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  1. I'm guessing here. Perhaps they are worried about the unintended consequences for the unvaccinated. They've told me time and time again. I'm not likely to get vaccinated anytime soon. So me and thousands like me have to go around with our masks on. If they say "Hey vaccinated folks, you can go to the grocery store without your masks." Now, your local Kroger has to figure out who's been vaccinated and who's has not. "You! Wear your mask!" ... "You, You're fine without one." Firstly, I don't think the 17 year old kid working at Kroger can be saddled with that kind of responsibility.
  2. By the way, I'm not doubting your results. I'm just curious how you know it's 16 yards? and if you were fit for the old gamer because I'm wondering if and when that kind of a jump in yardage could be available to the rest of us.
  3. Sorry, didn't realize there was 40 something pages on this. I vote no also. I've always thought it was weird to even suggest that it should be. I mean where does it all end? What's next? If a ball takes an odd bounce are we going to move it to "where it would have been if not for the odd bounce?"
  4. Congratulations. 16 yards is a ton. I'm curious. First, how did you arrive at 17 yards? Did you hit a bunch with your old gamer and then hit the SIM2? Second, What did you replace with the SIM2? And had you been fitted for that one?
  5. I've heard this rule suggested over and over again. I'm interested to hear what you all think. Should free drops be allowed from fairway divots? What about pick clean and place from a fairway divot? Golf World Reacts To Paige Spiranac’s Bold Rules Suggestion Is golf in need of a rules change? Paige Spiranac believes so after watching the final round of the Arnold Palmer Invitational on Sunday. On the final hole of the tournament, Lee Westwood smoked his drive down the fairway...
  6. It sits on my desk too. No better product in my opinion.
  7. We will never know. Maybe the ball "heard" me maybe it didn't?
  8. I only ask because I've been told there's a relationship between getting or not getting Chicken Pox as a kid and getting Shingles.
  9. Seriously? Okay I wanted to make some sort of smart ass comment, but I'll resist the urge as it isn't likely to be as funny as what @woodzie264 posted anyway. Here's my advice take video of yourself hitting a ball with your hat on. Then take video hitting the ball without your hat. Take down the line and caddy view. Start a My Swing Thread and post them on this forum. I feel pretty certain that your hat has very little to do with shanking or not shanking. It's more likely the thing under your hat causing the issue. I'm betting if you have a real shanking problem with your hat, that pr
  10. Okay so I'm chatting with this young golfer. (Like in his 20's or something.) He asked me a question to which I was forced to say I have no idea. Can engraving or stamping be removed from a club? The kid has a Scotty Cameron Putter. It is an older model and he likes it, but it has somebody else's initials stamped on it. Obviously he got it second hand. The initials are stamped and filled with paint. I told him you can remove the paint with jellied paint thinner, but I didn't know how to get rid of the stamping. Anyone have any ideas?
  11. On May 23, 2013 I was teeing off on the par 3, 15th at Otter Creek Golf Course, in Ankeny, Iowa. I56 yards to the flag. I hit an 8 iron right at it. Just as the ball landed I said "Get in the hole." and it did!! So, it does happen. ...just not all that often.
  12. Firstly, I know my father had shingles a few years back. It was annoying but he seemed to get past it pretty quickly. So, I hope you too, have a speedy recovery. Oh, and one quick question: Did you have Chicken Pox as a kid?
  13. Looks like I may have jumped the shark.
  14. BTW - Do you know the difference between a Ch!cago Pu8blic Sch00L Graduate and a Large Pizza? -... A Large Pizza can feed a family of four.
  15. You know it, brother.
  16. That's a good point. The clubs you may love, I may hate. I also read the MyGolfSpy stuff. But sometimes they get a little full of themselves. Like with all things, it can be helpful to get information and listen to opinions. However, everyone needs to decide for themselves what makes sense and what doesn't. You hit the nail on the head with one man's junk is another man's treasure.
  17. What you only play 9 holes.... JK. I've had a ton of carry bags in my life. I have always preferred hoofing it. Sun Mountain, as others have mentioned are really good. Here's a tip, do you have a Dunhams Sporting Goods near you? If so, they always have coupons for like 20% off any purchase. (sign up for their emails and you'll get one.) Walking into a Dunhams around here is like going back in time. Everything they have seems to be the model from 2 to 5 years ago. There prices are really cheap and I don't think bag technology has advanced much in the last 2-5 years. My suggestion, go
  18. Nicely played, @woodzie264. A quick aside. I know a bit off topic, but forgive me. Waiting on the first tee about 2 years ago there were a group of golfers totally making fun of Paige Spiranac. They were making fun of the fact that she didn't made it on the LPGA tour. They were really throwing her some heavy shade. ... In my head, I'm like none of you made it on the tour either. As a matter of fact an uncoordinated 49-year-old electrical engineer is probably going to beat you by 10 strokes, while you play by "winter rules".
  19. Special thank you to @sjduffers who set me straight on this thread. I totally misinterpreted something I heard on the radio and @sjduffersset me straight. I thank him for not calling me an idiot, but instead just kindly pointing out that I was in error. Thanks, for setting me straight.
  20. Okay, I went back and researched this and I owe everyone a huge apology. I WAS WRONG. What @sjduffers said is correct. I heard the stat on the radio and misinterpreted it. My bad. My bad. The "official" waste for Ohio at this time stands around 180 doses. It's hard to say how accurate that is, but certainly it's more accurate than what I thought. Please forgive me. I misheard or misunderstood or was just plain stupid.
  21. I might suggest for that for golf, doing explosive leg workouts and core workouts to build speed and power might be more effective than training chest and arms...
  22. I hope you are correct. That would make me feel a lot better.
  23. I 100% agree. Don't waste a drop. We have to get to 65% to 80% of folks vaccinated. We aren't going to get there by throwing the vaccines in the trash.
  24. Wow! That price is re-god-damned-diculous! Especially since I can see that thing dumping my clubs all over my trunk. Plus, you gotta get a completely different bag if you ever take a cart. I think I'll keep my Clicgear and my cart bag.
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