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  1. "The cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon, little boy blue and the man on the moon, when you coming home son, I don't know when... We'll get together then, dad. You know we'll have a good time then...." Great post, jetsknicks1.
  2. Interesting discussion. It may depend on the course. For example, The first time my group travelled out to Nevada and played Wolf Creek in Mesquite, it took us like 5 hours. It didn't feel slow. That same group playing our home track almost never took more than 3 hours to play 18. Both courses are par 72. But familiarity makes a difference and not all 72's are created equal.
  3. I have no idea if this works or doesn't. Having said that, all I could think about when watching this video is that there should have been a hard stop system and mechanical release for his robot. The skeptic in me kept thinking there was a possibility that the guy doesn't pull it back as far when he has the non-pro-core putter and hitting it off the toe. (Human nature, you want something to be true so your subconscious makes it true even if your conscious is telling you to try to be fair.) Similarly, I would have liked a controlled surface. The putts being off line could be the result of them losing speed and falling downward, when if they had more speed they would have held the line better. Again, I don't know if this device works or not. I'm just saying if they wanted me to be convinced there were definitely some ways to improve their "test".
  4. In 2019 I have a practice goal and a scoring goal. Practice Goal: I'm going to work on balance. Literally... balance... when I was putting together my VLOG I noticed that I tend to fall out of my finish because I'm often off balance. Scoring goal: Shot at least one round 9 or 18 at even or under par. To date, my best score is 5 over on 18 and 2 over on 9.
  5. Thanks, I appreciate the input. My goal for 2019 is going to be working on balance. And literally I mean not falling out of my finish. I noticed when I was putting together the video that I tend to fall out of it pretty often.
  6. Yay, I got this in the right place. Okay, here's my VLOG. I shot all of this myself way back in August using my own Samsung Galaxy S8. I didn't have a tripod or anything so I just put the phone on the cart, or a head cover or used 4 tees to make a little stand for it on the ground. Anyway, the footage is good and bad. A couple times the phone fell over, but most of the 9 holes is here. The other issue I had was that it was pretty windy that day and all you hear on the audio is horrible wind noise. So, I edited out nearly all the audio. I replace it with music from Here Come the Mummies. (Hey I was working on Halloween stuff recently so... eh?) Anyway, I welcome comments on my swing, my pre-shot routine (that's a joke cuz I don't have one.). Let me know if you like the video. What I can do better, anything you like. I'd like to do more of these. It's kinda fun to do when you're playing alone.
  7. I'd like to put it in the course vlog thread. I just can't seem to figure out how to imbed the YouTube video into the post.
  8. Yeah, I'd missed 2 reasonably easy birdie puts on 3 and 5, so that par save felt pretty good.
  9. Here's my very first video log. I shot this with my Samsung Galaxy S8 on a windy day way back in August. I didn't use a tripod or anything. I just set my phone on the cart, or on a head cover, or just made a little stand for it with 4 golf tees. I decided to take out nearly all the sound. To be honest it was brutally annoying. All you heard was the wind. (As I mentioned it was windy) So I put music in the background. I happened to be working on some Halloween stuff recently so I had "Here Come the Mummies" songs handy. If you don't like The Mummies' music you could turn the sound off and be no worse off. Please comment on the video. Comment on my swing. Comment on my pre-shot-routine (or lack there of.) Let me know what you think. I'm guessing I should also post this over in the Vlogs thread?
  10. All things considered, You played great. A wise man told me you can only control what you can control. Once the ball is on it's way you did your part.
  11. Darn, those Simpsons. I can't watch this video. I'm just giggling thinking that dude sounds just like Groundskeeper Willie.
  12. I truly fail to understand what the point of this discussion is. And it has gone on forever, invading one thread and now with a life of it's own. If you are trying to say getting older sucks, then okay, you're right, but so what? I have to clip my nose-hair now more than I did 30 years ago too. I still expect that next year I will card my first round under par. If you are saying we can't get better at golf as we get older, to that I say I feel very sorry for you for believing that. I'm almost 50 and my handicap as I type this is literally the lowest it has ever been in my life. Like I said, I plan to card my first round under par next year. If you are saying after somebody reaches their peak they start to decline. No F-ing $hit, that's the definition of "PEAK"! I've been playing golf since the early 90's and my game has "peaked" many times. Lebron James has been in the NBA for 15 years, he's "peaked" several times as well. You only recognize it as a peak when you look in the rearview mirror. To agree or disagree, prove you wrong, prove you right.... who f-ing cares. What's your flipping point? Iacas, if you have to delete my post I understand. I'm annoyed with this conversation, yet I can't help myself but to click on it. … Is this the definition of being trolled?
  13. Come on now! Next thing your are going to tell me is that the Hammer isn't really the world's longest driver. Or that isn't not really turning the golf world upside-down.
  14. I must be an outlier. Because personally I love the Volvik Orange Sherbet color. The standard orange isn't great, but the sherbet is the shiznit! BTW - I played with a dude using black volvik golf balls the other day. The black was super easy to see in the sky. Couldn't see it on the ground to save my life. But I was thinking it would be great if the range I use would switch to black golf balls. Sometimes the way the sun hits the range it makes it really difficult to see the range balls.
  15. Quick question related to slow play. If you are in a foursome and there's nobody in front of you. A single comes up behind you. Is it proper etiquette to ask the single if he/she wants to play through, or is it proper etiquette for the single to ask to play through? My normal move is to ask if the single wants to tee off with us on this hole and then just play through from there?
  16. I don't mead to be rude, but why on Earth would you do this? The trick doesn't have enough "Oh WOW!" in it to be worth the risk of taking a skulled 8-iron to the family jewels. I mean the trick just isn't that cool. I mean you could put a longer stick on it and stick it in the ground and get the same effect. Or keep your same stick and move it closer. After watching many seasons of The Big Break, popping a balloon just doesn't have the cool factor of shattering the glass.
  17. Hi gang, I sometimes carry a Cobra F7 hybrid. I really like it. For me it's the club I use if I'm in nasty junk and I still want to try to advance the ball. In truth I very rarely hit it off a descent lie. For that purpose it works great. I'm not sure if the baffler rails really help or if they are just marketing. But either way it seems to work for me. I have an H3 adjusted to be much more of an H4. BTW - I also like the loft adjustment on it. Okay so I got a chance to test out the new F8 hybrid. First of all, it isn't adjustable... but I guess that's okay. What I didn't like was that I absolutely could not hit it straight. For me, it went pretty far left or if not, then it went really far left. For me the club was all but useless. I'm curious if others have tried it. If you have did you like it? Do you carry one? If so, are you a person who fights a slice? The F8 might be a Godsend for those who struggle to keep their ball from going right.
  18. Here's my Arccos data. My handicap right now is actually under 9. But I generally hover around 10. BTW - I know there are more than 14 clubs here. I often adjust the mix of clubs in my bag. Like many others have said I don't hit full shots with sand wedge or lob wedge.
  19. I've known hockey players who are also in that category.
  20. I was just thinking that I've subbed out my 4-iron, with a cross over, then switched to a hybrid, then back to a 4-iron, then back to the cross over, then back to the hybrid. I've also played 2 different drivers this season. On the other hand I've been playing the same irons 5-PW for almost 10 years. In my entire golf life of 25 years I've only had 3 putters for any substantial amount of time. My last switched actually occurred when my current putter broke (the bag fell off the cart.) I replaced my wedges but that was just going to a newer Titleist Vokey. As my previous wedges were 6 years old. I'm always tinkering with the top of the bag, but almost never change the bottom of the bag.... hmmm? I don't know what that means but it's interesting. … well, at least to me.
  21. Like many golfers I have a bag of 14. When I play a normal round of 18 all of them come with me. I will say that I'm constantly tweaking the line up of clubs. I actually have 18 clubs from which to select said 14. Sometimes a 3 wood, sometimes a mini-driver, sometimes this driver, sometimes that one, sometimes the 4-iron, sometimes the driving iron, sometimes the hybrid, sometimes one of 2 different gap wedges. PW through 9 are always the same, and have been for 10 years. My sand wedge and LW are always the same and so is my putter. Having said all of that. I like getting out for a quick 9 after work and in doing so I'll carry 7-8 clubs. I take the evens one day the odds the next. Plus sometimes the LW sometimes the SW sometimes no driver, sometimes no 3 wood. What ever. I helps my brain think it's way around the golf course. It also builds my confidence in clubs that perhaps I wouldn't use all the time. I learn to hit different shots. Lastly it's just plain lighter to carry.
  22. My 3 wood is technically a mini-driver. I have an SLD from Taylormade. I really like it. I hit it about 85% how far I hit the driver off a tee. With about 80% in the fairway or at least the first cut. Off the deck the mini-driver is really feast or famine. To me it's all about the turf conditions. If the turf is soft, or a little longer grass than normal it seems like a can hit it great off the deck. Tight-cut hardpan and I've got to be really precise or it can get ugly. Normally if the ground is hard and tightly cut I'll go 5 wood instead.
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