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  1. Sounds like your luck to have your wife. Glad to hear you are recovering.
  2. I read a really interesting article the other day. Which I can't seem to find now to link it up. If I find it, I'll link it. Anyway, like 25 million Americans have been vaccinated so far. Of those like 190 have died. At first you're likely to think "Holy Shit! 190 have died!!!!" However, the article goes on to say that if you take into account the age and medical condition of the 25 million who have been vaccinated that more like 500 should have died by now. The 190 who've died all died from things other than being vaccinated. Well, there is that doctor in Miami, the jury is still ou
  3. You are of course right. It just kind of shows where the interest lies. Back when 20% of the US population were farmers. The farm kids naturally gravitated toward fluid power. It made sense, they'd worked on farm equipment their whole lives. They found it interesting. Now that 2% of the US population are farmers. ... There are just fewer kids that are interested in fluid power. Hell, I was an electrical engineering graduate and ended up in fluid power, so of course it can be done. It is just an indicator of interest level. The US has a shortage of engineers in general, and a HUGE sh
  4. I just got a phone call. Recorded message starting with the phrase "Don't hang up...." Apparently, if I want to I can pay $100 to move my name to the top of the list to receive a COVID vaccination. If I pay $160 I can move my entire family up. I think there's a special place in Hell for the folks who run these scams.
  5. Ditto. It's been a while since I've played on a simulator. But I agree with you.
  6. Christ in a cartoon, that's a long course!!!!!!!! Me (on the tee-box): "So, is this a par 5 or just a long par 4?" Playing partner: "Ah, this is a par 3" Me (pulling driver from the bag): "Seriously?"
  7. The industry I am in, "Fluid Power" values millennials and GEN Z very heavily. Almost every company in my industry would hire a millennial or a GEN Z in a heartbeat. That's why we have seminars on "How to attract millennials." A quick stat from the seminar. In 1980 The Milwaukee School of Engineer graduated 121 Fluid Power Engineers. Last year they graduated one. We get it. We are not a flashy industry. The big problem in my industry is that millennials and GEN Z just aren't interested in fluid power. The industry is seen as "old technology". It's true it's not exactly cutting edge by an
  8. Post video footage of a shot with each iron. You'll get a lot better help that way. If you have a MySwing thread you can put it there. Otherwise we are all kind of guessing.
  9. Ha ha, forced. I love it. Same weather here, my brother. This morning I awoke to more of the white death falling from the sky.
  10. If this is true. It pisses me off. Houston Doctor Fired for Giving Away Doses of Covid Vaccine - The New York Times Ten doses of the Covid-19 vaccine would expire within hours, so a Houston doctor gave it to people with medical conditions, including his wife. What followed was “the lowest moment in my life,” Dr. Hasan Gokal said. I've heard this dozens of times. That they throw away doses if people don't show or if they don't have enough "eligible" people to get the shot. Come on folks get the shots into people's arm already!
  11. I'll take both Celebrities and Pros. Once in a while there's an interesting Celebrity. That and its kind of different so, why not?
  12. Again, I'm hoping things change. Lots of things in Ohio have changed.... Like the Browns and Bengals used to suck..... 🥴
  13. I'm hoping things change. My folks said that even Illinois' news broadcasts are mocking Ohio for being the slowest state to roll out vaccinations. MSN put us dead last in vaccination roll-out just last week. Hopefully, the powers that be here in Ohio are taking note and getting their shit together. Although, the governor did say that he doesn't want to vaccinate anyone under the age of 65 (unless they are a teacher) until at least next month.
  14. Crap, Type-O I meant 2022
  15. Yeah, I signed up. Of course when I did I asked when can I expect to get one. They asked me 3 questions. "How old are you?", "Do you have any of these conditions?", "Do you work an essential job?" (I swear to Christ they said "Do you work an essential job?" I felt kind of insulted, but I said "No, my job isn't essential.") Anyhow, their response was "We will put you on the list, but don't expect to get vaccinated until 2021."
  16. Cool. Good for you. My folks live in Illinois and they got there's too. They said they had no ill effects at all. Even my mom, who is seemingly allergic to everything, said her arm was a little sore, but no more so than any other "shot" she's ever received. Here in Ohio they are still telling us that if you under the age of 65, reasonably healthy and do not work in an "essential" job, you should not expect to get one this year. .... ARRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By time I get a vaccination the virus will have mutated so many times, it will likely be completely irrelevan
  17. I was just being a smart ass.... Perhaps, I need another cup of coffee this morning.
  18. New York's an island.... 😜
  19. Okay, not sure if this is completely legal according to the rules of this thread. But it looks like 2192 to me.
  20. This is really interesting. First chance I get I'll try to test my radar. I have occasional access to a trackman. I think my radar seems consistent if not accurate. But it's good information to have.
  21. Back when "The Harvester" in Rhodes, Iowa was a daily fee course I played it from the tips with some knuckleheads who thought playing the tips was a good idea. I believe it measures just under 7350 from back there. Personally, I think the course is very over-rated. But I've played it a bunch and had fun a lot of fun there. It's also the only place I've ever witnessed an actual albatross. A buddy of mine hit driver/5-wood on one of the par 5's. It was pretty cool.
  22. I think you are supposed to get tested for steroids.
  23. Dang, if only I had a spare 2 billion lying around I'd purchase TaylorMade Golf. Report: TaylorMade Golf up for sale by private equity firm KPS Capital Three-plus years after KPS Capital Partners acquired TaylorMade from Adidas, the equipment manufacturer could be on the verge of changing hands once again. It's funny how people talk. I heard that Taylormade was up for sale from a couple old guys at the driving range. (Yes, they were even older than me.) They were positioning it as "See, I told you Taylormade sucks." They were kind of mocking the br
  24. Yeah, I guess maybe I should have said pop concert? ...
  25. I disagree. Firstly, I don't think anyone has "dumped on" JV. (Especially not unfairly) I know I've commented over and over again in this thread that if JV's style gets you out playing golf where you otherwise can't than by all means use it. If you like it, by all means use it. Like you, I'm not sure I've read every comment on this thread, but the overwhelming majority have said. It's a method that is effective. But only going to take you so far. Neither of these people use JV's swing. There's NEVER been ANY ARGUEMENT that there are more than one way to hit a golf ball. THA
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