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  1. I have one of the new cleveland bronze putters (mine is the mallet style) but the feel that i have with the putter is amazing. I have been considering adding one of the big fat grips to it because i think it would help with stability. I would go back to GG to talk with one of them, they have always been helpful with i got something that didn't work as i expected. Love the Celveland putter though!
  2. This is an amazingly bad site... read some of their "fine print".. On Returns: Return & Replace Policy We have a detailed return policy for our customers. If you find any problem about the our products, you should contact us at the first time. We are sure our service stuff will help you solve the problem, and let you shop in joy. Most of problems can be solved by giving technical support and you donot have the need to send anything back. If there are irremediable defects with the goods, you can return them back to us for repair or replacement under our 180 days warranty. Be sure you contact them "at the first time" When would that be? When you do contact them their service STUFF with your problem, they will solve it and let you shop in JOY! Or you can just go to their street address they list is as: golfonlinewholesale, Chicago , US WOW, Horrible!
  3. I am glad to hear that it is unique to this course, as I am moving to the Northwest this July... I'll be down in Olympia and I was going to be very sad if this was the condition of the courses in the area... the worst part of it was on #9 (a dogleg left) that i smoked down around the corner leaving me 120 into the green... taking my PW thinking that the lie was good and hit a cut into the hole expecting to take 5-10yards off the shot. Instead the ball reacted like a bunker shot would have due to the pebbles underneath (i did hit the ball first but the thing just died) ball went 45 yards, and i still had a wedge in my hand from the fairway on my 3rd. I was so pissed at the condition, it threw my round off completely shot in the high 80's and couldn't focus for anything... I will have to play again in the spring/summer, the course looked like it was GREAT, and would be a great challenge (even without the pebble riddled bunkers fairways.) The back 9, #11 i think was spectacular! and the dropoff had to be 100 feet on your approach to a green waaaay below you!
  4. I was doing the same stupid thing, i tried something. I took a buddy out who was a similar golfer to myself and made a pact that on every shot we reminded e/o to concentrate. At the end of the round, i had shot one of the best rounds of my life. If you don't have a buddy get a reminder like LOUI last year at St. Andrews, he put a RED dot on his glove to remind him of something at address... If i am not mistaken he was reminding himself to stay in the moment and concentrate.
  5. It didn't because after the first shot, i considered it to be ground under repair, and found a place to hit from where it wasn't sandy pebbly. I am still baffled because, while they get a lot of water, their ground also accepts a lot of water. I would think this would ruin the course completely for the summer, just to have better drainage in the winter.
  6. I was recently in Washington state (Seattle area) and I played a course where they have actually put seemingly pebbles in the middle of the fairway (sometimes in heavy layers. I was told by my friend and playing partner that it was to help with drainage due to all of the rain in the winter. Trouble is that it creates almost every lie like a bunker, so the ball doesn't come out of it consistently, not to mention you are basically hitting off of pebbles, not too good for my AP2's! Do all courses in the area do this? I was playing a Harbour Point in Mukilteo WA.
  7. Also the e6 is for swing speeds around 85-100 i think, the e7 is for higher speeds... I play the e7, and am so jealous that they don't have the colored balls in the e7! I played the Srixon's for a while just so i could play the yellow ball (they were way to soft)... it's so easy to see on cloudy days too!
  8. I love the idea of dying a ball yellow, however i am suprised that the coloring didn't mark up the face of your clubs... that wouldn't be cool... I played in some serious fog lately and had a sleve of Z-Star (tour yellow's) I was the only person who didn't lose a ball because if you get to within 50 feet of that thing, you can see it. My playing partners were jealous!
  9. I completely agree with the Yellow Ball! I switched to the Z-Star because of the Tour Yellow. Unfortunately It doesn't perform as well for me as the Bridgestone B-330S. I also like the E7 Bridgestone. Next year Bridgestone is selling the E6 in Yellow and orange, unfortunately i compress the ball too much for that. If only they sold the E7 in yellow i'd buy a case asap! It seems that Srixon proved that the yellow balls will sell in the US and others are following suit. I know there are purists that just don't want anything to do with the yellow ball, but trust me on a cloudy day, you'll change your mind when you can see the ball without trouble!
  10. Funny someone mentioned Thorncreek in Denver... I talked to a guy that played a 9 hour round of golf because of the short spacing of the tee times... I refuse to play there on any day other than monday when people go to work... In my mind this is the worst of all aspects of golf... people love to take their time like they see the pros doing... think is that if they sink that last bogey put on 18, they don't make any money, and nobody cares... I am all for taking your time.. but play ready golf people!
  11. I am a permenant user of the Z-Star Tour Yellow! The only trouble I have with them is finding them in the store. according to my golf Galaxy, they fly off the shelf less than 1 hour after puting them out! Now if i am in a store and they have them, i pick up a box! I played a course with some nasty rough really early in the morning and even with the sun shining off the wet grass in my eyes, no trouble finding my ball... spent my time looking for my playing partners ball!
  12. I may offer a suggestion... Get some nicer clubs (forged) mainly because they bend so easily and as you grow, they can be readjusted... as you grow they can also be lengthened. if you get cast, they don't bend well and if you have to bend them +2 degrees, they are very brittle. Anyway I would get fitted now, and again every 3 months as your body changes... consider it like somethign fun to do... it doesn't take long and you'll notice all the difference in the world!
  13. Anybody use those bracelets with magnets in them? If so, what are they designed to do, and do they work? I saw one for like $20 at golf galaxy... any cheaper alternatives? it's a piece of rope with a magnet in it after all!
  14. hey if there isn't a performance difference between the z-star and the Tour yellow z-star, i'll be gaming the Tour Yellow, much easier to see in the rough.. though i don't buy that there is an appreciable benefit from the TY with putting... I also like that most people on the course think i am playing a range ball, and are suprised when I am constatnly putting for birdie with the "range ball"!
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