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  1. I've taken them out on the course a few times and my distance seems to be getting better. They have a nice feel, but I can tell that I am not hitting them consistently in the sweet spot. Still working on figuring out the distances. PW/UW seem to be going very similar. I hit a UW from about 130 hole high, which is about the same distance I hit my JPX GW, but I hit it so chunky. I didn't think there was any way I would be close to the green. 9 and 8 irons are very similar as well. 8 iron is going a little longer. The big changes are in my 7 - 6 - 5 irons. I hit the 6 iron about 200, and the 7 iron about 190. I am normally about 180 and 170. I have a feeling the gaps are going to need some adjustment once I really get the feel down.
  2. My ball speed and spin rate were very similar between the irons. My Mizunos were about 200 rpms higher, on average, which I wouldn’t consider excessively low.
  3. Mizuno, has True Temper Dynalite S300. Ping, has the AWT 2.0 Stiff. Both were cut down half an inch, the 2.0 shafts are about 12 grams lighter. I hit a bunch of different shafts and the AWT gave me the best numbers. My ball speed is about 120 with the 7-iron. My old clubs, I was about 16.8 launch angle with a 7-iron at 33 degrees club loft.
  4. 7-iron, it’s 30.5 degrees loft. I’m about a 7-10 handicap. My irons are usually pretty consistent in the distance department.
  5. My launch angle was about 16 with the i500, which was in the optimal range with the Trackman (15-18ish). Most of my data points were in the optimal zone, with the exception of my spin rate which was a little low (but not terrible). It did feel like the ball was launching higher (which I was told is something the i500s would do), it just felt like it was dropping fast, if that makes sense. I’m a mid-trajectory player.
  6. I was recently fitted for a new set of Ping i500 irons. I was playing an older set of Mizuno JPX 800 pros. After a few hours on the range, it didn’t look like the new irons were going longer. The lofts on the i500 are about 2 degrees less than my mizuno (long to mid iron, pw and gw are the same) My 7-iron is about a 170 yard club, but I seem to be about 5-10 yards shorter with the new irons. During the fitting, I went thru about 4 different shafts before I got something that gave me good numbers in the Trackman. Does anyone have any experience in this area? I know the i500 has been promoted as being longer, so I wasn’t expecting less distance.
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