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  1. I think we might be built alike. Just getting the club "in the slot" on the way down almost gives my right lat a charley horse. That being said, on days that I am able to swing from the inside (as much as I am able to) I end up hitting push fades if I forget to bring the clubface back to square. I can usually remedy this clubface issue by using a "motorcycle grip" revving motion with the pinky part of my lead hand to square the face. Some people say to just bow the lead wrist to close the clubface but when I use this swing thought I end up bowing towards the index finger which keeps my cl
  2. I had a severe pre-impact chicken wing motion that resulted from my tendency to hit the ball fat. It was a subconscious effort to avoid slamming the club into the ground (usually not an issue in baseball) which I only recently became aware of after reviewing high speed footage of my swing. I've found that focusing on the thought of rotating my lead shoulder around and away from the target line (getting it out of the way) gives my left arm much more space and freedom to remain straight through impact. Only time will tell if this is a permanent solution but in the meantime it feels so liber
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