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  1. Day 20 10 minutes working on backswing and top of downswing. Having real trouble keeping the club reasonably in a swing plane as I I tend to drop the club towards the ground and then coming down inside-to-outside.
  2. Day 17 Indoor chipping practice in my hallway. Working on getting a better feeling for the boll trajectory when chipping with different clubs, mainly 7 iron and 56 and60 degree wedges.
  3. Day 17 Chipping and putting practice prior to playing 18 holes. I played horribly but it was a really beautiful day with great weather and it might have been the last round this year with summer greens.
  4. Day 16 Indoor putring practice for 15 minutes working on my aim. I have a tendency to aim a little to the left of the actual line when not picking a aiming point close to the ball.
  5. Day 15 Got out to the club today 😀 Did a little work on irons at the range but mostly short game practice. Focus on medium and long chips and pitches. Then I finished off with 9 holes. All in all a great day!
  6. Day 14 Full swing practice behind the house. Working on hip rotation (I tend to over-rotate in the backswing) and sliding the hip forward in the downswing.
  7. Day 13 30 minutes of indoor putting practice working on length and tempo. Very frustrating session as it felt that I couldn't hit any good strokes. I hope I can get out on the course tomorrow.
  8. Day 12 Limited time today. 15 minutes of indoor putting practice doing 1' to 6' putts trying to get the putts to be 6-12" longer than the distance to the hole.
  9. Day 11 The early morning saw some swing practice without ball behind the house. In the afternoon I had a few hours of short game practice at the club. Some chipping and plenty of pitching trying to get better consistency. Unfortunately no putting as there was a junior putting competition at the main putting green. All in all a good practice day!
  10. Day 10 Indoor putting practice for 20 minutes. Mostly practicing 5-7 feet putts trying to focus on aiming as I seem to struggle with getting my aim right for these length of putts.
  11. Day 9 Range practice hitting 50 balls. Trying not to over-rotate in the backswing and drop down the club.
  12. Day 8 After a long day of non-golf activities it was pitch dark outside when I got home even though I wasn't that late. I was really not feeling like putting so I did short chips in the hallway - great fun! I really need to get a chipping net and some good indoor practice balls before I break something. Winter is coming...
  13. Day 7 Disappointing day as I had hoped to have time to head out to the club. Unfortunately I had to settle with some putting and chipping at home. Trying to find a good tempo for the putting but really struggling.
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