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  1. How did the online lessons go? The reason I ask is I’m just about at the end of my rope with golf. Been playing for 8 years, had 1 round in the 70s and a bunch in the 80s. Every 3 months it seems I go so far off the rails it’s unplayable. I have a group of about 10 guys that I play with.....none of them come nearly as close to “off the rails” as I get. Someone who has never played before would handidly best me. For context I put up an 8 on 18 straight holes (most a bow out after the 2nd ball was lost on each hole). Personally, lessons don’t work for me. Exaggerated motions and “drills” (literally the word pissed me off when I think of the money spent on this shit) only make me worse. Wondering if online lessons will work as im not willing to give another single dollar to a dude with a noodle telling me to grab my 8 iron.
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