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  1. Wow, Thanks. I feel like I just went to a high school physics class.
  2. I was have a discussion with a golf buddy yesterday and he told me two things I've never heard before. I didn't challenge him, but I wonder if these are true. Can any of you confirm these two statements about adjustable drivers: 1 - If you decrease the loft on a driver from let's say from 10.5 degrees to 9 degrees the driver will end up more upright. (AKA draw biased). If you adjust it from 10.5 to 12 degrees it will end up more flat. (AKA fade biased) 2 - If you have 2 adjustable drivers one is 10.5 +/- 1.5 degrees and one is 9 +/- 1.5 degrees. If you set them both to 9 degree
  3. Firstly, Great job from the Spousial Unit. Secondly, Unless you are hitting them in the sand a lot. You probably won't degrade the grooves while practicing. I had a golf coach tell me one time that chips, and bumps and runs, and even pitch shots do very little to dull the grooves in your wedge. It's the bits of grit and more importantly the sand that can "sand down" your grooves over time. So, keep 'em clean and practice away.
  4. They made a decision based on their business model. While I certainly am no fan of the cancel culture. I totally understand Ralph Lauren's move here. Businesses need to do what's best for business and in this case I think they got it right. My question here is more about what was JT thinking? You have to know that in this day and age everything you do or say will likely end up being recorded. Some may argue that Justin is used to the fan noise drowning out his outbursts. To which I say this is NOT the first tournament he's played under these conditions. Others will say, he deserves a pas
  5. Much improved on the face angle. Had a lesson last night. I've been working hard on face angle and head movement (The club face and the head on my shoulders). I got into some really bad habits last year while trying to make some changes on my own. (I'd like to write a thread on making changes to my swing without my coach). I really do need to get some new video to post here. I think you'll be surprised when you see it. Last year I was a mess. Last night, on the other hand, the club face angle was much improved according to the data we took. Back in September I was as much as 10 degrees o
  6. Perhaps that guy is(was) the exception? Plus, I think the 6,000,000 number might be way low. ... not that it matters. I get your point and I also immediately thought of that guy. It's kind of hard to argue that he's not 100% evil. For now, I think it would be wise to leave him out of the conversation. That one is still very painful for a lot of folks. Having said all of that. I don't think we've ever had a president who is(was) 100% evil.
  7. Haven't posted a video in a while. I have been working really hard on my swing... REALLY HARD. Anyway, I don't have any new video to post. But I do have some old video to post. I'm just sticking these here as a benchmark to where I was. The first one is a 2009 video of my driver swing. This is back when I was working with my previous swing coach. I was playing well at the time, handicap was around 10-14. My miss at the time was a snap hook. I know the exposure stinks. Again, it's just a benchmark for me. The next two videos are from 2015. At the time I was betw
  8. Over my lifetime I've voted in every presidential election for which I've been old enough to vote. I have voted for Democrats. I've voted for Republicans. I have voted for candidates who've won, and for candidates who've lost. My personal policy has always been to vote for the candidate of my choice, and then support who ever wins. If I'm ever invited to the Oval Office, I'm going! ... Again, it's pretty unlikely that I will ever get invited, but you never know. I have to agree with you here. I can name some really good things and some things that I totally disagree with from every pr
  9. I felt slow today... if that makes any sense. My numbers showed it too. Not sure why I was well stretched out and feel pretty good. Just couldn't get it going.
  10. I also voted no. Mostly because I really don't have an opinion about Patrick Reed.
  11. Congratulations. I hit a new high today also... (although mine was 18 mph slower than yours.) Looking forward to continuing to improve. I'm trying to figure out what's a realistic goal. I'd be over the moon if I could reach 110 mph with my actual driver, while hitting a ball. Not sure how realistic that is.
  12. I don't think that's what they are doing over at BWW...
  13. Wow, Dude! You don't live far. Do you want to come take care of my lawn too? Mine is embarrassing by comparison. BTW - I love me some good hot peppers.
  14. I really don't know what I'd do. On the one hand, like you said If I really felt I deserved it, I'd want to accept. On the other hand, the situation is so toxic right now. So many emotions running high. On the other hand, You should never sacrifice your principles. On the other hand, I was always taught to respect the office, no matter who sitting in it. On the other hand, Some people do things that may be unforgivable. Does accepting mean you are forgiving? On the other hand, Perhaps this is an opportunity to discuss and perhaps help the a person who's lo
  15. Uh... hmm... I went to Chicago Public Schools. Could you please use smaller words.
  16. In all honesty I have no problem staying and paying for my own lodging. I like my sleep and I know that I snore 3 nights out of 4. So, I'm totally fine paying for my own place to stay.
  17. I'd like to say in the spirit of living and letting live I've decided to resign my presidency of the No White Belts for Men Society. I realize that I'm the glue holding the society together. But I've decided to resign and pursue new even more impactful campaigns. I'd like to say I've learned my lesson and I've changed my ways, but really it's just getting too expensive for me. I think I need to find a new crusade. I'm thinking of working to increase the number of people sporting personized photo headcovers.
  18. Okay, @iacas you can delete this post if it's getting too political. I will not be offended. Unless you wear a white belt at the time you delete it. 🤣 Anyway, to all of you who are saying you would not accept the Presidential Medal of Freedom. I understand your points. I agree with many of them. I truly don't know what I would do if offered the award. Luckily for me, that's not likely to be a problem. Now, here's my question. I just got a stimulus check... literally 5 minutes ago it arrived in the mail. Should I refuse to accept it because Donald Trump's name is on it?
  19. This is awesome! I've said this for years! Yes, he's a little tongue and cheek, but he's absolutely right. This made me giggle out loud.
  20. Hmm... You may actually have me on that one. Does that mean I only get the half-mil if I feel insulted? ... I'm confused.
  21. I seem to remember you insulting my headcover out at the Chautauqua Golf Club/Learning Center... Can I have a 1/2 million dollars? Or you could just donate it to a charity that serves the insulted headcover community. 😃
  22. My 5th grade teacher used to say it all the time when he'd leave a room. He was a might quirky to say the least, because that was 1981 and the phrase was already long dead. Apparently its in some old Marx Brothers' film. 🤪
  23. You are right, of course. Everyone knows what it means. I just haven't heard anyone use in such a long time. It's like nobody says "Bejabbers!" anymore, or "23 Skidoo", or "Hella" (as in "That's Hella-cool.") or "Here's a quarter, go call someone who cares." We all know what they mean, but I bet its been a long time since you've heard anyone actually say them.
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