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  1. Thanks to everyone and their input on the subject. It is really difficult to see how something like this will work until it is put into practice. Our tourney is in 3 weeks. I will report back how it went. Thanks again! I love this site.
  2. I know this topic has been covered in other threads, sort of, but I hope to get some more thoughts on the topic. In my opinion, finding a way to play a 2 man scramble match play event so that it can be played between anyone no matter what their handicaps would be the Holy Grail of golf. Holy Grail of golf between buddies who majority don't take golf that seriously that is. We have a group of 20 guys, golf skills ranging from scratch to much much worse, that get together every year and make a weekend out of golf. We Split into pools depending on handicaps. Make teams and play our version of a Ryder Cup tournament. We use to make our matches so that the handicaps would be as close as possible. Pool A guys had to be teamed with a Pool E guy etc. It worked well and made for some close matches but after 10 years I can almost tell you what the teams will be because the pools method don't allow for much team variety. I have done a lot of reading on the topic and have taken some points I have read from other posts and have come up with this format. 1. Ambrose Handicapping. Add together both players handicaps, divide by 4, round up. That is the team handicap. Subtract low team from high team handicap and apply strokes to the highest handicapped holes. 2. 6 drives from each player must be used. 3. On a hole where a stroke is given, the team that receives a stroke must use at least one shot from either player before reaching green. Any players putt can be used on green. 4. For added measure, to help eliminate any potential blowouts. Everyone plays from back tees. If a team goes down 1, on following hole they move up a tee. Go down 2, move up 2 tees. Down 3, move up 3 tees. If course has that many blocks, which the course we play does. Let me know what you think. Don't worry, my feelings won't be hurt. But keep in mind that we are not interested in playing best ball, which is a lot easier to use strokes with, or doing the pool and matching up skill levels thing. I want a way to handicap a scramble. Thank you for everyone's time. Kris
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