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  1. It did not look easy to me. Approach shots too short. That high grass wreaked havoc on those who got in it and holes 8-13 beat them up pretty good. The winning score was less than the last five pro-ams there so the course played tougher with better talent. I think the USGA screwed up Shinnecock, but got Pebble Beach right.
  2. We were discussing this also. Tiger is physically brittle. Something can go wrong at anytime so he is backing off playing. Another thing tho and this is more personal but his children are at that age where alot of my buddies have backed off their recreations to have more time with their children. Soccer dads so to speak. Just my .02.
  3. I played in AZ this week and it was 104 degrees!
  4. Played Legacy in AZ. Shot 95 yesterday from the white tees, 5958 yds, and 91 from the blacks, 6378 yds. The difference in the rounds was putting.
  5. My instructor led me to the path of success for my swing. I am playing better than ever, my scores are going down and I understand how my swing, posture, grip and alignment effects the ball. He did not try to change my swing, it looked good anyway. But it lacked power. So those keys aligned the power in my swing with the ball at impact. Sometimes small things make a huge difference. Mr. Penick said an instructor can point out a flaw in minutes that six months of searching on the range will not.
  6. Thats what I would do. No politics, no religion.
  7. Its hard for me to dislike someone who just goes about his business and doesnt bother anyone. He is frank, talented and probably the best golfer in the world right now. He gets my respect and I watch him as much as I can. FOX omitting him from the promo was just careless and lazy and someone should be held responsible.
  8. Played a scramble. +1, 72. It is great to play near par golf, even if its a community effort.
  9. 100 yesterday, 53/47. Paradise Valley Golf Course in Fairfield, CA. White tees. Played with a couple of really nice locals. A really nice time. Lesson learned ... warm up! Highlights were pars on a par 4 and a long par 3. Lows were some lazy shots resulting in some really bad blowups. This got under my skin on a short par 4. I hit a good tee shot with my hybrid leaving me an 8 iron in. Great angle. What happens? Pushed it into the trees on the left😩😩😩. More work to do.
  10. Hank messed up big time. I dont see him recovering from this. He has been at war with the usga, but to demean the lpga was terrible. These women work hard, play a game that most amateurs play (yardage wise) and still would beat most men. I watch all the tours on tv, and the ladies show that it is not how but how many that counts.
  11. Shot 92, 43 front 49 back, Timbers at Troy from the blue tees. 6 pars on the front. I am seeing a trend of higher scores on the back nine. more work to do. Oh, LSW is spot on. The closer to the pin you are the lower the score.
  12. I am passionate about golf. FYI there are plenty of us minorities out here playing. I dated a woman who lamented not able to find good minority men. I sent her a picture of my saturday morning golf crew. She asked me if I could teach her how to play🤓😊.
  13. Shot 94 at Cavaliers in DE. First time seeing the course. Played the white tees, 6k yds. Interesting. A simulator league. I have to try that in the winter.
  14. Yes. I track number of putts, chips, and penalty shots per hole. This tells me what to practice and how to manage the course the next time I play it. One more thing. You are doing what I used to do and still struggle with. Experimenting on the course. Yep, ‘if I just open my stance a little and move the ball forwards this should cut it right in’. Then double cross it OB on the right. I am stopping that.
  15. Thanks for the advice. I struggle with blind shots and this hole had all my frights (trees, ravines, blind spots, ...). As I ponder that hole and my current swing and distances a 6 would be good for me.
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