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  1. Ahhh, I see now Eric. Thanks for the pics. I think my arm position is fine. It's my hand position. From the practice session I had today and looking at the pics you just showed I see that I roll my wrist over and that takes the club head way on to inside and face way open. If I "think" to keep the right wrist over my left, it will put it in the correct position. It may also help to bring the shoulder down more. Another thing that I noticed, and not sure if it's the problem or not, but I notice about 3/4 way into the back swing, my left knee moves inward like it's collapsing inside. Watching
  2. Hey FHopper, Not sure how far Hays, KS is from you but there is an indoor simulators set up to actually play 18 holes or evaluate your swing at Precision Valley Golf Center in Hays, KS. Here is their site: https://www.ebusbuilder.com/secure/e...DocumentID=155
  3. UPDATE: Swing is getting better. Will post some videos soon. One question. Eric, the problem you mentioned above, I just can not fix. Or maybe I just don't know how to fix. I have been at the indoor range with 300fps cameras almost everyday trying to work on this and it is not happening. Every time pre-take away I think about this and then go to video and my clubhead is still behind my rear end. Are there any drill you can suggest to fix this?
  4. Hi all, I am looking at getting a new putter and tried Ping i-Series 1/2 Moon at the store and love it. I even won the putting contest at the store with it. So I am looking to get it but wanted to get some opinions. What do you all think of this putter? Also, how do I know what setup I need to get?
  5. Not sure where this needed to go, but we are in need of a forth person to play with us at Lanier Golf Club, in Cumming, GA this Sunday 3rd January at 9:50. Got a special rate of $35. Let me know ASAP.
  6. Not sure why would anyone call the niblick a limiting club when it can replace 3 clubs in your bag. You just have to learn to use it. Once you get a hang of it, it's actually very versatile club.
  7. I have the niblick in my bag and I absolutely love it. Mainly I use it around the green for short chips. But the club is very versatile. You can use as chipper, short and long distance, and even as a PW. It with the grooves, you can really get a good spin on the ball. I have even used it in the sand when it was too soft. I love the club despite some calling it a gimmicky club.
  8. I think I understand. What you mean is at address, turn the hips to where they should be at the back swing and then do the actual swing with hips already turned???... I assume once I actually to the back swing, then do the rest as normal, slide hips forward and all? Correct?
  9. Thanks Nickynoodles. I see what you mean with the hips. But I don't suffer with distance in my irons. I do suffer in distance with driver. My irons go about 9i-140, 7i-170,3i-210. I think that’s ok. Driver, I just cannot get over the 240 mark. I will try more hip turn today. I am afraid if I turn my hips more I will have the disconnect on the takeaway where the club is parallel to ground. I think it will move to far back again and not straight back from the target line.
  10. WOW Eric, you are genius. I went to the range right after reading the replies. Fixed the problem on the takeaway and everything felt so much nicer and smoother. Probably about 75% of the shots after making the change were right on with slight push draw. One thing I don't understand is, came you elaborate on this statement Eric? and Also, any comments on my cousins swing?
  11. Hi all, My cousin has been practicing S&T; for about 2 weeks as I have and would love to hear some feedback on the swing.
  12. Thanks guys. Point taken on the take away. I do see that I take the club head on the inside too early. Thanks iacas. I will consetrate on the hands being behind the shoulder on the top of the back swing. Any other problem you see? Or is that really the most important? I think I also have a problem after impact to turn my hands in too early and don't have that streight line towards the target. I know I need to do it, but just can't seem to execute it.
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