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  1. Will do. Again thanks for your input. I learned a lot today.
  2. Thanks for the explanation. I couldn't find a weight # anywhere on the shaft but if it is for 85 swing speed it is probably fine for me since the monitor had me between 82-86 swing speed on all shots. I was hitting it well enough during my last round so I guess I'll leave well enough alone. At my age if I can get it out there around 200 yards and in play I'm happy.
  3. The Shaft says "VLCT -SP regular flex +85". I assumed 85 was the shaft weight but maybe I'm mistaken.
  4. I have a Cobra Fly-Z driver that has adjustable lofts between 9-12 degrees with draw settings available a the 9.5, 10.5 and 11.5 lofts. I have had it for about 6 months and I was not fitted for it. I got it used on eBay. I was having difficulties getting the right setting dialed in so I went to a Dick's Sporting goods to get a "fitting". Well sort of a fitting. Just looking for some help. Anyway the guy seemed knowledgable but told me some things that I would like to get some opinions on. I had been playing the driver at the 10.5 degree draw setting. According to the trackman my swing speed ranged from 82-86 (I'm 63 years old btw}. He said that I didn't need to go to a senior flex shaft just yet. I was getting a low trajectory and hitting offline to the left. We changed the loft setting to the 11.5 degree loft without the draw setting. That seemed to be better. Then he said something that I really didn't quite understand hence my looking for thoughts here. He said that although he didn't think I was ready for a senior flex he thought that my shaft may be a bit too heavy for me. The shaft on it is 85 grams and he said I should consider something around 55 grams. I am a novice when it comes knowledge of shaft weights, swing weights etc so any thoughts you may have would be appreciated. I played today and hit it pretty well at the 11.5 setting. Averaged around 185-195 with a couple in the 220-225 range with reasonable accuracy. Would the shaft weight really make a difference?
  5. Got a chance to try out the Magna oversize ball yesterday. After reading the positive comments posted here I was excited to test it out. I was extremely disappointed. I just could not hit it well. I can't really explain what the problem was but I was either pulling it way left or pushing it way right. I don't know if the visual of the larger ball got in my head causing me to mess up my swing but I was very uncomfortable with it. I gave it up after 9 and went back to my usual ball. I played much better on the second 9. My wife did better with it than I did but she eventually went back to her regular ball as well. This may be good for some but not for me.
  6. Thanks all for your comments. It was a great shot right down the middle of the fairway so OB was never an issue.
  7. My wife and I were playing last weekend on a course that is in an area designated as a wildlife preserve. Her tee shot rolled down into a Gopher Tortoise den. We could see it about 3 feet in but seeing that the Gopher Tortoise is a protected species, it was a wildlife preserve and who knows what other critters might be in there we let it be. The ball wasn't lost as we could see it and have reached it if we had wanted to. Obviously with us just playing a casual round with nothing at stake she just dropped another ball and played on. I am just curious of what the actual rule on that would be had we been in a local competition?
  8. I am a high handicap senior golfer and play Aeroburner high loft irons. I get a nice high flight with my slow swing speed. I'm going to give these a try but wonder if my ball flight well then be too high. Thoughts?
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