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  1. Getting the right shoulder turned a bit more behind me on the backswing:
  2. Golf season is almost here. Got out twice this last weekend...snow this weekend. Hopefully I'll get out regularly soon. Here's the latest swing I submitted to Evolvr:
  3. Day 59 - Frustrating day of practice. A bunch of swings, slow and full speed, trying to open my hips enough during the backswing. Each time I seem to get it, something else seems to go wrong. Golf, gotta love it.
  4. Day 58 - Filmed a bunch of swings making sure I'm fully turning in the backswing.
  5. Day 56 - Reviewed some video of my recent swings, still not getting enough hip turn in the backswing. So I took some swing with an alignment rod through my belt loops, really getting as open as I can.
  6. Day 52 - Worked on feeling as though my right leg is pushing away from the ground, seems to help.
  7. Day 51 - Struggled today extending my trail leg in the backswing, so slow swings focusing on that.
  8. Day 48 - More of the same, slow backswings (fully extending my trail leg), weight shift, finish.
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