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  1. What America needed was Cheech on most of the bags to break most players drivers. Can't understand why if you can hit a "stinger" as far as most can hit a driver, and you are hhaving trouble hitting the fairway with driver you don't change!
  2. Mr. dbuck you hit my nail right on the head. Right next to hitting persimmon was nailing my old Haig Ultra 1-iron. Yes my old 8802 and R90 are non-conforming, but by who those sell-outs at the USGA? Golf is not abound tourns. it's about the walk.Walked a few great course: the Old Course at ST. Andrews, Harbor Town and Yeamens Hall, CC, which is right up the road. Seen a few celebs there: Bing Crosby and Henry Picard.
  3. To be honest my Silver Scots have been a benders vice and had their lofts and lies adjusted to fit me. So has my 8802 and R90 Sw and had a ladies shaft put in the SW. Yes the world has changed because we let it.For example when I was a kid my mother used to drive me to the local muni and drop me off for the whole day, then come back and pick me up.Most would be afraid now to leave their kids.There are some mean cruel people in the world and every now and then we need to thin the herd.
  4. To be honest my Silver Scots have been a benders vice and had their lofts and lies adjusted to fit me. So has my 8802 and R90 Sw and had a ladies shaft put in the SW.
  5. I guess all you guys must be scratch golfers, and need the high tech improvements. How are Tigers irons any better than my Silver Scots? Both have forged heads,sure his have tweeks to fit his needs , needs I could never feel with my swing. Sure his custom made putter is nice but no nicer to me than my old 8802.or my old R90 SW.
  6. Don't know if I will ever play golf again,had a major stroke, but if I do will play with real woods, and a half set of my old irons.
  7. Just the rants of wheelchair bound old man.Where do the kids of today find the money for golf? In my other life I was stationed in England-the land of Penfold Aces. Used to walk and our foursome used toplay in less than 4 hours. Most of the blokes carried a half set of clubs 1&3 woods, 3,5,7,sw and putter. In answer to Iacas: "Golf is a billion years old-don't you remember"- Golf in the Kingdom
  8. What has happened to golf.When I was a kid, most courses had a barrel of used clubs and for about $100 you fit yourself out, used to play all day for about $1.25.Used to buy lost balls cheap, most of them had stopped rolling when they "were found". As Shivas said "Golf is in the Walk. What ever happened to wood woods-Toney Pennas,Hogan drivers, Spalding Bobby Jones woods, Haig Ultras? Still have my set of 1953 "Silver Scots.IMHO the USGA and R&A way back when should have banned metal "Woods",no sound or feel like persimmon hitting a ball. Whatever happened to walking? Don't know what playi
  9. Once in a PGA tour event driving contest hitting a old ball steel shafted wood headed club Jack hit over 340 yds.
  10. If Jack would have had the equipment and course upkeeping of today in his time most of his rounds would have been in the 50s.He would have hit the driver 400 yds.
  11. I have been watching Lee Trevino about exempt spots ans agree, 125 is too many spots how about going back to the old way,"exempt top 60" Give the up and coming guys a chance to play.
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