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  1. 94, 50/44, regular tuesday outing. Slow start but things came together on the back.
  2. Thank you for this post. BD put it all together this week. It was amazing to see. I don’t know if his methods are generalizable as he is working on an algorithm tailored to his bio-mechanics, temperement and talent. The scene of him and his team working on his swing saturday night was instructive of the ambition and perserverance he has. I too am sick of the mad scientist chatter. Its boring at this point.
  3. Thinking L to L helps me sync my swing and the ball flight is much better. I too have a backswing sooo long that it sways me off the ball. The L-2-L drill and thinking slow backswing like Matsuyama is helping.
  4. 89, 45/44 on a course I struggle to break 100. The driver was working and the putts were falling. I have shared, and one of my buddies purchased LSW and we talk about SVs all the way around the course. One day we’ll get to shot zones.
  5. Mid 90’s for me at a 20hdc. An exceptional day when all putts go in and the tee to green game is ok, mid 80’s.
  6. 92,44/48, weekly golf outing. Blew up on 2 par 5’s and a par three. Otherwise pars and bogies. Driver worked ok, need more distance. Short game bailed me out on a few holes where my approach shots were errant or short.
  7. I have made par on every hole on my home course. So OF COURSE I can shoot 82 today. The 6,7,4 start kills that delusion immediately.
  8. Its a thing. One of the biggest names in golf history winning his debut. Go Phil!
  9. Lurking .. I fail miserably in this situation.
  10. At my level of golf I see many players, myself included, whose provisional goes to the same spot as the original. Best to drop in the fairway and hit 4 from there instead of losing ANOTHER ball.
  11. We play cart golf, so there is an A and B player. My opponents B player hits a wild slice off the tee, second shot skulled to the left of the green, third shot a pull to the side of the greenside hill. His fourth shot is a downhill shot out of the rough. I stand helpless as he chips in for par. Golf!!!
  12. I duff the longer club. Best for me to swing the shorter club and miss well.
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