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  1. I saw one from Tiger Woods that kink of made me giggle. "Achievements on the golf course are not what matters, decency and honesty are what matter." Kind of ironic in light of what happened with Tiger.
  2. That's funny. I took the quote to mean something completely different. I wasn't thinking of it as how to shoot the lowest score. I was thinking of it as who would Payne rather spend time with? Or would who Payne rather have in his foursome? In my imagination Payne doesn't want to spend time with either, but somebody with a bad attitude would be WORSE than somebody with a bad golf swing. Like maybe Payne can help the person with the bad swing, but there's nothing he can do for the person with the bad attitude.
  3. I read a quote from Payne Stewart yesterday "A bad attitude is worse than a bad swing." I liked it. What's your favorite golf quote?
  4. @inthehole, If you have room in your bag and it works for you. Do what makes you feel confident. Confident golf is way better than scared golf. Perhaps your struggles to hit those low shots with your current 4 iron has something to do with the type of club you play. Some of those super game improvement irons are designed to prevent you from hitting it low. It can sometimes be a delicate balance to find a GI iron that gives you the right amount of help, but still allows you to control the flight.
  5. Of course distance is important with the driver. That should be obvious. For me though I have a hang up on the way the club looks at address. As I golfer who fought a snap hook off the tee for several years. If the club looks closed at address I simply can't convince my mind to play it. My current PING G driver works well for me, but I don't like the way it sounds. Not as bad as the old Nike Sasquatch if any of you remember how ugly that thing sounded, but the noise my PING G makes is still pretty unpleasant to my ear.
  6. I cheated on my PING G driver this year. It split time in the bag with a Cobra F8+. But the data tells me I'm better off with the PING G. See my post here:
  7. In 2016 I was fitted for a PING G driver. It turned out to be the LS model with the Ping Tour 65 S shaft. I like the driver a lot in terms of performance. According to Arccos I average 267 yards with 18 yards of dispersion. The one thing I don’t like about it is the sound; which for me translates to feel. To me it sounds like a tin can which kind of ruins the feel for me. Okay so mid-way through this year, I got a chance to replace it. I got fitted (At a different fitter) and loved the sound/feel of the Cobra F8. So, I got fitted up. Ended up getting the F8+ with
  8. There's this lady named Doris. She's like 98 or 99 years old. Shoots her age all the time... oh wait did you say "Oldest Club in My Bag" or "Oldest Bag in My Club"?
  9. Maybe the writer is referring to delay caused when playing golf on the computer, you know by hitting the "undo" button???
  10. I've been playing golf since 1993 and I can honestly say I'm playing the best golf of my life right now. My handicap dropped from over 14 to just under 8 this year. I'm working on my plan to improve even more next year. Can't wait for next season. Lowest Score Wins!
  11. Not sure if this goes here or in the winter depression thread, but I played 18 holes this weekend. 18 holes in December in Central Ohio is worth bragging about. It was really really really wet out there. Got almost no roll. Still shot 83, which is okay for me. Especially since I posted a snowman on the easiest hole on the course. Not kidding; It's a short par 4 with no trouble to speak of.
  12. Underrated. Just having the ability to reach it in 2 is a huge advantage. Here's my point. In my only VLOG (by the way, not to change topics but making yourself a VLOG is underrated as well.) I teed off on the par 5 fourth hole and knocked it in the water. Because I knew I could often hit that green in 2, I was able to confidently knock my 3rd shot (2nd shot plus the drop) up next to the green. Get up and down and still make par. Back in the day, I would have had to lay up on my 3rd shot to a "comfortable distance" then worse case scenario I miss the green from that comfortable distance.
  13. I gotta be honest. I'm not sure I know what my sister's actual hair color is and I've known her my whole life.
  14. Sorry, I'm in an irritable mood. Just one of those days. I thought you wrote that she was Asian. I always hear people chatting and whining about how all the women on the LPGA tour are Korean. They tend to lump her, and sometimes even Michelle Wie in with them. I don't know just bugs me. Like I said I'm in a bit of surly mood today. My apologies.
  15. Personally, I hate this thread. I think it sets men back like 50 years. but I would like to point out that Danielle Kang isn't Asian. She's an American. She was born and raised in California.
  16. Have you tried second swing? https://www.2ndswing.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIsea-h4KE3wIVDdbACh1WGQykEAAYASAAEgLQVPD_BwE BTW I have a Nike Converge S1-12 putter. Its the 35 inch model and I've had it for 5-6 years and really like it. Which Nike putter are you looking for?
  17. Okay, so I ended up contacting the company via facebook. They IM'ed back and forth with me for a few minutes. They asked for my address to send me new golf balls. They also asked for my golf size. Anyway, yesterday I got 15 new golf balls in the mail, along with 3 golf gloves, and a golf towel. So, I give them credit. They are trying to make it right. I hit the balls yesterday and they do seem to be okay. (Although, they are not going to make it as my "winter ball", I like the Cut Brand balls better.) Over-all, all is well that ends well.
  18. What are the best Christmas gifts for golfers? What's the best Christmas golf gift you've ever received? What's the best Christmas golf gift you've ever given? Do you ever buy yourself a golf Christmas gift? I got a PING golf shirt one year with my ala mater's logo on it. Love that shirt. I'm literally wearing it right now. One year I got custom headcovers for my Driver, 3w, 5w, and Hybrid. Those were pretty sweet. About 6 years back I got my father and I matching golf towels with our names on them. We both still have them on our bags today. Cheesy, I know. But it kind
  19. Personally, I rarely take a practice swing on a full shot. For me it seems to give me too much time to think. Plus, if something doesn't feel quite right in my practice swing then all kinds of CRUD (Confusion, Regret, Uncertainty, and Doubt) can creep in. I really try not to over think. Once I've selected a club, picked a target, and decided what type of shot to hit. I like to get up there and whack it. On a partial shot, a pitch or chip or sometimes even a sand shot it's a little difference. I will take a couple (I don't know how many) practice swings to try to get a feel for the distan
  20. Back in the 90's I lived in Chicagoland. A course not far from me used to host "The Chili Open". It was a chili cook-off/golf tournament held the second Saturday in January no matter what the weather. Some years the weather would actually be decent and you could play somewhat normally. One year we played with more than foot of snow on the ground. Some folks actually drilled holes in their golf balls and put streamers on them so the streamer would stick up out of the snow. If you didn't have a streamer you'd have to go look for where you ball made a hole in the snow and then clear the snow away
  21. Okay, you got me. It doesn't make much sense. So, I guess I like the Stableford the way it is. … Most of the tournaments I play these days are in fact Stablefords. And I guess I don't really care too much in other tournaments. All the low level tournaments I've played would not have been sped up very much by a stroke limit. My experience has been that low level tournaments get bogged down on the green. Usually, in the club championships and member/guests I've played in, you can hit a dozen extra shots from the fairway while you wait for the green to clear. When I play in any of the
  22. Okay, so I made a VLOG and posted it a few weeks back. While putting that together I noticed I don't have a pre-shot routine. (Oddly, I kind of saw that I have one for putting, but not for full-shots) This season I played a lot and played well. My handicap is the lowest it's ever been. I started the year at 14 and change, I'm under 8 now. So, I'm excited about that and already looking forward to next season. We have snow on the ground as I type this. Here are my questions: Do I have to have a pre-shot routine? Can I take the next step without one? Does every really good golfer have
  23. Ah, dude. I read that with a mouthful of coffee. I nearly laughed coffee out of my nose. I'm sure it's not my swing. I'm sure it's my lack of a pre-shot routine. … Very professional looking. (I type that with tongue firmly planted in cheek.)
  24. I just reread this poll. The first time I read it I really didn't notice the "stroke play" thing... So I voted yes because in a Stableford it works perfectly well. So, I'd like to change my vote to yes, for Stableford tournaments and No for stroke play tournaments … unless there are special circumstances. It's not that I can't read. Just sometimes I choose not to.
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