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  1. Day 16 - Went back through my latest Evolvr videos, did some mirror work to work on my weight shift.
  2. Day 15 - Played 9 today. Started 2021 with a birdie, the rest of the round was worth forgetting.
  3. Day 14 - Finally making some progress with my weight shift, but my backswing has shallowed out a bit. Rehearsing some backswings to get that in a better place.
  4. Day 12 - Going through some "weight forward" drills from the TST Instructional Content thread, that's my main priority right now and I'm just not getting it down as well as I'd like.
  5. Day 11 - More mirror work, trying to get my weight shifted sooner in the downswing.
  6. Day 10 - Mirror work this morning, focus on hip turn in the backswing and hip slide in the downswing. Also paying more attention to wrist extension/flexion.
  7. Day 9 - Worked in the mirror on some hip drills, working on getting my hips forward and some more tilt at impact.
  8. Day 7 - Got my Evolvr feedback, new priority piece is getting my hips to slide forward more. Spent some time working on that.
  9. Day 6 - Revisiting some hip turn vs hip sway pieces, as the step-drill makes it easy to revert to more hip sway.
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