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  1. Shot 45 for nine holes with no 7’s. Didn’t even realize it until I finished.
  2. His comment was lewd. He needs to stay away from any comments other than Great Shot or Good Putt.
  3. 45, walking. Cold, muddy, it was great LOL. Only did 9 holes but it was walking only. Made a birdie on the short par 4 and no 7’s on the card. A nice easy outing.
  4. When I heard the volunteer say they did not see it bounce I was ok with what happened. I lost a ball off the tee once. Course was soaked. Ball bounced and disappeared in the middle of the fairway. Gone. It happens.
  5. As long as it works for you call it what you want. Callamity Jane, Billy Boule’, Mickey Mouse or Moe, Larry and Curly. As long as it lands the ball on the green.
  6. 89, 44/45 par 70 track. Easy course. Ocean View GC in Norfolk, Va. A couple of knucklehead shots. It was good to get out and play!
  7. 97, 51/46 with a 10 on a par five on the front (3 water balls). First time playing this course, Maccasin Run in PA. Beautiful track. Absolutely pristine. Grass everywhere even in the rough. Leaves cleared off. Tightly mown. No excusses for hitting a bad shot. Weather low 50s with a slight breeze.
  8. 97, 48/49 regular tuesday golf outing. Chipping killed me today. Was going along nicely then BOOM an 8 on the 18th hole. My drives were better. I put a new driver in the bag a few weeks ago and it gets out there pretty good. These scores should come down next year.
  9. The women I play with will run you over if you are dawdling. They even walk fast!
  10. If they roll back the ball, Bryson will be at MIT working on the optimum means to maximize performance using it. And so will every other player. DJ and Brooks will add 100 lbs to their bench press and Colin, Rory and Wolf will do more of whatever they do to swing so fast LOL.
  11. Look, if all the pros can drive every green, they still need to get the lowest score. Its relative to the competition. They are pros. They are supposed to make it look easy. No one goes to a concert to hear the musician struggle through a hard passage.
  12. Great comeback. That +11 could have ruined the round but you made it up.
  13. 86, 41/45. Putter was fire, 29 putts for the round. A great round for me.
  14. It is my club rule. Without it you would have players plumb bobbing for a 9. We’d be out all day.
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