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  1. I have just been diagnosed. I need to play with a splint. Any recommendations? Thx
  2. My buddies and I are going out everyday it is above 45. Ole Man Winter is knocking at the door in the DelMarVa.
  3. Nice article. I hope to be the retired walker one day soon. I have the retired part, got rid of the money pit BMW, now have to work on the walking part.
  4. 95. It’s cold. Going out tomorrow. It maybe the last round till spring.
  5. 90, 45/45. Driver awol but everything else was decent. Chip in birdie on a par three and pars on 4 of the last 7 holes. It was nice to get out after a 2 week layoff.
  6. Great topic HCP: only having to make putts in a tourney when the ‘D’ player HCB: Making sure to keep up HCB: When you are the ‘A’ player, having to not turn back into the ‘D’ player.
  7. It was a joy to watch. Fairways, greens and made putts.
  8. I watch GSK just because I like watching him play. But he is a scratch player so he can get away with hitting three 6 irons on a 540 yd par five. Me, I have to get max distance on every shot because I know that I will probably mis-hit 1/3 shots. So his divide and conquer strategy wont work for me. Fun videos tho.
  9. gjunkie57

    That Guy

    This guy is a bully. Back off your shot, look him in the eye, tell him no talking during your swing, and go about your business. If he continues with the behavior, and the group continues to pair him with you, leave.
  10. That was me for years. My swing was just WRONG! And no amount of driving range sessions fixed that until I got my swing to where I was hitting it solid. Here is what I did: 1. Took lessons and learned what a square club face at impact does. A lot of instructors I went to assumed I knew. When my last instructor showed me I understood what I was supposed to do and things started to sync up. Everyone learns differently. 2. moved up a set of tees. This got me in range to regularly make pars and an occasional birdie. Fun. This is building my confidence and making me hit shots I have not played before. 3. Took a short game lesson. I know alot of players who have NO TOUCH near or on the green. Its painful to watch. Best to your friend. Its good he keeps pace. I can hang with someone who shoots high scores but keeps it moving.
  11. They young man is a golfer. There are many good things to learn and experience in college but he has chosen the OJT road. Hopefully it works for him.
  12. Well. It depends 1. A good round going, 19th hole 2. A bad front 9, start drinking.
  13. No. I just started tracking my handicap on an app and will update it on the website when I have more scores entered. It’s not official but more accurate than me telling someone I shoot about bogey. I am always dejected to find my ‘270 yd’ drive next to the 150 marker on a 340 yd par 4.
  14. I broke 90, shot an 86. Next up, 80!
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