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  1. They could really do a nice test by taking a nice long fishing rod and seeing how fast they can move that fishing rod in front of a beltronics. 😂😂😂
  2. I think the advocates for no upper body should just simply duct tape their clubs to their belt buckles and play gold that way. Take the arms, wrists, and hands out of it. By the way... Your MAX swing speed will be maybe 25 mph using a shaft hooked to your belt.
  3. Here is a photo with an iron. The heel is slightly raised, but look at hiw quiet/relaxed the lower body is and how stressed/flexed the upper body is. Notice how this is milliseconds before impact. Speed comes from the upper body and a little from the core.
  4. I agree that pressure is applied to the ball of the right foot for a very brief moment during weight transfer... this is brief activation of the gastrocnemius and possibly a little vit of soleus muscle. Weight transfer may add a tiny amount of speed, but it is primarily to ensure that the bottom of your swing is now moved toward the target so you don't chunk it. The power doesn't come from the right calf contracting forcefully, but the right calf is active briefly during the weight transfer.
  5. BTW... In baseball, I was a middle infielder... Preferred 2B for the angles, but got moved to SS because of throwing speed when I was older. Went back to 2B in semi-pro.
  6. Here is a photo taken from a video showing the right arm. This was last year and I was wearing an abdominal support due to having had a recent iliopsoas strain and oblique strain at the same time... Got those strains while stretching prior to goibg to the course to practice. Just bent over and bam. Couldnt walk for 2 weeks and took 6 weeks to fully recover. P.S. added photo during backswing taken from video this year due to how weird my arm looks in that first pic.
  7. For a right handed golfer... During the downswing, the most active muscles are the right subscapularis, the right pectoralis major, right anterior deltoid, right latissimus dorsi, right triceps, and right external oblique - coupled with the (slightly slower) left side infraspinatus and left posterior deltoid. Imagine throwing a frisbee with your left hand. Imagine baseball pitching submarine style with your right side. If you swing an extra driver shaft only with your left hand only and right hand only, you will see the right side is faster. The combination of the two sides creates a swing speed between the high of the right side and the low of the left side... but together, they are faster and more stable and repeatable than a one arm only swing. Weight shift/hips/legs don't really contribute much, but they DO contribute and provide stability. Also... Forearm and hand strength and speed is important. Most important is to ensure that you dont create imbalances that cause injuries. Studies have been done and you can google the info I provided. I have thoroughly researched the hip rotation speed question and have concluded that it is a waste (waist (pun)) of time to focus on drills to increase hip rotational speed. Hopefully this info helps some people searching for the correct approach to swing speed. Overspeed training, stretching, and power training all help tremendously. Hope this helps.
  8. I went to Golf Galaxy today right when they opened at 11, and got a new shaft. It is like 40 minutes round trip. So I got back home... and forgot to get a new ferroule. Ugh... I thought I would only miss the 1st quarter of the Patriots/Chargers, but when I saw it was a blowout, I decided to head on back over. Got the ferroule, made it back home, mixed the epoxy and glued it up. Tomorrow I will put the new grip on, get it marked,and all will be good to start using it again on Tuesday.
  9. Yeah... Gonna head over to Golf Galaxy and pick up a new shaft. Shaft is a few/several years old. My 3 iron has been my main club I use when starting practice, drills, etc. Many years ago, i decided that if I was hitting my 3 iron well, then the other clubs would be good also. Prior to that, if I started practice, i would start with a higher lofted club, and by the time i got to the 3 iron, I might not be hitting it too well. So now i always start with 3 iron, then pw, then driver, then 4i, then 9i, 5i, 8i, 6i, 7i, 60, 56, 52, then random... But the 3 iron gets many, many more reps with speed drills than does 52* for instance. So i think i just weakened a spot over time or it was a bad spot that was strong enough for several years, but finally had had enough. Thanks for the comment.
  10. Today, during swing speed training drills, my 3 iron shaft broke as it hit my back shoulder. What a sad, sad day. I wasnt even hitting balls during this particular drill. My full swing 3 iron swing speed is 102 mph currently. Maybe it was a weak spot and it was getting heated during my drills and over time it just went. What a downer. 👎
  11. Thanks... I realized that when I was posting, but decided to let it fly due to all the typing I did and the different perspective. I'm definitely enjoying the forum. Thanks for,the warm welcome.
  12. My opinion is that SOME amateurs have the financial wherewithal combined with drive and focus to spend all day working on their games... Lots of teenagers and young adults who live at home have this benefit. Compare that with a PGA teaching pro who spends most of his time in the pro shop and gives the occasional lesson... and really doesn't get much time on the range or much time to play... because he is greeting clients, setting tee times, zoning merchandise. Taking phone calls... and I think one can see that he has a gripe that could be viewed as valid. Working at a golf course as a teaching pro probably puts him at a disadvantage compared to those lucky ones who can call golf their "job" without declaring Professional Status. IMHO teaching pros should not be in the same category as plating pros (including mini-tour). But the rules are the rules and it is all made very clear, so those who choose that path are doing so with their eyes wide open. I'd be willing to guess that many teaching pros would get smoked by a number of amateurs in tournament play. I remember when I was younger working in pro shops and health clubs... After working there all day, the last thing i wanted to do was work out or practice. Needed to get away from work. I'd guess some others out there probably feel the same way.
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