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  1. I don't think that would really work. The swingweight on one length are all the same. So if you just shorten a club or two the distances wouldn't be matched to your current clubs. So the 5 iron might not get you a good distance gap from say your 6 iron.
  2. I've only used the 1irongolf clubs, woods and irons through lob wedge. The problem with single length is you can't just demo them and make an informed decision. You have to use them for a half dozen range visits and another 5 rounds minimum to really decide. So it's take the leap of faith or don't. Really a totally game with them for a while.
  3. I think you may be missing the point here. All one length so that the swing is the same for every iron. It's not easier to hit a club if it's a different length than all the others. Some one length systems are based on the 7 iron length and some the 8 iron length. Both of these irons are typically the ones people are most confident with. You swing fully with every iron except your highest lofted iron, for me it's my lob wedge which I use 70 yards in. Woods are typically based on, I believe the 5 wood length. If the system was based on your easiest club to hit, the PW, you would not be in the ideal straight up position. At least this is my understanding. Lastly, I believe the driver, wedge, and putter are called the scoring clubs.
  4. If I were making millions I'm guessing I would be unlikely to make a comprehensive change to my game based on the success of a single individual. To make the change that may or may not work for them they'd have to step back for months and work their butts off. Big risk. However, I wouldn't be surprised if a few fringe players or an older guy bouncing around from club pro some weeks and playing tourneys a few times a year start to pop up in the conversation.
  5. I'm almost an exact 10 yards between my irons and I consider myself a moderate hitter. I hit my 7 iron 150ish and my PW 115ish.
  6. I'm ready to buy another set but the problem is demoing. If they aren't your length there isn't much of a point. I'll probably just get one of the new 1irongolf sets. So expensive but the last one lasted so long I probably spent more in putters in that time.
  7. I'm about 15 years in on a set of 1irongolf. For the first time is almost as many years I rented clubs while away on vacation. So many more variables besides just gripping and ripping. Single length for me just flat out makes my experience so much more enjoyable. On another note, I'm a former fgi guy and just found this forum. Happy to see people still like to talk about golf and equipment.
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