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  1. Overrated/Underrated #14: Working with a Teaching Pro I believe that this is underrated. As a matter of fact I'm often shocked how many golfers refuse to quote/unquote take lessons. Like for some reason that makes them less of a man or something. I will say sometimes it might be a challenge to find the right pro. But I can tell you I would never have broke 90 without working with a pro. Not only have I broke 90, but I've now broken 80 many times thanks to working with a pro. My expectation is to shoot a round at or under par next year. If I do, it will be because I'm working with
  2. Greetings Carpediem4300, BTW - I love your avatar. I think you raise what I have and still believe is one of the biggest questions in golf and one of the reasons why golf is so hard. "Is my teaching pro the right teaching pro for me?" I'll be anxious to hear the comments from some of the teaching pros who are on this forum. I have worked with 4 teaching pros in my golf life. 2 of them I thought were phenomenal. 2 of them I believe were really trying to help, I also think they would have been great pros for somebody else, but they just didn't work out as well for me. I know it sounds
  3. Jimmy Walker uses a 42 inch. Rickie Fowler has a 43.5 inch driver.
  4. Welcome to the forum, Dennis. Good to hear your lesson went well. Never tried the Aiming Point Method. Keep us posted on the progress though. BTW - We have snow everywhere and it's like 20 degrees outside... so basically I'm envious that you can get out at all.
  5. Right now a bunch of snow is holding me back.
  6. Wow, what a jerk. No wonder nobody likes to play with him.
  7. Yeah, funny you mention that, I just saw that on sale today for the first time. To be honest, i don't mind having my phone in my pocket.
  8. Arccos. I love it, ergo my phone is in my front left pocket. A ball, maybe 2, with tees and a ball-mark-fork in my right pocket. Glove goes in the back pocket.
  9. Okay you caught me making an assumption. My assumption was that the shot/swing advice was about "how to" hit a shot or "how to" swing, not course layout or something of that nature. To tell you the truth when I read the topic I only thought of people giving "how to" advice. The example you use above never crossed my mind. The example you mention above wouldn't bother me, I'd be happy for that advice. I was thinking more along the lines of "strengthen your grip" "keep your head down" "open your hips" … etc... It's a bit of a hot button for me.
  10. This is a great topic. No grey area here. DON'T DO IT! On a driving range its annoying. Don't do it. If you are giving advice on the course mid-round there should be a rule allowing somebody to beat you with your gap-wedge. Unsolicited, by definition, means the person didn't ask for it. What unsolicited advice does NOT mean is trash talking with your buddies. That's something different, and should be considered on a case by case basis. I truly believe females get it worse than males. My wife tells me about this all the time. If she hits one bad shot every dude wit
  11. I guess I'm late to the party here. I just read the MyGolfSpy results. Good enough for me. I'm leaving it in.
  12. Did anyone see that MyGolfSpy put out there information on this? They claim to have tested thousands of shots with 2 different types of flagsticks. Here's what they said: - Leaving the flagstick is ALWAYS an advantage vs. taking the flagstick out. - Leaving the flagstick in also keeps the ball closer to the hole on misses. - The less rigid flagstick has the highest make % and least distance left after a miss. - The most rigid flagstick is still an advantage for both makes and misses vs. flagstick out. - Off-center strikes on the flag still provided a higher m
  13. Well, I hope this helps. Here's a picture of the sensors once you take them out of the grips, or if you take them out of the tags. With Arccos, they are the exact same sensors inside the screw on tags as well as inside the grips. I've pulled sensors out of the screw on thing to put into the grips many times and it works perfectly. In fact I think they may even work better inside the grips. I've heard of people with the tags having Arccos miss some shots. Doesn't ever seem to happen when the sensors are inside the grips. (But to be honest I didn't have that problem when I used to use the tags
  14. I'd be happy to. I can't right now. But I will be able to later on today.
  15. My local place regrips for free as long as you buy the grip there. Their grips seem about the same price as everywhere else. Having said that I regrip my clubs myself because I'm weird that way. Golf Pride CP2 grips are the best grips on the market in my humble opinion. Having said that, I don't use them. I order my grips from Cobra. I get midsized Lamkin UTX Mid-sized in black. I order them from Cobra so I can get the cobra connect style and put my Arccos sensors in them. I like the Lamkin UTX mid-sized, I also like the Lamkin Wrap-Tech mid-sized. Both are available in th
  16. My suggestions to help are: 1 - Use mineral spirits, works great, dirt cheap. 2 - Put the mineral spirits in a squirt bottle (forgot to mention that above.) 3 - Don't be stingy with the mineral spirits, apply it liberally. 4 - Coat BOTH the tape AND the inside of the grip. It will slide on easier. 5 - If you are still having trouble, be sure to put the non-grip end of the club in a vise. It will give you an "extra hand" and remember the more you do the easier it gets.
  17. Interesting timing on this post. I literally just regripped my clubs this morning. I have been doing my own regripping since about 1995. I probably regrip too often. I love the feel of new grips and change them out at least once if not twice every season. I have always used just plain old mineral spirits. I've tried the air compressor technique, but I prefer the plain old mineral spirits. I can even remove a grip with mineral spirits in good enough condition to reuse it. (I bought a grip removal tool sometime back in my past and it works perfectly as advertised.) Here's my techniqu
  18. I've played 2 rounds with a foursome since the "new" rule. Everyone in my group just left it in all the time. After a few holes I didn't even think about it. I think it DID speed up play by leaving it there. Granted only 2 rounds, but there wasn't a single instance in which it looked at all like the flagstick may have hurt somebody's chances of making a putt. One guy I played with had the quote "Hey if the ball makes a noise when hitting the flagstick, that noise is produced by energy leaving the ball... which can only be a good thing." Technically he's correct about the energy thi
  19. As the legendary spokeswoman, Teen-Talk Barbie, once said "Math is hard!"
  20. I too can relate. I've lived where it snows my whole life. The first snow fall is always "Yay, it's so pretty." March 1st I'm done.
  21. Been wearing one for over a year now. Got it from a company called Honor. I got 3 of them for like 9 bucks. Still wearing the first one. I love it. Between my job, golf and when I work out, you just cant beat it. It looks pretty good too. I keep my "real" band in a drawer in case of a special occasion. But it's pretty rare.
  22. My handicap was current as of November 1st, 2018. I've actually played in November, December and January. But for one reason or another didn't put them into my handicap. (For example we played "worst shot" or something.) I use a phone ap to keep my handicap. For years I had an official one with a card and everything. Now I just keep it on my phone. Since I've been playing a lot more golf I was thinking of going back to keep an "official" one. But I think I'm going to wait until the new handicap rules come out.
  23. I have seen women golfing alone quite a lot. I lived in Iowa for 15 years and was a member at Coldwater Golf Links, which is one of the 2 home courses for the Iowa State Cyclone Golf Teams. My group's usual tee time was first off Sunday Morning. My group would nearly always see one of several ISU golfers on the course. Sometimes they'd be playing alone, sometimes they would play in a group, sometimes their coaches were there, sometimes not. There is a terribly tragic story about an ISU women's golfer who was attacked and killed on that course while playing alone this past September. You
  24. That's really awesome! And on film makes it even better. Way to go!
  25. I'll take Cameron Champ... I think he's ahead of schedule. I'll also take Tony Finau… not sure if he's eligible. Did he already break out last year?
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