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  1. Agreed. The GOAT label is more personal than it should be. Nicklaus set a mark that even if surpassed will stand as the measure of greatness for pro golfers, which will be so rare that it will retain its significance.
  2. I heard him say that also. But 4 of 5 pros got it wrong. Wow.
  3. There was something on 12 that made them choose the wrong club. Maybe the pros here can chime in on how the pros make their club and swing choices. I couldnt believe how many came up short.
  4. Tiger outlasted them all. Congrats. It was wonderful seeing his mother and children there to greet him.
  5. Outing in Atlanta. Knocked 20 strokes off my 3-day score from last year and won closest to the hole on a tough par-3 over water. Feeling good about my game.
  6. Yes. My current swing thought is upswing and cover the ball on full swings Chipping: move shoulders putting: hit the quadrant
  7. 100: At least 10 years. I got serious last year and with the help of instruction got rid of my slice. 90: A few months later. Got a short game lesson, moved up to the senior tees and chipped and putted like a man possessed. Lowest round so far is 87. 80: N/A 70: N/A
  8. I am sure the caddies are on salary so it would not affect the caddies pay but on the last day every stroke is worth 6 figures. Rahm should have listened to his caddie. The lobster commercial just makes me hungry. I dont even know what the commercial is for, I just want lobster and butter😊
  9. I am not a mudder. I hate it. I am a short hitter so the less complications the better.
  10. Groove cleaner check yardage on chips fix my divot and one other refer to courses as, ‘you know, the one we played last Thursday’
  11. Vijay gave it a good run. To still have the juice to compete at his age, wow. And Mark O too. Great weekend of golf.
  12. Something to keep in mind. We see alot of Tigers putts on TV (maybe all) but few of the other players which skews perception of his actual performance against the field.
  13. DJ is playing out of his mind! He has figured out how to play the course with all the variables involved. Impressive.
  14. Win tourney, divide by 10, pay caddie, go home. Is that simple enough?
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