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  1. 90, bogey golf which was my goal last year. Played from the 5400 yard tees to hit some different clubs. Good outing for me.
  2. I played with a guy, Jim (I think its a stage name, I play with alot of Jims), whos strike sounded like to sound they play on pga tour telecast. It sounded pure and his ballflight was nice.
  3. 96, 43/53. New course for me. Positive was my new putting stroke is working nicely. Negative was a couple driver ob shots. Playing my home course tomorrow.
  4. Koepka is in a zone of excellence now. His ability to save par with the putter and make birdies when he needs to is what makes him the best right now. He should be POY unless someone else runs the table at the fedex events.
  5. 9 on a par 4. First time playing the course. First shot into the fairway bunker. Second hit the lip and popped back into the bunker. Third out, straight into another bunker. Fourth out. Still over 100 yards out. Pitch to the green. Chip up. 3 putts!!!
  6. I voted no. Rory was born and bred to do so and he struggles today. Fierce competition now, and these guys do not appear to have the stamina to sustain dominance more than a few years. Koepka is on top now and it will be seen how long he can maintain his dominance.
  7. I will repeat what Mr. Penick said about pro golfers. They are experts. That is a level that is attained by few, and normally their potential to do so is noticed and nurtured at an early age. It was a fun read while it lasted.
  8. 89, 46/43. Regular tuesday play. The good: long game felt solid. The not so good: need work on short putts. Three putting blew up the score. The miss is a pull. Any pointers?
  9. Weekly tuesday morning golf round 86, 47/39. Caught fire on the back nine. Driver adequate, chipping close saved some up and downs and chipped in for a birdie on a par 4.
  10. 94 today, 46/48. Approach shots terrible, and 4 putted a par 5 for a 7. Yep, a GIR and 4 put. The good. I shot a 100 on this course a few days ago so it was better.
  11. Great way to win with an eagle on the 72nd hole.
  12. Great topic and suggestions. I played yesterday and did not properly prepare for the high heat and humidity. My heart rate, which is normally in ‘fat burn’ range while playing was in ‘cardio’ so I knew I was in distress. Will make sure to hydrate before leaving for the course.
  13. OP I do this also. Tee ball off the lead foot, closed stance, teed low (around the middle of the face). No one talks about my set-up because we ALL have 'tailored' set-ups. I am a lefty, but right eye dominant. For me to 'see' the ball I have to play it forward. It took me awhile to figure this out.
  14. It would not bother me. Go out and enjoy as much golf as you can.
  15. 98 today. Played a track I havent played in awhile and just blew up around the greens. Four putted for double bogey on a par three. I am going to forget this round.
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