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  1. So... I got no input other than Meta. So here is the deal. Great course; designed by Alister MacKenzie (famed for being Augusta's architect). Short but challenging. There is not flat lay on the course, even on the fairway. Amazingly well maintained (they own the old quarry south of the course and pump all the water up from natural rain fall to maintain the course). Fast greens even when wet. Much faster downhill than uphill for some reason. On a wet day the greens are slower... on a slightly wet day, the green are faster as the turf lays down. Putting area, chipping area, and driving down the 18th before 10 (before people who teed off early get there). Amazing staff; true gentlemen's/gentlewoman's club. Always... always, play the conservative play on the fairway and the greens. When the have club tournaments they place the hole especially difficult. Hard to fault anything there. It's in the middle of Rockridge / Piedmont and they are looking for new member family. Great attitude and great way to make your life more rounded if you live in the Bay Area. It's never too urban to enjoy some green!
  2. Meta, thanks for the advice. Hilarious. Yeah, i am looking forward to it. As someone who has played since 10 years old (and probably played best then) and as an adult was a huge duffer (120+ per round), I am a bit scared. Didn't play for about 4 years, and even then as an adult... I only played like once every 6 months for 2 decade. I have spent the last two months rebuilding my swing from the start. Broke 100 a month ago... now about low 90s. Just wanting any edge I can have so I don't embarrass myself around my brother, who is a member. lol.
  3. Heya all, I am going up over Thanksgiving to visit my brother in Piedmont. We will be playing at his course, the Claremont Country Club in Oakland, CA . I watch a flight video over the coarse and know it is a challenging course. I wanted to show my brother how much I have improved... so I was wondering if anyone had any caddy tips for the course. i.e suggestions on certain especially difficult holes, etc. Best regards and good golfing.
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