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  1. Been awhile, glad to finally have my mat/net/tripod setup now that the patio is done. Updating my handicap, Diablo Golf now has it as a 17.1. Current drill is still the helicopter drill, but with a quicker shoulder turn and a straighter trail elbow.
  2. Day 74 - Finally filmed my latest Evolvr drill and sent it in for feedback. It's also nice to be able to hit some balls into a net, swinging in front of a mirror gets old fast.
  3. Day 73 - Continued focus on my trail elbow in the takeaway. Finally setup my mat/net, I’ll film some new videos tomorrow.
  4. Day 71- Worked on my takeaway in the mirror, focusing on the straighter trail elbow.
  5. Day 70 - Played 9. Driver was off, irons were pulling, but I was chipping well. Best 9 since league started, I believe.
  6. Day 67 - Back to my Evolvr drills, really focusing on a straighter trail arm in my backswing. I would love to film tomorrow, it’s been a few weeks.
  7. Day 66 - Home from my golf weekend, had a great time. Played the final 18 today, putting was atrocious. The greens were in rough shape, but I should’ve done a better job adjusting to the speed.
  8. Day 64 - Played 18. Started great, got cold, finished alright. Hopefully tomorrow’s rounds are more consistent.
  9. Day 63 - Played 9. Overall a pretty meh round. Pretty good off the box, second shots weren’t good, chipping was good, putting wasn’t. Oh well, 4 rounds in the mountains over the next 3 days, should be fun!
  10. Day 62 - Some more work on my priority piece, steady head/hips with a straighter trail elbow. Hasn’t been my swing thought, but it will be for my 9 tomorrow.
  11. Day 61 - More pivot/elbow work, squeezed in a few minutes before heading out for camping.
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