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  1. Unless you're Michael Phelps or an olympic athlete burning 6000 calories a day training. But Colin007 is right. Caloric deficits are the only way you're going to lose weight. You shouldn't starve yourself, but you shouldn't be eating 6000 calories a day either. The biggest thing is finding the tools/motivation that works for you. Mine was medical issues(HBP), I'm down 53lbs since January and use intermittent fasting and calorie counting to lose weight. Within 10lbs of my goal weight. I did use Keto for the first 25 lbs. but was concerned about the fat levels and my liver enzymes.
  2. I know you said you want drills where you don't have to slow your driver down, but I found it helps me when I start having that problem to slow my swing down a bit. 😊 Also practicing half swings just opening the clubface and getting it back to address really helps train my hand movement.
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