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  1. Driver - Cobra F9 Speedback 3 wood - Cobra Fly Z 4,5 Hybrids, - TM Aeroburner 6-9 - TM Aeroburner HL PW, Gap, Sand, Lob- Cleveland Chipper (I know..have heard all the jokes but it works for me) Maltby Slippery Frog 16 degrees Putter Ping Anser 4
  2. I'm fairly new at this game(about 3 years) and I'm always conflicted on my bag setup for my wedges. I have a pitching wedge at 43 and a.gap wedge at 49. Is that too big a gap? They came with the set of TM Aeroburner irons. I also have a 52, 54, 56, 58, 60 from various sources ...some bought ...some given to me. If I keep the PW and GW I only have room for 2 others. I use the 58 out of the sand and it's OK but really love it on short approach shots and green side rough so I really want it keep it in the bag.The 56 is about the same as the 58 out of the sand but I don't hit it nearly as well otherwise. I hit the 54 very well with good control and have at times used it as my pitching wedge. The 52 is currently sitting out but there are times when I would like the extra distance over the 54. The 60 is out of the bag but it is much better from the sand for high lips than my 58. BTW...the 58 is a Cleveland Smart Sole sand wedge so opening the face is not an option. Any thoughts from you more experienced guys would be greatly appreciated. I keep talking myself in and out of things (which explains so many wedges of such similar lofts).
  3. I know it's not legal but if I land in a divot and the divot has been filled in with sand i will hit it from there. If the divot left was not filled in by an inconsiderate previous player I move it out. I'm not playing tournament golf just for enjoyment.
  4. I have been playing the Titlist TruSoft which was replaced by the TruFeel. I still have a few boxes of TruSoft that were available cheap from Amazon but eventually I will have to find a new ball. Just curious if you have ever played the TruSoft and if so is the TruFeel comparable?
  5. Is it legal to draw a straight line on the coin you use to mark your ball on the green? I find it easier to see the straight line on a coin than the line drawn on the ball only. I line up the coin and then the line on the ball with the line on the coin and then pick up the coin. Legal?
  6. Keysbear152

    New Greens

    I played a course today that had undergone renovations about a year ago. It was nearly impossible to get anything to stick on the greens. In casual conversation I mentioned it to the attendant in the clubhouse after the round and he said that he hears that alot and it is because the greens are new. Is that really a thing? I have never heard that before..
  7. That is correct. The Fly Z has the numbers and the F9 has + or - 1 or 1.5. I'm just trying to figure out what setting for the adapter on the FLY-Z shaft would make the loft on the F9 be 11 degrees. Would the loft number on the adapter be the same for every head or is there a calculation to do? Oops..I think you answered my question but I read through it too fast and missed it. So, if I want to use the FLY-Z shaft to get 11 degrees loft on the F9 I need to set it at 9.5 since the F9 is lofted 1.5 degrees higher? Would the draw setting factor in?
  8. One question though. (i'm really a novice at this). The loft of my F9 is 12 with +/- 1.5 so it goes 10.5 to 13.5 while the Fly will go from 9 to 12 in .5 degree increments with some draw settings. Will the loft settings on the Fly z adapter mean the same on the F9 head?
  9. I just bought a Cobra F9 Speedback driver with a senior shaft. I wasn't fitted (mistake I know but it was on sale at a great price) and I'm not sure after one round if the senior shaft is appropriate for me. My old driver is a Cobra Fly-Z. in regular flex. Are the shafts interchangeable so I can try the regular flex in the F9? I plan to take it in and get it fitted as soon as the this pandemic ends and golf shops are open again but just curious to try it in the meantime.
  10. Will do. Again thanks for your input. I learned a lot today.
  11. Thanks for the explanation. I couldn't find a weight # anywhere on the shaft but if it is for 85 swing speed it is probably fine for me since the monitor had me between 82-86 swing speed on all shots. I was hitting it well enough during my last round so I guess I'll leave well enough alone. At my age if I can get it out there around 200 yards and in play I'm happy.
  12. The Shaft says "VLCT -SP regular flex +85". I assumed 85 was the shaft weight but maybe I'm mistaken.
  13. I have a Cobra Fly-Z driver that has adjustable lofts between 9-12 degrees with draw settings available a the 9.5, 10.5 and 11.5 lofts. I have had it for about 6 months and I was not fitted for it. I got it used on eBay. I was having difficulties getting the right setting dialed in so I went to a Dick's Sporting goods to get a "fitting". Well sort of a fitting. Just looking for some help. Anyway the guy seemed knowledgable but told me some things that I would like to get some opinions on. I had been playing the driver at the 10.5 degree draw setting. According to the trackman my swing speed ranged from 82-86 (I'm 63 years old btw}. He said that I didn't need to go to a senior flex shaft just yet. I was getting a low trajectory and hitting offline to the left. We changed the loft setting to the 11.5 degree loft without the draw setting. That seemed to be better. Then he said something that I really didn't quite understand hence my looking for thoughts here. He said that although he didn't think I was ready for a senior flex he thought that my shaft may be a bit too heavy for me. The shaft on it is 85 grams and he said I should consider something around 55 grams. I am a novice when it comes knowledge of shaft weights, swing weights etc so any thoughts you may have would be appreciated. I played today and hit it pretty well at the 11.5 setting. Averaged around 185-195 with a couple in the 220-225 range with reasonable accuracy. Would the shaft weight really make a difference?
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