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  1. Okay, so I remember last year when Mizuno came out with a set of all copper MP-20's. I thought they were cool. They sold for $2000.00 per set. Which is expensive, but to be honest, it didn't seem ridiculous. Anyway, I never really considered getting a set. But I do think they are cool. Now Cobra has come out with a set. Cobra's set are going for $2500.00. Which again, is a lot. But in my opinion it isn't ridiculous. I'm just not sure who these clubs are targeting? Old guys? ... Young guys? ... Collectors? Mizuno seems to have much more of a cult like following whe
  2. Alright, I signed up for this again. Last year I literally only played 2 rounds on "my home course". I am bound and freaking determined to play more golf this year! F.U. CORONA VIRUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Yeah, but does it count more or less than a hole in one made on a simulator? 🤪
  4. I just got an invitation to an online class in order to "Learn How To Deal With Millennials Entering the Work World"... ? ??? I'm like Millennials are now 25 to 40 years old. Shouldn't we be thinking about Gen Z? I have the feeling everyone over 50 thinks Millennials are still teenagers.
  5. I guess you can classify "gimmick" club any way you'd like. When I wrote the post I was mostly thinking about one of the ones you see on infomercials which are "Guaranteed to shave 5 to 7 strokes off your next round". They nearly always say something like this "Don't play with a club designed for a tour pro... play with a club designed for your swing." To which I always wonder why on Earth any engineer would design a club for my ugly-ass swing??????? 🤪 Good one, Not sure how I forgot to put that on the list.
  6. Wow, thanks. Such an honor to be mentioned among some of the Legends of TST!
  7. Okay, I just saw this for the first time: About The Straight Shot Putter Info on the new way to putt, the Straight Shotz Putterhe Straight Shotz Putter is placed flat on the green thereby helping steadying a Disabled or any unsteady Golfer. The Golfer looks straight at the Cup The putter slides... To me this seems like a terrible idea. It also seems like it would be illegal. Anyhow, it got me thinking about all the gimmick clubs I've seen over the years. I started to wonder. Has anyone ever purchased any of these? And if so, did they actually use them
  8. Yes, I know. But I was hoping to build on the Double Entendre that @Double Mocha Man built. Plus, any time you can reference Dumb and Dumber.....
  9. I remember watching this unfold. It was the first time I really remember my whole family watching a sporting event together since before my sister and I had moved out. I don't remember why but my sister and I were back visiting my folks while this was happening. What made it so much fun was my Mom and my sister were both really into it. I don't remember my dad and I caring too much about who won, but we're both golf fans. My mom was routing for Greg Norman, because she thought he was a handsome man. My sister was routing for Nick Faldo, because she thought he was a handsome man. ... Ah,
  10. I really hope you can see the difference between using a general curse word, and using a word which is antagonistic toward a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular group. However, if you want me to be more specific then let me illustrate through an example. Shouting something like "Aw, Shit!" in a large group of people is wrong, but it just makes you look like an under-educated or inarticulate person, or possible somebody who just has trouble controlling their emotions. Profanity is the linguistic crutch of the inarticulate. It makes you look bad, but not really
  11. Damned you kids with with your Tick-tock and your My Face and your Space Book! In my day you had to wrap tin foil around a pair of rabbit ears just to get channel 44 out of Milwaukee! When you turned on your TV, you had to wait for it "To Warm UP"! There was no such thing as "On Demand". On demand meant your dad was demanding you mow the damned lawn right now. .... And we were grateful! Now, Get OFF MY LAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I don't think we are putting golfers in a different category. At least speaking for myself. I am not offended if golfers use profanity. Similarly, I'm not offended by any other athletes using profanity either. I do think the television should "bleep it" though. There are many reasons for that. The thing we are putting in a different category is the specific word that JT chose.
  13. Yesterday at the range I was chit-chatting with a group of gentlemen and one of them mocked my cart bag. Pointing at my bright blue Sun Mountain C-130 cart bag and saying. "You can tell he doesn't ever walk the course." I said "Au contraire mon frère". While it's true I don't lug that bag around the course. I do prefer to walk and only in the last couple of years switched to using a ClicGear 3.5+. ... Also bright blue. So what's the point to my little story? ... There are three. I prefer to walk. I don't think it improves or hurts my score at all. I just like walking the course.
  14. Not sure if this morning was a break-through or a one-off. I swung 114, 116, 123, 119, 114. My previous best had been 117.
  15. Oops, I didn't really look. I just woke up this morning to a ton of activity in this thread. To my surprise it was all arguing over silly stuff. Anyhow, at least I got to add "pedantic" to my vocabulary list.
  16. 20 year break! ... Let me guess, you got married? ... You had kids? ... Or had a career change? ... Maybe did a little time in the pokey? 🤪 Anyway, welcome back to the game and welcome to the forum.
  17. Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!! Don't go away. Take a step back for a second. Listen, I know quite a few of the folks on this forum personally and they are all really good people, who love discussing golf. It seems you've become very upset because the title of your thread was changed. Think of it this way, when searching for this thread the rest of us need a way to recognize it. The moderator who changed it just tried to make it easier for the rest of us to find your thread. Over the years I've had many thread titles changed. I've started other threads which have been merged with similar threads
  18. This time of year sucks for actual golf where I live. It can be a good time to get some practice in and/or replenish your supplies. Of course this time of year is when most of the big manufacturers are releasing their latest and greatest. I'm not really in the market for anything new this year. I am interested in testing the new Mizuno ES21 Wedges. I won't be buying any.... especially not at $200 per wedge. But they look like an interesting concept to me. Are there any new clubs coming out this year you are looking forward to testing and/or buying?
  19. Maybe the batteries are low. Or the sun came out from or went behind some clouds? ... just guessing.
  20. I don't agree with this statement. I do agree with this statement. If I'm practicing on the course a lot that's because I'm hitting it like rat turds and that's not nearly as much fun as hitting it well, playing just one ball and trying to beat your personal best.
  21. I'm not sure you picked up on the sarcasm in my post? Sorry about that. Maybe I should have made it more clear that my post was in jest.
  22. Hey that's great to hear. I signed up for mine. They told me I'm so far down the list the won't even give me an approximate date as to when I would get the first shot.... might not be this year. My job isn't considered essential. I beg to differ, but I get what they mean. My health is too good. Again, I get what they mean. At 50 years old, I'm not considered any kind of high risk. So, I don't fit into any of the categories they are scheduling right now. So basically they told me don't call us, we'll call you. I'm not complaining really. I get it.
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