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  1. Day 53 - More swings indoors. Getting more comfortable taking full swings in the front room.
  2. Day 52 - Didn’t get around to filming, but still took some swings; working on my setup.
  3. Day 51 - Worked on some hip turn in the mirror. Need to film for Evolvr tomorrow, see how my setup looks.
  4. Day 50 - Hitting more balls indoors, just trying to get used to swinging indoors.
  5. Day 48 - Moved my mat indoors, took some swings working on my new setup.
  6. Day 46 - Some mirror work, wanna make sure my hips are still rotating enough.
  7. Day 41 - More mirror work. Tomorrow I WILL film an updated swing for Evolvr.
  8. Day 40 - Planned on playing 18, only got 4 in before the wind got out of control. Finished the front 9, although those last 5 weren’t much fun. Too bad, I was +1 through 4.
  9. Day 39 - More mirror work, going to film some swings for Evolvr tomorrow.
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