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  1. Congratulations, you won the race. Life is different when you can do, or not do, as you please.
  2. I’ll bite. Sometimes my swing is butter, other days it’s the crappy swing from 2 years ago. See, my old swing is the setup I just fall into. I stand over the ball and my grip and alignment just feels SOO GOOD. Then I put my swing on it. The one all the guys tell me is SOO SMOOTH, as the ball predictably does a belly flop into the lake. My new setup is not so comfortable. It feels funny. But the ball just pops. It goes where I aim. It lands where it should. The long of it is this. My rounds are not random. If I ‘warm up’, I can get into my new setup before the first tee. If I do not warm up, I will flail away with my beautiful old swing for about 12 holes before I realize whats going on. In fact, I can look at my scorecard and see what swing I was using. When I groove my new swing the ‘so called’ randomness will go away.
  3. Youtube videos. Going thru Leonard Susskinds lectures on cosmology.
  4. gjunkie57

    Love and Hate

    I love playing golf with my friends. I hate goose grease.
  5. I pretty much use all of my clubs. It depends on which ones are working that day.
  6. I used to get tired after 3 straight days of playing. Then I did the math. Shooting 113,119,116 is alot of shots. Dropping 10+ strokes per round was HUGE for me. When I am tired I slow down my swing and focus on making contact. That gets me thru without too much anguish.
  7. Yes. I have a golf trip in a few weeks I hope does not get cancelled No. I will play as long as it is allowed.
  8. 87 yesterday. I made so many 1 putts it was laughable. But I’ll take it! 3 pars, 1 birdie, 2 doubles, 12 bogies
  9. 1. Take lessons before the season starts 2. practice the drills 3. Achieve a solid 10 hcp
  10. I call this outcome the biggest cliche’ in golf. You watch someone face this shot and know damn well their next shot will be out of the bunker.
  11. Shank. It pops up out of nowhere and hits the ball into the nether reaches. 😄😂🤨😩
  12. I have just been diagnosed. I need to play with a splint. Any recommendations? Thx
  13. My buddies and I are going out everyday it is above 45. Ole Man Winter is knocking at the door in the DelMarVa.
  14. Nice article. I hope to be the retired walker one day soon. I have the retired part, got rid of the money pit BMW, now have to work on the walking part.
  15. 95. It’s cold. Going out tomorrow. It maybe the last round till spring.
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