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  1. Hello all, I just recently had cleaned up and polished (I guess you could say restored) a set of 2-P Titleist DCI 962s. I want to put a final finishing touch of replacing the shaft bands. Problem is the shafts are discontinued TT DG SENSICORE S300...even eBay is out. Anyone have a source or is anyone a source? Thanks!!
  2. So a year later and here is my G400 review...THEY ARE LONG, HIGH, AND STRAIGHT. I probably should have thought more about trajectory and gone with a different shaft than the Nippon AWT stiff. The TTDGS300 or something heavy like that may have been better, what I was used to. Overall though I feel like I cant really miss and every shot is up in the air. By the end of the season (last 4 rounds) i was under 90. Having fun again!!
  3. All I want to do is practice. I am tired of being a mid 90s player. I want to be back in the 80s. Range and short game. Ok, so I lie. I also want to play rounds, but I need to find time to practice in between. I want to get under 90 consistently. Need to get back to the 15hcp I was in 2010.
  4. Thank you but you did nor answer my question. Does 1 degree flat mean you add 1 degree to the std lie angle or subtract from it?
  5. Excuse my ignorance... So I was fitted to Ping red dot .75 to 1 degree "flat". Does that mean in my old (back up) set I should have my clubs bent 1 degree GREATER or LESS than standard lie angle for comparable length? I never had them fitted and played MFR standard.
  6. Went with the G400. Only played once since picking them up (had to order red dot and 1/2" short). Will definitely take time to get used to the added distance (it's like a club and a half) but the forgiveness is profound. Way different than my DCI962...
  7. Thanks for all the suggestions! So, I went and hit the G400 and the AP1 and AP2. The G400 have an awesome feel to me, and the AP1 were very similar. I can see both being more forgiving. Leaning toward the G400 but going to hit the Mizz JPX900 tonight if I have time or tomorrow...I am not as bothered by the clunkiness as I thought I would be. I was expecting an experience like the old original Big Bertha irons...so much has changed.
  8. So, I had been playing with a set of TItleist DCI 962 with TT dynamic gold S300 Sensicore shafts since I bought them used in 2001. for a period of time I was about a 12hcp and could work the ball a little. Then I stopped playing/practicing consistently and my game suffered, for periods not able to break 95. I figured I would get a set of GI irons to start enjoying the game a bit again, hopefully get back into it and be able to take the DCIs out of the closet in a couple years and shoot for real again. Problem I have is all the GI irons look like shovels to me and feel like hybrids. Any suggestions for forgiving clubs that don't feel like hybrids? Used and new...
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