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  1. Our normal foursome tracks putts. Today I had a ball resting on the fringe but the ball clearly extended over the the line green/fringe and on the green. I claimed I was not on the green, but was told if any part of the ball extends on the green.... I am on the green and putting. My playing partner even pulled up the rules book and read the definition of a ball on the green. It didn’t make sense to me. I need help understanding....when is a ball considered to be on the green? A side note is we don’t play for money, but bragging rights are very important in the club after our round.
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  3. YES. Absolutely! And if I was offered the chance to play in the POTUS foursome......again it would be a big yes. Golfing with the commander in chief and on a great golf course....doesn’t get much better. We have 4 to 40 guys that show up every day at the local course. We have idiots that will not play with certain individuals they don’t like. I played yesterday with the one guy a few guys will not play with. The first few holes were tough because he is a little annoying, but he settled down and our foursome had an enjoyable round. I find I can always learn something from my playing partners. He followed all the golf rules, which ironically the judgmental players do not. You won’t learn much if you only live in your tiny bubble.
  4. Thank you to everyone that replied to my question. Got it. We definitely play it forward because if your going to travel Long distances....... we want to have fun. It is funny the Club Rat brought up the snakes..... we also play the game snake and our group is called, WEBE Three Putters.
  5. I have 12 golfers scheduled on a golf trip to Mesquite NV. We are coming in from all over the US and thus we have handicaps from different courses and different tee boxes. Some play from the whites and some from the golds.......or as we like to say.....the men’s forward tee boxes. We will have golfers in their 50s, 60s, and 70s age groups. Handicaps range from 12 to 30. We will all play from the same tee box in Mesquite.....as it just is easier and faster. We try and play tees that are between 5500 and 6000 yards. This is a slight advantage to the lower handicaps as they hit longer drives. Some guys have questioned the handicaps generated at easier courses and shorter courses. I really don’t want to take each handicap and recalculate for for every course we play in Mesquite. Since we play a skins game... net skins......I simply need to know the amount of stokes given to each player fair to the 12 and 30 handicap player alike Question...... 1. Can I use everyone’s index, rather than handicap?
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