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  1. Within 100 yds I will hit a PW and focus on the wrist action. This helps me get a good shot whether I'm 80 yds from the green or 20. With an extremely lofted SW like mine (56 degrees), it's hard to really get the green to pick up the spin since it simply drops right down on top of it. My only exception would be when I'm between 60-70 yds out and I have to make it over a bunker or have a small landing area I'll hit SW full.
  2. I used to have the hook LIgolfer described. To remedy this it might seem counter-intuitive, but I would swing like I was trying to hit the ball left and this would help me get more inside and not only would I get a better angle and it would make it higher and farther, but it would eliminate almost all of the right-to-left action. Now, if you're hooking irons, try leaning forward over the ball a little bit more. I often manipulate the back/forward lean for fade and draw shots.
  3. It really depends on the circumstance. Is it downhill? Is there a little bit of fairway for the ball to run up? I hit my 5 iron about 190-200 yrds flat, but if it's downhill I would probably go with the 5 iron. Otherwise it would be 4 hybrid.
  4. I'll have to try/work on the flop approach. I actually hit a pretty good flop shot and the good greenside bunker shots that I've hit felt a lot like that. However, I will say I usually do have a big follow through. It seems that when I take a large backswing I have the tendency to dig under it. Today I hit a fairway bunker that was 100 yrds from the green and hit it with a 9 iron (normally I'd hit PW for that distance) and put it on the green. It seems those bunkers never give me trouble, but yea I'll definitely have to work more on greenside bunkers. Thanks for the help guys!
  5. It's a complicated question because some pros have mastered and many amateurs have butchered it. A lot of long drivers do the overswing in fact. However, I've found that the problem is mechanics. Even if you have the flexibility and are able to let the head of the driver come last and have perfect timing with your wrists, the overswing changes everything. You have to maintain a larger wrist angle and the toughest part is getting your downswing on the right line. Like James said, it's actually pretty easy to lose power on the downswing. It's up to you how you want to go about it, if it feels mo
  6. Good advice. Haha I liked the "Grayhawk" rules, although I don't play by those anymore. Actually, I used to use a pitching wedge from the sand for longer distance, but now I'm trying to see if I can hit better with a sandwedge. One more question. Whenever you hit off the ground it's good to make a divot where the ball is and in front of the ball as well. Does this apply in the sand? Thanks for the help!
  7. Hey guys! I actually am in need of some advice on bunker shots. I can seem to hit the ball out of the bunker with 56 degree sandwedge, but it doesn't make it that far out. For example, my last bunker shot was out of a somewhat large greenside bunker and the ball was in the middle, I made it out but it was still on the rough before the fringe. My problem is I either hit that exact short shot, or catch it too thin and bomb it over the green, or I dig under it completely and the ball goes nowhere. I see a lot of pga golfers take a full powerful when hitting out of the bunker, but would it be co
  8. I am faced with this situation at times but it depends on the conditions. One of the par 5s at the course I play at is dogleg right. Naturally, I like to hit the low ball. When I do this I'll fade it. For this I simple lean forward over the ball a bit more than normal. BUT when the wind is decent and at my back I will tee it up just a bit higher and play a little wind cheater over the trees and cut the dogleg. Now you can hit the ball sky high and keep teeing it up higher, but you do get diminishing returns at some point. If the fairways are wet I also like hitting the ball high because a lo
  9. Lean over the ball more with a shorter club. If it's really short like a S Wedge or a Lobber bend at the knees more. Your swing shouldn't change all that much. But what exactly is the problem? Are you topping them or hitting them fat? From what it sounds like, you're topping them.
  10. It's been said, but GIRs and putts need some work. My best round didn't have the best driving accuracy nor did I have a bunch of distance off the tee. But I hit plenty of greens and I never had a single 3 putt. It was 1 or 2 putts. The fewer 3 putts the better. Maybe try to do what you can to knock it down to 2 3-putts and try hitting 8 GIR (possibly by playing a little more risky). Good luck.
  11. That was probably the root of my problems when I tried doing it with irons. It kills the loft! Thanks for the help!
  12. Toward the target. More like the guy on the right here: http://perfectgolfswingreview.net/AB-LeftHand.jpg As opposed to this guy: http://golfswingtipsvideo.com/images/golf_swing.jpg The first guy has his hands in front. I begin like this at address and it fixed my swing with my driver. Does this work for irons too?
  13. Alright, I have completely fixed all of the problems I had with my driver. I step up to every tee box confidently. Something I did to fix my swing was in my hands. At address I put my hands forward tilting the club up a bit more. My drives have been going longer and straighter than ever. It has also helped a bunch when hitting my 3 wood and hybrid clubs off the fairway. Now here's the problem: Irons. Whenever I do this "tilt" with the club it seems to take off the loft. The tilt isn't anything extreme, it gives me the true loft of the club for the driver. However, does this translate the s
  14. My set has a 4 and 3 hybrid instead of 4 and 3 iron. I like hybrids because I can get a lot of distance out of them. I can hit my 3 hybrid about 230 off the ground. However, the problem is that it's hard to hit off the ground. It took me a long time to get decent at doing this, and this is usually the situation when you hit a hybrid. It might be a par 5 or a long par 4 and you're stuck 210-230 yards from the hole with a club that's difficult to hit off the ground. Overall, I'd rather have 3 and 4 irons instead of hybrids.
  15. I can always read the break better from the dowhill side. Meaning if I have an uphill putt, I will read the break squatting on the other side of the hole. I will visualize the line the putt will take and aim to a spot to the right or to the left of the hole. Don't focus on the ball so much as focus on your stroke form and distance the ball needs to go. If you're a 3 putter think about getting the ball close. I guess it would be a lag putt, but actually it takes the pressure off with this mentality so you can possibly drop it in the cup. OR you can take the other philosophy, if it's a long putt
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