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  1. gjunkie57

    Oldest Club in Your Bag

    My cheap putter that I got from Play It Again Sports.
  2. gjunkie57

    Shanking My Wedge

    What Buckeybowman said!
  3. A puzzle. Is your ballflight the same? Maybe play the up tees for a round to see if that makes a difference. That is my novice advice.
  4. @DeadMan, if I get to denver and hitting 250 with my driver I would take line A on your course. Then go right away from the water. As a lefty I could push my shot into the drink. Laying up to 100 yards. Then I can flag hunt if the pin is not tight otherwise I am just going to get it on the green and two putt.
  5. gjunkie57

    Playing with Irons Only

    I learned to hit my irons better by focusing on hitting my driver. Weird huh. I used to practice starting PW and working my way to the driver. Not getting any better I reversed the order. And now what my instructor was telling me makes sense. Dont give up on the driver. I played four rounds with my buddies in florida last week and the driver helped knock 12 shots per round off my scores from last year.
  6. gjunkie57

    What are Your 2019 Golf Goals?

    I am new here so my 2019 goals 1. Get lessons at the START of the season. 2. Get my scores in the 80’s by working on my game from 100 yards and in. Wedges and real putter practice.
  7. gjunkie57

    Favorite Thing About Golf

    An activity I share with my son.
  8. I sliced so badly that if it stayed in the air longer it would have been a boomerange. 140 yds max with the ball spinning and rolling dead left after landing (I am a leftee). I appreciate my playing partners for putting up with that. Anyway if she had that grooved then no problem. If I had been helping her look for her ball for 4+ hours (which you were not) I would have been annoyed.
  9. I got my drives straightened out and started scoring in the 90’s. I got my chipping and putting worked out and now score in the 80’s under 6k yards. Further improvement will come from longer drives and closer approaches. I plan to shoot in the 80’s from 6k+ yards. That is my goal next year.
  10. gjunkie57

    Your Golf Game - The Uplifting Topic

    My wife and I played Iberostar Cancun, site of Big Break Csncun. I’ve always wanted to play a course I have seen on TV. We get there, check in and told by the starter you have a choice. Go have breakfast, hit the range and tee off at 8 behind those two foursomes or go now. We went straight to the tee😊👌 I play from the forward tees. Shot 43-43. The cool thing about the round was on hole 18 there is a semi-blind tee shot in that you can see the green but not the landing area. I had been hitting my 13 degree well all day but since the hole was only 268 from the up tees I use rescue club. Good thing I did! The ball lands 10 feet from the water guarding the hole. I was the first to record closest to the pin on hole 12 so will see how that stacks up. I am focusing on staying centered over the ball during my swing. This has improved my contact and distance immensely.
  11. gjunkie57

    Failure To Include an Unknown Penalty

    Your poll question has dishonesty in both answers. I disagree with the dishonesty point. The answers to this poll question are flawed because they imply the same outcome, rewarding mad behavior.
  12. gjunkie57

    Failure To Include an Unknown Penalty

    I own up to the point that the usga addressed my point. But my second point is to claim they are rewarding dishonesty is unwarranted. That I stand by.
  13. gjunkie57

    Failure To Include an Unknown Penalty

    I think you miss the point. To claim dishonesty requires a knowledge of an infraction and intent to deceive. So stick with your proposition. If someone in my group intends to deceive then he’s out. Dont claim dishonesty when you mean ignorance. They are not the same. And trust I will know because we are all watching each other.
  14. I am lost without my gps. Good for you.
  15. gjunkie57

    Failure To Include an Unknown Penalty

    I saw the response and stick with my point. Final point. Anyone lying about their score in the crew I play with will be playing alone. Bottom line. Lie in this game and you are out.

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