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  1. I have a bad back myself and along with stretching and losing a few pounds non THC CBD oil has helped a lot! I have the oil that I take almost daily as well as the rub that I keep in my golf bag and apply before a round. It helps with inflammation. If you wanna check it out do your research, it's not a regulated industry so a lot of companies sell garbage and slap CBD on the label. The company I use is called Wildflower. Reading the back of the rub it says useful for arthritis, sore muscles, joint and back pain.
  2. Driving with the family over to the Half Moon Bay Art and Pumpkin festival. On the way back stopping at Lemos farm and letting the kids pick out the biggest pumpkin they can carry and we decorate that night. That's our official start of the Holiday season. Along with Pumpkin Ale for the grownups. 🙂
  3. This was easy option A all day. I only have a handful of friends/family that golf in the first place. But if golf was a family thing I'd have to give it some thought.
  4. Hello all just checking in for the first time. I picked up the game almost 10 years ago and played every chance I got. Then life happened, got married, had two wonderful boys and I play a lot less these days. My kids are approaching the ages where I can go golfing without feeling guilty of leaving my wife home for hours alone. I'm hoping to get my golf swagger back and I'll be asking the fine members of TST for advice on how to do so. Looking forward to great conversations
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