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  1. Ant Problems!

    the BEST stuff that's available for ants is Termidor. It's a termiticide, which makes it $$, but a lil bit goes a long way. It's pretty much a liquid bait, it's non-repellent...which ortho and most other store bought insecticides aren't...and you only have to apply it twice a year. Terro will work good....temporarily....because the odorous house ant, or lil black ant, is a multiple queen colony. Which in turn means once the bait get's back to the nest it may kill a queen or two but there are going to be more queens making more babies. The great thing about termidor is that they have no clue the are getting infected with poison AND taking it back to the nest, until it's too late for them. OK now for the bad news.....it is a restricted use pesticide, which means you won't find it lowes or home depot. You may be able to buy it online somewhere like doityourselfpestcontrol.com. Trust me tho, apply this stuff one time where you are seeing the ants trail/travel and within 7-10 days you will be done with your ant troubles. I do this everyday.