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  1. Cobra F9 driver. Pro tec 5 wood. Bazooka platinum 4 hybrid. 5-9 Ping G irons. 46°-58° Vokey wedges. Scotty Cameron detour putter
  2. I've switched to the proV1x and am very happy so far (until I cant find it or it goes into the water that kinda hurts but the performance I'm very happy with)
  3. Will definitely give that shot thank you
  4. I love hitting the longer irons in this set. And for that matter I like hitting the 8 and 9 the only problem I have is the gap in yardage and if I could hit the W club as good as the 46° vokey (and I mean as good as in as consistent not as long. I'd rather hit a club 10 yards shorter and consistent than the other way around.) I might try practicing with the W club and see if I can learn to hit it constantly.
  5. Lol I currently use 4 wedges also. 46°,50°,54°, and 58°. Can anyone explain to me why I hit a bladed 46° vokey wedge then a GI 45° wedge?
  6. I used the prov1x this weekend and the results were a bit better. The only problem I have is that I've seemed to develop a gap in the around 120 yard mark my 46° wedge is short and my 9 iron is long. Not sure if that is improvement in my striking or what. But I still have the W club that comes with the set of irons I'm considering putting it in the bags to try to fill that gap. What do you guys think
  7. I will and thank you guys for taking the time to help me out
  8. The current 46 that I have holds the greens way better then the W club that came with the set. The only ones I have a problem with are the 8 and 9. After reading the responses on this thread and reading through the thread on club standardizing I believe I have more of a ball problem then a club problem. Gonna try switching up the ball and see if that doesn't fix it. Thanks guys
  9. Mainly bluegrass greens and I'm an 18.
  10. Currently I'm playing a set of Ping G irons (5i-9i) with a 46* vokey as my pw. I hit the irons well enough my only problem is I feel with the short irons I'm not getting enough spin and the ball seems to not want to hold the green. My question is have any of you guys experienced this with stronger lofted game improving irons? And how did you fix it? My thought is special ordering a 7i-9i retro lofted set and blending them in with the 5i-7i in my current set. Am I overthinking it lol? I can't seem to find anything on the net regarding people doing that.
  11. hello all I'm looking to upgrade my wedges and have settled on a set of vokeys. My questions are 1 Is there a a $50 difference in technology between the sm6's and the sm7s? I can buy a new set of sm6s for $100 a club or sm7s for $150 a club i guess im wondering between brand new clubs is there that much of a difference? and my 2nd question is how accurate is the questionnaire on the vokey website? the problem I have is that Im like 2 hours away from anyone that can do a detailed fitting. thanks for the help
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