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  1. This^ The stock shaft in a $500 driver is basically junk. Go see a fitter/clubmaker who can put you on the right shaft and fit it on a head you probably have never heard of. I have a new-old R9 head on a Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue S shaft that I was fit to about 3 years ago. Still outdrive my foursome with their "trendy" $400-$500 drivers. Sidenote: I play TA 845s and have so since I was 13. That's nearly 30 years with the same irons. (6 sets)
  2. I've played TGC since early access on PC in 2014. A lot of you are correct in that some of the golf physics are off, but the game is absolutely great when you get the distance/roll figured out. Add in the competition that tgctours.com provides and suddenly you have a very enjoyable and addicting experience.
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