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  1. OldCrow

    14 rules of golf Etiquette

    Showing up less than 15 minutes before your tee time. - No, I need a good warm up and some practice before teeing off Putting with too many balls on the practice green. - No, I pick up my extra balls if there are more than a few other players around Failing to pick up the flagstick. - Might happen if I'm really tired Taking only one club to your ball on cart path only days. - N/A, I prefer to carry and I don't play any courses that forces me to use a cart Looking for a lost ball for more than five minutes. - No, I find looking for lost balls to be the worst part of golf so I try to limit my exposure to this horrible activity even if it might cost me a few strokes (admittedly I only play casually) Talking to someone else's ball. - No Standing behind someone as they putt. - No, I usually stand out of their view. Walking in a player's through line. - No Placing bag on a tee box. - No Walking across the green with your bag. - Yes, I had never heard of this being a breach of etiquette. However, I'm a slim guy with a light stand bag so I doubt I do much damage to the greens (would guess on approximately 170-180 lbs with bag) Lack of divot pattern on the driving range. - No Not picking up on a match play hole when you're out of it. - No, I rarely play match play but pick up after a certain amount of strokes if there are other players behind on the course Checking your phone too much. - No, golf is time away from phone/email/etc Gimmes (failing to give, taking too many for yourself) - No
  2. OldCrow

    What Do You Do for a Living?

    I'm a medical student.
  3. OldCrow



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