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  1. You forgot to include the last half of my statement in your quote. I said that it "sounds nice to me", not that it is "is the best way to lower your score". So I'm not sure what I confirmed for you, but it had nothing to do with what I said. I was never talking about the best way to shoot lower scores, I was talking about a shaft change from an s300 and impact on the ops game. But to help get back on topic and quit debating the secondary discussion, I'll confirm for you that I do believe hitting the ball as far as you possibly can all the time with reasonable dispersion (very important) will gain you more strokes per round than going for the fairway but being 60 yards back. However, that's a drastically different shot difference than I was suggesting and I think I basically confirmed what I'm being harped on for when I said my playing partner could have gained a few strokes by going for broke on every hole vs. going for the 150 marker. He just happened to like a 150 approach so it worked for his game, and he was out to enjoy the day, not win a purse. Similarly, my desire to be in the fairway more often than not has nothing to do with how far I can hit the ball or the theoretical stroke benefit I'd get from swinging at 110mph vs. 105 (not considering random variability in conditions or my play that day as a 10 handicap). I will not object if you want to swing for the hills every time, I just tend to enjoy the round more when I'm swinging more controlled, hitting more fairways, and still hitting my approaches with wedges not mid irons. Hence, "fairways and greens" nothing wrong with that.
  2. My point to the original post is that a shaft change isn't going to make much difference unless the s300 fit him very poorly. Yes, there's benefit to hitting a 7i as far as others hit 5i, not contesting that, but that's not applicable to his question. He's already playing a top tier shaft that shouldn't be limiting him in any way. So yes, in the context of the original question it doesn't matter how far his 7i goes because he will likely hit equivalent distances before and after the equipment change. If he had said he was playing uniflex graphite shafts from 1994 my advice would have been different because he'd likely see noticeable distance and accuracy gains. My comment about 7i distance and fairways/greens was to say that if you already have a decent 7i that fits you well, you're probably better served learning to use it more accurately to hit fairways and greens more often to save strokes than to change up your shafts to maybe get an extra yard or two of distance. I like your hypothetical question - I think it's a bit contrived and setup for me to give you the answer you're looking for, but it also reminds me of playing Dubsdread from the tips so I'll entertain it! We had no business playing from the back tees, but the course was empty and we wanted to say that we did. On any other day we probably would have played up a set, but I don't recall being completely shut out of making the distance at any time. The biggest difference I recall is that I was using the bottom half of my irons instead of the top half on my approaches, and a few of the par 3's were really, really, long. It was humbling at times, and that's why I'm not on tour, and there's not a set of clubs I could buy or equipment change I could make that would change that. I get the point you're trying to make with your question, and don't disagree that distance is important, but adequate distance for your relative playing ability (ie. handicap/tee box) with above average accuracy that gets you nice clean approaches and 2 putt par opportunities sounds pretty nice to me. I don't think many of us are playing the back tees on 7500 yard courses with our 10 handicaps on a regular basis. We're probably into semantics at this point and I think our fitting advice to the original question was very similar, so I'll say peace at this point. You and I play the game a little differently and that's ok - I'll stay focused on hitting the short stuff (ie. fairways and greens...), but still join you sometimes in beating the snot out of it if I can turn a par 5 into a par 4 🙂 Hit 'em straight! (or do you have a differing view on that too? Kidding!)
  3. I think you missed my overall point. 7 vs 5 iron distance is relative to the player and their abilities. A shaft change is not going to be a 2 club benefit unless you're hitting old hickory sticks. I guess we play the game a little differently. I'll always remember getting paired up with a semi retired tour pro at a course called Silvertip in Canmore, AB a few years ago. Mountain course, world class views of the Canadian Rockies, lots of dramatic elevations, lots of target golf, and just generally not easy. He played from the tips and shot the easiest looking sub par round I've ever witnessed. His course management style was to aim for the 150 yard marker on every hole (where applicable), or the widest part of the fairway regardless if that meant driver or 3 iron on a par 4. Could he have saved a swing or two going for broke on every hole? Maybe... but he may have lost a few too and missed some of the views. So in your scenario, I'd probably look for a third option... 150 yards from the fairway. I know I hit the rough enough without intentionally aiming for it 🙂
  4. I've done the lighter shaft thing - it taught me a bit or two about tempo or l got some interesting results. Not a bad thing, but I went back to standard weight shafts after two seasons. My advice, for what it's worth (which isn't much), if you like S300, stick with it. It's what you know, and golf has too many other complications to keep you busy than to change up something so fundamental as the shaft... Especially if you already like a winner such as the S300. I'm partial to my original shaft, rp rifles. I got a new flighted matched set a few years ago on clearance and you can pry them out of my cold dead hands... Or until they start rusting, whichever comes first. I've been known to scour used shops for just those shafts so I can toss the heads and build the set I want. Fairways and greens... Doesn't matter how long your 7i goes, as long as you hit the short stuff.
  5. The R7 was a great driver, but technology wise the Ping G driver head should out perform it hands down all else the same. I'm not familiar with the Alta shaft, but Ping normally has pretty good stock shaft options that fit their clubs well. I'd say you're either not lining up the Ping G head on the sweet spot, or something about the shaft doesn't fit you. Just based off what you said, I'd say the 44" length likely isn't helping your distance, but should help your contact and accuracy (which usually benefits distance). A well struck, center of the club face drive on a 44" shaft should perform better than an off center strike with a longer shaft (better energy transfer, etc). The R7 shaft was probably 45" or 46" and if you caught it flush you could have been getting the benefit of the slightly longer travel distance that generates that little bit extra club head speed and therefore ball speed, but on average, you should hit your Ping more consistently (and therefore longer) with a 44" length vs. 45"/46" and all the extra technology. Again, I'm not familiar with the Alta 55 exactly but 55g driver shafts are very light, higher launching, and better suited to slower swing speeds with really smooth transitions. If your swing already generates a higher launch, or you have a really quick tempo, etc, you probably aren't getting the optimal launch and leaving yards in the air. I'd take the G into a different fitting center and ask to try a few of the other shaft options - see if you can find a real club fitter, not the kids at Golftown. Try a few combinations of 55/65/75g shafts in R and S flex and see which generates that nice medium ball flight, consistent distance (ie. not necessarily longest), with least deviation from target line. Also, don't necessarily move away from the 44" length. I've built myself 43" drivers and still been the longest in the group. I went back to "standard" lengths when my ball striking/swing got more consistent but have been toying with cutting down one of my newer drivers and gaming it to see if I notice any improvements in consistency. All that said, I've demoed a few of the Ping G drivers before and hated them - something just felt off and I couldn't hit them consistently. I found a lightly used i25 and love it. I think the PWR75 Tour Stiff shaft that's in it is a bit much for me sometimes, so am looking for the PWR65 S shaft to see how it does... but the head is probably top 2 I've ever hit to this day. All my favorite drivers have been a more traditional shape with minimal distractions. Maybe you have a mental block to spaceship drivers like I do.
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