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  1. There's a PXG fitter in Huntsville and a few near Birmingham.
  2. Greetings and welcome to the forum. I don't know your instructor. Having said that. If you want to play golf then go play golf. If you want to put on more muscle than put on more muscle. I really can't think of a reason not to play golf if that's what you want to do. Did you ask your instructor why he doesn't want you on a golf course? As far as muscle goes, just continue to work on your flexibility. 5' 11" and 175 is a long way from over-muscled. At some point your muscles will affect your ability to move, but you aren't there.
  3. @boogielicious The sandwich was great. That made me laugh out loud. This will be my last calendar cover, I swear.
  4. I'm glad that story had a happy ending. 😃
  5. Chipped in for birdie on number 7 at Bent Tree Golf Course. Nobody else in my group made better than a double bogey so I also gained at least 3 strokes on the field.
  6. Welcome back to the game and welcome to the forum. How far do you hit your 4 iron? If you hit it 180 and you hit your driver 185, there's no room or need for a club in between. If you hit your driver 185 and your 4 iron 100, there's a lot of room. You may need a couple of clubs up in that end of the bag. Personally, when I was a youngster I hated hybrids. As I've reached a certain maturity, now I love them and carry 2 of them which fit between my 3 wood and 5 iron in terms of distance.
  7. I suppose 2 rubber bands and an alignment stick stuck in the ground would likely work?? Geez, when you put it that way....
  8. I can tell you this much. I can't solve anything other than a set-up issue in 3 weeks. Now, you may be (likely are) more coordinated than I am. But I still suggest being patient. Along with what everyone else in this thread is telling you. Only work on one thing at a time. Good luck and hang in there.
  9. Ha! The range is actually fine. It's a really good facility. It just doesn't lend itself to filming the caddie view. They have dividers between the stalls. The upside is it was probably the first place to open after the COVID lockdown. In truth they have a place where I could film caddie view, it's totally open. But I'd need to get a tripod or something to set up my camera ... phone.
  10. I am starting to realize that I will probably not play golf with my dad ever again. (I hope I'm wrong.) I only played with him one time (9 holes) in the last 2 years. He and I have played I don't know how many rounds together. Realizing that we aren't likely to play together again makes me really appreciate the memories I have of him on the golf course. Additionally, I really cherish the pictures of I have of him and I playing together. Especially, the ones of he and I playing in period clothing during a "Hickory Tournament". Therefore, I thought I'd create a thread in which everyone can post their Favorite (or favorites) Golf Picture, snapshot or Photo. Just post the picture and tell us about it. Where was it taken, When, What do you like about it, etc... I'll start with this one: I love this photo. It is me and my dad the last time we played a Hickory Tournament. It was back in 2013. It wasn't the last time we played together, but it was the last Hickory Tournament we played together. As you can tell, we wore period clothing. My dad loves golf and loves to play all of the what I call "weirdo" tournaments. He loves the Chili Open (Golf in the middle of winter usually in the snow), He loves Hickory tournaments (Okay admittedly not really weirdo), He loves Tournaments that tee off at midnight with glow-in-the-dark golf balls. To be truthful, he's a pretty terrible golfer. Has very very rarely broken 100, even after playing the game for 50 years. But he always has a great attitude. He enjoys the game. And he usually springs for lunch. He also doesn't believe in the 14 club rule. His bag has like 20 clubs in it and weights a metric ton. Looking back, I wish I would have taken up the game when I was younger. I could have had some memories of he and I playing when I was a kid. Instead, they are all of he and I with me as an adult. They are great memories. So, that's my favorite golf picture. What's yours?
  11. Granted I've played far less golf this year than move previous years. However, I've only yelled "Fore" once this year and it was for one of the guys I was paired up with.
  12. High Functioning Flip (HFF). I love it! You'd never know it now, but 10-12 years ago I fought a terrible snap hook which almost made me want to quit the game.
  13. Okay, so I've been working hard almost entirely on slow swings. With a bunch of 1/2 swing 7-irons pushing them out to the right. I've gotten back to where I'm at least not embarrassing myself anymore. The last two rounds were pretty okay. Both at Bent Tree GC, both off the blue tees. I shot an 89 on September 11. It was kind of a weird round. I only hit great Tee-Shots and Awful Ones. Then next round was September 25th and it was much better. Very stress free golf. I shot an 81. (Admittedly it was helped by a chip in birdie on number 7 and a long birdie putt on number 11). The 81 was a nice round. Not everything was perfect, but nothing was dreadful either. I never had to hit 3 from the tee and I kept the ball mostly out of trouble. I had a bunch of NGIR's. It was very steady. I did hit into 4 greenside bunkers. I was 1 for 4 on sand saves. But I had at least a reasonable putt to make the save on the other 3 (I missed one inside 5 feet). I know my swing isn't perfect right now, but its becoming very reliable again. Having a reasonable idea where the ball is going makes golf a lot more fun. Anyway, I finally went to the other range today to get some video. I really can't get video at my local range, at least no caddie view. Again, I know it isn't perfect but it is relatively consistent right now. Here's where I am. (These are all stock 7 irons. I'm trying to have no swing thoughts. I just visualize myself hitting the ball dead at the target and pull the trigger.)
  15. Wow, thanks for the extensive review of this course. I don't have a good enough memory to comment specifically on any of these. I'm going to have to go back through my Arccos data and refresh my memory, then I can comment. The course is like a 2-1/2 hour drive for me as well, but it's a course we normally like to play when we do sales team events. Plus I used to have customers up in that neck of the woods so I'd play it with them once in a while. I've always enjoyed my experiences at the course. Of course, none of us play at the level of you or @saevel25. AND, I've I've never played it while it was soggy. I really do appreciate the review you and @saevel25 gave. I've always thought of this as one of the premium type courses in the upper Ohio area, so most of my Ohio friends rave about it.
  16. Okay, I played 18 holes last week and did my usual just get what ever open tee-time exists and allow the course to pair me up. So, I get put in with a twosome of guys in the their mid-20's. On the first hole one of them hits his ball into the left rough. We are looking around for it and I see a Vice Ball less than a foot off the fairway. "Hey man, what kind of ball do you play?" I ask. The guy walks over to me and extends his arm like he's going to hand me an invisible sandwich. He looks down at his arm and says "What kind do you think I play?" I look and he's got the Vice logo tattooed on the underside of his left forearm. ... i'm like "Oh, well then. I think this is your ball." The two were good guys and I enjoyed the round we played together. I never did ask the one guy why he was so loyal to Vice Balls to get their logo tattooed on his forearm. I did notice the other guy played a mixed assortment of what I'm guessing were either found or recycled golf balls.
  17. ChetlovesMer


    I think I've played with that guy. He goes with that "Well, I didn't really try. I'm sure I would have made it if I'd tried." I told him that nonchalant putts count just as much as chalant putts.
  18. @saevel25 I had to go back and check my Arccos data. The last time I played Boulder Creek was actually Late July 2017.... not 2019 or even 2018. So, it's been a lot longer than I thought since I've played there. Wow, time flies. Anyhow, I only have 2 rounds of Arccos data for Boulder Creek. I played them both from the blue tees. I do know that I played a company outing there from the whites as well. I don't remember the difference between the blue and the white being particularly dramatic except for one of the par 3's. Anyhow, according to Accos I was playing pretty well (for me) the last time I played there. I averaged just under 260 yards with the driver. (That's total distance, not carry ... obviously, Arccos data is always total distance). According to Arccos, both times I played it looks like hole 13 and 15 gave me a lot of trouble (I averaged nearly a triple bogey over the 2 rounds on those 2 holes). Otherwise I played okay. I had birdies on 2, 6, 11, and 18... not all in the same round. Anyway, that's neither here nor there. What I was interested in is that you rated the condition of the course very low, 6/10. I seem to remember it being in great condition. (Albeit, except for the range balls.) With the number of courses which have closed in Ohio, I really hope that place doesn't fall into disrepair. If I ever get my game back to reasonable. I'll get up there and give it another shot and report back to you.
  19. I find your assessment very interesting. I've played Boulder Creek a few times (Maybe 4 times between 2018 and 2019). I've always played it during the day on a weekday and, admittedly, not since the COVID thing began. All the times I've played it I'd say the pace of play was very good. 6 or 7 out of 10. Again, I've only played on weekdays, during the day. Similarly, the condition has normally been very good. I will say this, the one BIG complaint I've had about Boulder Creek is their range balls. Yeah, weird, I know. But seriously their range balls were the WORST I've ever seen, and I've played some real goat tracks. Many of them would barely qualify as a ball. The last time I was there, 2019, I asked for my money back from the range bucket I hit. They gave it to me without even a discussion. You could literally hit clumps of dirt and get the same warm up as hitting what tumbled out of the range ball machine. Other than the range ball thing. I've truly enjoyed all the rounds I've played there. I've even liked the food. I hope it hasn't fallen down.
  20. I remember a guy I used to play with occasionally back in the 90's who had a heavy headcover. The head cover looked completely normal, but if you picked it up you realized that it weighed way more than a normal head cover. His had a Velcro closure so it stayed on very well. He would swing it really hard and I never saw it fly off. I'm guessing that he had turned it inside out and sewn a bag of lead shot into the top of the cover, but not really sure. He used it for exactly the purpose of keeping his back loose. At the time he said it was legal and none of us ever really gave it much thought. Looking back it seems kind of shady now.
  21. I heard a new one today. Somebody on the radio was talking about how Bryson DeChambeau was able to put on so much mass. According to the particular talking head it was because Bryson knows "how to breath". I guess the idea is if you breath in a certain way you are able to increase the restfulness of your sleep and the effectiveness of your digestion. Both of these in turn help you recover from your workouts. This, supposedly, led to his putting on extra muscle. I forgot the method of breathing he claims works for this so I quickly googled it. Sure enough its called breathing with your brain in a parasympathetic state. So, there's your answer.
  22. Did you ever get on one of those rants where you are rolling along and then you look up and you realize you're all of sudden arguing things that don't even make sense? I've been there. Happened to me last night having a argument discussion with my wife. I got so dug in I looked up and realized I was arguing for shit I didn't even care about an not even making sense at that. I've always been a Gary Player fan, but I think he got off the rails here.
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