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  1. 96 on a course I have not broken 100 on this year. Changed my strategy, used 4H on the tough holes and broke 50 on the front 9. Second nine was cruising with bogies until the 15th hole. It was hot and humid and my putting went bye-bye. Good outing. I broke 100 on that track!
  2. I play graphite shafts in my irons. Never had anyone comment on it. I am surprised anyone is arrogant enough to mock someones equipment. I play with guys who have all kinds of no name, arbitrary mixes of clubs in their bags who patiently wait to collect their skins.
  3. BDC needs to get his wedge game together. Hitting that close to the green means alot of in between distance shots. Once he gets that figured out I see him winning some majors soon.
  4. 90, 44/46. Good day overall. Need to get driver straightened out.
  5. Yea, he has to manage his game across the bag because of his increased swing speed.
  6. Whatever Bryson is doing is working for him. I didn’t recognize him at first.
  7. You need to get your 90 Badge.
  8. In DE you must wear a mask when paired in the cart. I don’t like it. I think we should continue the single rider until the health organizations demonstrate the ability to deal with breakout clusters of the disease.
  9. Spieth is looking good so far. I hope he gets back to his winning form.
  10. Shot a 99, 54/45. This course bedevils me. I cannot figure out the front 9. If your ball lands on the wrong spot it can roll OB or you can lose it in the rough. I managed to lose only 1 ball on the front. The back 9 was fine. Ball striking was good, only 1 wayward tee shot and the approaches were mostly good enough for a two putt. Even had a 1 putt birdie on a par 5. Still have to figure out the front. 🤷🏾‍♂️
  11. This is going to complicate restarting the tour. How are these guys getting compensated if they cannot play? Aren’t they independent contractors?
  12. Good observation. In general the African is here because they have a specialized skill. All the Africans I worked with had the PhD ( I am a retired engineer).
  13. Hopefully @iacas will comment. My understanding of shot zones is they are based on your normal shot outcomes. The question you are asking seems to be, what to do when your shot outcomes are abnormal. I am dealing with this now as I am in the midst of a swing change. So I am hitting shorter clubs to keep it in play. My driver is not dialed in yet. Cannot attack when your shot outcome is uncertain.
  14. Thank you. Unfortunately ‘The Talk’ is pointless now. Our de-escalation tactics are useless when the ‘training’ officer instructs his trainees to keep pressing on a hand cuffed man who is face down pleading for his life. I cannot get the image of George Floyd out of my mind.
  15. Orange Whip and two more boxes of balls. I like Callaway balls but keep losing them.🤣
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