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  1. I did that a few weeks ago. Just packed my clubs and left the course. I’ve been trying to get a nee driver in play and it messed up my swing. Put the old one back in the bag and the fun is back.
  2. Good win for Jordan. Hoffman put on the pressure too.
  3. No restaurant yet. But all else is normal.
  4. Slow play is shooting 100 on a muni. It’s just math.
  5. The rematch. Ol School vs New School. Nice.
  6. 1. Shoot mid to high 80’s on my weekly outing. 2. Shoot low to mid 90’s on unfamiliar courses. How: 1. Lessons with a pro. 2. practice more 3. figure out why the back nine scores are worse than the front (stamina, nutrition, focus, what????)
  7. Shotgun. Shooting range with my daughter to shoot pistols.
  8. Bryson is dialed in. I felt sorry for Na on 17. I like Spieth’s running commentary. I’m just going to skull my first into the water on 17 and pick up for a six.
  9. Shot 45 for nine holes with no 7’s. Didn’t even realize it until I finished.
  10. His comment was lewd. He needs to stay away from any comments other than Great Shot or Good Putt.
  11. 45, walking. Cold, muddy, it was great LOL. Only did 9 holes but it was walking only. Made a birdie on the short par 4 and no 7’s on the card. A nice easy outing.
  12. When I heard the volunteer say they did not see it bounce I was ok with what happened. I lost a ball off the tee once. Course was soaked. Ball bounced and disappeared in the middle of the fairway. Gone. It happens.
  13. As long as it works for you call it what you want. Callamity Jane, Billy Boule’, Mickey Mouse or Moe, Larry and Curly. As long as it lands the ball on the green.
  14. 89, 44/45 par 70 track. Easy course. Ocean View GC in Norfolk, Va. A couple of knucklehead shots. It was good to get out and play!
  15. 97, 51/46 with a 10 on a par five on the front (3 water balls). First time playing this course, Maccasin Run in PA. Beautiful track. Absolutely pristine. Grass everywhere even in the rough. Leaves cleared off. Tightly mown. No excusses for hitting a bad shot. Weather low 50s with a slight breeze.
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