mine, so I try to get to see that customer when ever I can.
  9. The plan for the rest of February: Continue to work on my swing path. Continue to practice setting up with my feet square to my target line. Work on my swing path Maintain my the club face control gains I have made Work on my swing path Work drills to improve my release... currently I think its a bit of a power leak. Work on my swing path SuperSpeed Training Work on my swing path
  10. I'm still working on swing path. It is way better than it was, but I still need to release the club more out to the right. My tendency is still to slide across the ball. Getting better, but still needs work. These next couple of pictures are just to show that I feel like I'm making improvements. This is no where near as dreadful as it was. My aim is improving dramatically. I'm still working at finding a zero path. It's getting better, but more path work to come. This is just nice to see. This line has been way inside the ball and or way outside the ball at
  11. Okay, Been working on my swing path and set up since February 1st. Here's some video from February 12. By the way, it was pretty cold, about 25 degrees out when I took these. I've been working on setting up with my feet square to the target line. In theory, it should take no athletic talent what-so-ever to set up straight. Yet, I'm still working on it. For a few months now I've been working on face control. I think I'm getting a ton better in this regard. One of the things I've been working hard on and still haven't gotten it right is keeping
  12. Hi we'll like to help you. There are a number of Ben Hogan collectors out there. You probably will have better luck getting good information if you post a photo or two. I'm sure that will help.
  13. Check out this guy. He's incredibly handsome in his bucket style hat. Who is that guy? Looks like a Chicago Public School Graduate. In all seriousness, my father in law has suffered from Skin Cancer for 20 years now. Therefore, my wife makes sure I have plenty of sunblock and a nice stock of UA Cool-Black Bucket hats (I have 3 of them. Black, Blue, and Grey) Oddly, they are always called cool black even when they are a different color. I like the bucket hats when I don't feel like globing the sunblock on my ears and neck. *Trivia* The most common location for recreational gol
  14. I have two words for you... BATMAN... Wait, maybe that's only one word??? .... Hmmm... Oh hell, Damned you, Chicago Public School!
  15. At this point in your post you were my hero. At this point in your post a small tear formed in the corner of my eye.
  16. Clearly, not an engineering school. Fortunately, the university I attended also offered a college of nursing and a college of teaching.
  17. Hmmm... I've never been a ChemE. I got my degree in Electrical Engineering (can't spell geek without double E!). Anyway, fluid power engineers spend most of their time working on 3 major things. First, they attempt to turn power from a prime mover (Electric motor or diesel engine usually) into hydraulic power (traction drive or work function usually) in the most efficient way possible based on the application. So, they spend a lot of time trying to understand duty cycles and torque curves and muscle charts. Then they blend all of that together to try to produce the most work for the least amou
  18. I think your set make up looks fine. I do not at all think you are too top heavy. You may get varied opinions on this but I think as long as you have a club which you feel confident you can use from a greenside bunker, you have what you need at the bottom end. Beginning golfers aren't likely to pull off a lot of flop shots, so simple chipping is probably way more important. If you can chip with a few of the clubs at the bottom end, that's probably fine. Dang, you beat me to it. I was going to jokingly suggest a putter.
  19. Way back in the stone age when I went to college it was 3% female. By the way, we have tons of experienced folks retiring or about to retire right now too. Ha ha... Thanks, brother. You put a smile on my face this morning. I want to answer your question, but it really depends on a lot of factors. I hate giving out numbers because it sets certain expectations. I'm sure if you ask somebody else in my industry from Texas, from the West Coast, from the South East and somebody from North Dakota you'll get vary different answers. I'll give you this:
  20. Speaking of "The Heavy Putter". I found this review which was, I believe, written by @iacas way back in 2005. B3 Heavy Putter Review (Clubs, Review) - The Sand Trap I have to say, I agree with this review. It is exactly the way I remember "The Heavy Putter". I even had the exact same model that @iacas tested to write this up. Anyway, The Heavy Putter was in my bag for about half a season.
  21. Oh man, that reminds me. I had a heavy putter for one season. I totally forgot about that. Even to this day, I still tend to prefer a heavier putter.
  22. The "spline" on a steel shaft is where the rolled steel is welded together. With graphite shafts as said above they have a consistent radial geometry. What I find interesting is that even with rolled steel shafts there is no universally accepted answer. Some say spline up, some spline down, some say spline back, some say spline forward.
  23. No way, MAN! That Polish Sausage Is Awesome! .....
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