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  1. I saw the Callaway ones, I’ll look at addias. Thank you.
  2. Who makes a good pair of pants above a 44 waist? I’ve been looking and that seems to the cut off size on a lot. Thank you.
  3. I thought he was referring to a different hip motion. I thought he was referrin to me starting with my hips.
  4. Talking about that little hip movement at the start? I noticed that and never knew I did that.
  5. Sorry for the low light. How does this one look compared to the earlier swings? Thank you.
  6. Thanks. Ya he’s been working to try and get my hits to not go before my arms. He has mentioned my waist movement which he believes is a major part of my problems.
  7. Working on stance and hand rotation as the main focus. Wants to get that down before Messing with my swing plane.
  8. What’s the best way to practice to keep my head from moving so much?
  9. Sorry the video is so long, my camera gal is out of town this weekend. lol
  10. Uploaded a video on the swing page. Thank you.
  11. It wont let me embed, says that youtube, wont allow it. Let me see if I can upload again.
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