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  1. So I've been practicing the Quickie Pitch shot. I always hear weight forward on a pitch or even a chip. I've never known the proper way to have the weight forward. Nothing feels right when I do it. I feel like I'm way too stuck just leaning toward the target and pivoting feels weird.....Also, when I move my weight forward, I tend to feel like my left shoulder is lower to the ball and my head is forward of the ball too.....I just feel way too uncomfortable when I try to put my weight forward So what is the proper way to do this? Like where on the foot should I feel that weight? Heel or toe? More toward the instep? Do the shoulders stay level and head behind the ball?
  2. I'm happy to have found this thread. I had a guy show me this that worked with a very well known teacher here and he showed him this technique. I never could get it down consistently and couldn't figure out why. He didn't explain it like this though, so hopefully I can nail it now. On this shot, or even a chip, when you put the weight forward, where on the foot should I feel that weight? I've never known the proper way to have the weight forward. Nothing feels right when I do it. I feel like I'm way too stuck and can't pivot good.....I just feel way too uncomfortable when I try to put my weight forward. Also, would float loading not encourage more forward shaft lean since the hands are moving forward on the downswing earlier than the club head?
  3. So I'm confused on the head movement. I've seen it said over and over about keeping the head still but I've noticed lots of players not only move it a few inches or so going back but then it moves even further back on the downswing into impact. For instance, this swing of Justin Thomas. His head moves way back at impact from where it was at address. I see other pros do this too though maybe not as much as he does. I drew lines to show address and impact. His head is way back from where it started. Now this is with a driver so I'm not sure that factors into it? I've seen an iron swing from him and it moves back some but not as much as this...maybe an inch back from where it was. It pretty much just stays back.
  4. I've been Playing Golf for: 21 years My current handicap index or average score is: 75-85 My typical ball flight is: Everywhere lol. I typically hit a draw but sometimes I'm all over the place during a round, hitting fades and draws. The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Pulls and huge pushes/blocks. Videos: Hey everyone! I'm been on the site for a while but haven't been active so I'm trying to change that. I've played golf a long time and while I can shoot a decent score sometimes, I'm just not consistent. I really want to fix that and get down to a very low handicap. I feel like I can do it. I've had several lessons in the past and a recent one where we worked on rotating through and clearing my left hip. Other lessons have also mentioned this and I struggle with it. I don't have any injuries and can do the motion, although I'm sure nowhere near what a pro would be, but during the swing I struggle. One of the hardest things for me to get right is being on plane in the backswing. I just can't consistently do this. I've tried just about everything but still feel like I take it too much to the inside. I've just joined back on Evolvr too so hoping I can fix some of these issues. For the most part, I hit the ball fairly in the center of the club face, just not consistent with direction or taking out one side of the course. Not sure it matters but here's my typical club distances. Driver: 260ish to 290ish depending on the day and ball flight, 3 Wood: 235-240, 2 Hybrid: 215-225, 4 iron: 190-195 then stepping down about 10 yards through each iron, but depends on the day and what kind of contact. Some days I hit it really good and hit the ball farther
  5. I am definitely doing this too. I've had some lessons and still struggle with it. My hands go way out away from me then really high. Sometimes my timing is good and I'll hit a draw but then there's times I'll leave the face open and hit blocks/pushes.
  6. Ahh ok thanks. I was trying the one with thegolfrevolution. That’s what was coming up in a google search for me. Thanks again!
  7. Is the url still http://evolvr.thegolfevolution.com/
  8. Just wonder if Evolvr is still in business? I tried to sign up but when I click the sign up link or create new user link nothing happens. Happens on both mobile browser and from the computer with the exception of on the computer it says the site is not secure. I’ve emailed and got no response and also tried to call.
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