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  1. 1 hour ago, dennyjones said:

    A lady I use to work with got a new sewing machine that would stitch characters.   She started selling t-shirts with Disney characters and also received a letter telling her to quit.   They take their marketing very seriously, as they should.   


    1 minute ago, iacas said:

    It's not just that. You're required to protect your trademarks, etc. or else you give up your rights to them.

    I don't blame Disney in the least. I was actually surprised that my wife's friend actually thought she could use Disney's name and likenesses to make money without their permission. My wife's friend was annoyed by Disney's response. I was like "What did you think they would do?"

  2. On 1/19/2020 at 1:15 PM, MiuraMan said:

    Don't try to sell it. Disney has been sending cease and desist letters to Etsy craftspeople making Yoda thingies. Trademark violation.

    Kind of funny that you mention that. 10 years ago or so, My wife had this friend who started her own on-line business making these Disney Bedroom Sign thingies using people's kid's names in the sign made with Disney Characters and what not. (Okay, horrible description but you get the idea.) Anyway, she started taking orders for these signs and making them and sending them out. Any my wife asked her how she got Disney's permission. She said she hadn't. Sure enough about 4-5 weeks into her new business a "Strongly Worded Letter" arrived at her house from Disney's law team telling her that she'd better stop or she'd be taken to court and all kids of other threats. It was pretty severe. Needless to say she doesn't do that anymore. 

  3. 15 minutes ago, DaveP043 said:

    I agree completely.  The funny thing is, we never look back and say "I had no right to make that 50-footer on the second hole", or "I'll never chip one in from THERE again!"  I know I've never said "I shot 75, but it really should have been 80".  We take those for granted as well-deserved good results from improbable locations.

    You are correct, sir!

    Although, the first time I ever broke 80, I made a hole in one on the 5th and shot 78. I always kind of felt like I still hadn't broken 80. After all, without that 1 in a million shot I SHOULD have carded at least an 80, possibly higher being as the hole in one came on a hole that was particularly difficult for me. (To that point, I'd never even birdied it.) 

    I ended up braking 80 again a couple weeks later. I felt that was more legitimate, if that makes any sense? 

  4. I think we've all been there. Perhaps not with regard to a lesson. But (in my world) missed an opportunity, maybe misread a clients needs, got into the weeds on a subject that doesn't interest the customer.... what ever. I think the important thing is that you recognized it. AND early enough where you still had a chance at correcting it. I think the follow up with the guy will be important and I'm sure he'll appreciate the effort. 

    The fact that you are continually critiquing yourself is a good sign. You still like the job well enough that you are not just going through the motions. I wise man once said "Life is too long to do a job you do not enjoy." 

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