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  1. Hopefully you have another club you can tee off with. I tried to play a round today and on the first hole I knew my driver was in trouble. Played 3 wood for the rest of the round. My buddy was out driving me on almost every hole but I was able to avoid a bunch of penalty shots. Next time I'll try to get to the course a little earlier so I can hit a few before the first tee.
  2. The shaft in my R9 driver broke about 2 weeks ago just before the start of a round. I called customer service after the round and they told me to bring it to a taylor made retailer and they would take care of it. Went over to my local golf galaxy and they took my driver and phone number and said they would give me a call when it was ready. No hassle at all just asked for my phone number and that was it. Golf Galaxy had a playability guarantee going on with all callaway and taylormade drivers. I picked up the FT-iZ tour to play with until the R9 was fixed. Played 4 rounds with the new
  3. I broke my driver 2 weeks ago just before the start of a round. I asked the pro shop if they had a driver I could demo for the round and they gave me one of the cobras. It looked a little strange at address because of the offset but it really made my ball go left. I hit some very nice draws that round and I never do that with the my normal driver. I lost a few balls left also because it was hard to bring myself to aim far enough to the right. You probably won't fix whatever flaw you have that's causing you to slice because the club will do the work for you but as long as the ball is play
  4. Sounds like you are complaining for no reason. If they had to wait on the group in front of them on every par 5 then there was no place for you to go. Next time talk to a marshal if there is a problem with the pace of play.
  5. Took my R9 in to have it repaired. Picked up a Callaway FT-iZ Tour Driver to use until I get the R9 back.
  6. Watching some of the PGA championship yesterday and Mickelson hits a 6 iron 220. The south african guy hit a 5 iron on the same par 3. I feel like I'm doing fine if my 6 iron gets around 180 and if I catch it just right maybe 190. How on earth do I pick up an extra 30 yards?
  7. Played in my first VSGA event today and shot my best score to date 87. I wasn't sure what to expect in a tournament setting but it was a lot of fun and I think it helped me focus more. The other guys in my foursome were lower handicaps so that helped as well.
  8. Watched the last few holes on golf channel. Congrats to all the pros who stepped up to play. Now all I need is a new Iphone so I can take advantage of scorecard.
  9. They have a great deal down here in VA. 164 a month and you get to play 5 courses as much as you like any day of the week. No pool or tennis but if you just want to play golf it works out great. You also get unlimited range balls so you can practice as much as you can stand. I joined at the end of last year and it has helped my game out a lot.
  10. +1 on trying a demo out if you can. I'm not sure how much SS changes with clubs but with a 6I mine was 91 according to the Mizuno rep so we should be pretty close. The following day I hit a G15 and the ping rep gave me one with a stiff shaft in it. It felt much better than my older TM driver with a regular shaft.
  11. Tried it over the weekend. You swing the club 3 times and then it averages a few readings and recommends a shaft for you to try. I don't remember all the numbers but I know one had to do with tempo and another was swing speed. Then the rep asked what club you wanted to try and was able to make a club up with the different shafts to see which you liked best.
  12. It seems like an easy choice from the post but I would still hit them on a few different days to make sure. Looks like you found a club that looks good and plays well for you in the Bridgestone.
  13. They have a demo day coming up at the local range. Mizuno comes in on Saturday and then Ping on Sunday. Signed up for both days just to see the difference in how they go about fitting folks for clubs. I hit a few of the clubs out of the demo carts for each brand to have an idea before the day. Mizuno's MP line all feel good when I make a good swing and they look great when standing over the ball. They only have 6 irons to hit so I'm not sure how the rest of the clubs will feel. The Ping G15 looks awful after hitting the Mizuno. It doesn't feel as nice as the Mizuno on good hits eithe
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