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  1. Need advice--Starting over

    One other thing I am looking for advice on. My driver. I still have my old driver. Its been a pain so far! So hard to hit consitently now. I used to love this thing but now I am thinking maybe I should find something easier to hit. Its a Titleist 975D 8.5 degree What do you guys think? Learn to hit it again or buy a new easier driver? How outdated is this thing now??? I used to love this thing
  2. Need advice--Starting over

    Hey thanks for the reply. You have some great points, most of which I guess I wasn't thinking of. I agree that shaping shots is not important at this point and that has not been the focus of my practicing by any means. I will say though, shaping shots and iron play in general really was the best part of my game by far and I would hate to not gain all of that back because of the clubs I am playing. My old titleist clubs were not blades or anything but certainly had much better feel and were very "workable". I was sold these clubs as something that would be very forgiving as I got my game back but also still workable...Im not so sure thats true. Your right though, not what I should focus on now. Im thinking more in the future, since I don't have a lot of money to switch clubs each year. I have been out of the game for a while and was sold these as some great clubs that would be quite forgiving but would hold a single mid range single handicap golfer back (not that I am anymore). What I am trying to figure out is if thats true! I just don't want to use them too much or have them fitted (another cost) if they are going to be obsolete in a year because I am getting my game back--or worse yet, I can't get my game back because of the clubs!!!
  3. I started playing golf when I was 7 and played until about 21, got bored and stopped. Only played seriously for about 4 years from 16-20 really. Played on the high school senior team and lots of local tourneys after that. The best my handicap ever got was 6--I could never get it lower because of my mental game. I loose focus real easy after bad shots. Anyways, now 5 years later I have started to play again. Well at least practice. I have yet to play a round ;) I have been to the range almost daily for a few weeks now. I was really surprised that my first few shots back after 5 years (and now with new irons) were very solid, went where I wanted them to and had decent distance. I was still able to shape shots although not nearly as well as before. The only thing was that even though I was hitting it "well" it felt so awkward and unnatural. After a few weeks though, I am having second thoughts about the clubs I was sold. I had explained the whole story to the salesman as getting back into the game from a 6 handicap, haven't played for 5 years, use to hit the ball very high (too high), what my last clubs were, that I am only going to be playing about once a week max and practicing about once or twice a week, ect. He set me up with a few different iron sets and ultimately "we" choose the Nike Slingshot 4D irons (stiff, not fitted to me yet). I hated how they looked (huge sole, thick top edge) but figured oh well I can get used to them. He claimed there was no way they would hold me back even if I did regain my game quite fast. His thinking was that they are very forgiving but still versatile enough...so far I have a bad feeling that they are going to hold me back! On the bright side, I don't think you can possibly hit a terrible shot with them. In two weeks at the range I can't remember a shot that didn't get airborne or go way off target but they certainly don't have the distance I used to get and I am hitting the ball a mile high. The guy next to me thought I was hitting a 9 iron almost 200 yards because I was hitting my 4 iron so ridiculously high (used to hit a 4 about 210-220). The other problem is shaping shots is kinda tough. I can hit a nice little fade or a nice little draw but nothing extreme. Some of this may be lost skill but I know some is due to the irons. I can't really hit low shots too well with these irons. Low but so much lost distance. So....what would you do? Do you think it's the clubs or could be my game is just nowhere were it used to be? I mean my swing and game isn't going to be what it used to be for a while but I can't help but think the clubs are also going to hold me back. What do you think? Thanks! Sorry that got sooooo long.
  4. Your Home Course Website.

    My home course here in Vancouver, Canada... http://www.westwoodplateaugolf.com/
  5. Jack or Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    Tiger for me but I was not born yet to see Jack play :(
  6. What Do You Do for a Living?

    I am an animator for feature film and television.